Does Overlord: Raising Hell Really Live Up To It's Name? Find Out Here

Does Overlord: Raising Hell Really Live Up To It's Name? Find Out Here
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Overlord: Raising Hell? What Kind of a Name is That?

I nearly passed up Overlord: Raising Hell for the XBOX 360 when I saw it sitting on the shelf at my local Gamestop. The low price the game was being sold for however caused me to glance at the back cover description. After reading that description I was intrigued. Thus, Overlord: Raising Hell became mine.

Basically I would be _"_The Overlord”, while my army of overlord minions would be at my disposal to control them to do anything and everything I wanted.

My overlord minions though, they didn’t look all that evil, in fact, my minions were pretty cute, and they reminded me of a clan of Golem (Lord of the Rings) like creature. Huge curious eyes, a small hunched over stature, and even their voices sounded like Gollum.

Overlord: Raising Hell started off pretty promising, and within just moments I knew this would become the game that I dedicated all of my free time to for the remainder of the month. My speculations were right. I became hopelessly addicted to Overlord: Raising Hell.


The game started off with me (The Overlord) being risen from the dead to help restore order back to my dark castle. My castle is clearly in ruins, and I; The Overlord, need to do something to bring the castle back to its former dark evil self. Thankfully, I have tons of overlord minions to help me out.

Quickly after seeing my castle in shambles, I am taken to a mini tutorial inside of the castle. Here at the tutorial for Overlord: Raising Hell, I learn the basic controls of the game which are all relatively simple. However as soon as I learned how to control my character (The Overlord) I was then introduced to one of my overlord minions.

It turns out that I am not only in control of where the Overlord goes, but I am also in control of the overlord minions. I came to learn later on in the game, that my overlord minions are actually more important in the game than the Overlord is. The overlord minions are the ones who will destroy everything in their path, while the Overlord (although lethal) can be harmed much easier and faster than a clan of overlord minions can.

Basically wherever I go, my overlord minions will follow. Whenever I want, I can control them to run ahead of me, fall behind me, or simply follow me.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)



n the beginning of Overlord: Raising Hell, I was taken to the very first area on the game. This area is filled with pretty flowers, sheep forging in the distant meadows, butterflies, and chirping birds. The environment overall is simply stunning and has a Viva Piñata like feel to it. Clearly this is no place for an evil ruler!

After raising my first overlord minion from a volcanic like pod in the field just next to me, I knew my overlord minions missions before I was even given an introduction. My mission was to rain havoc down on this pretty little virtual paradise!

I sent my overlord minions to destroy the sheep, to chop down the flowers, and to break everything that looked out of evil place.

My brown colored overlord minions were tougher than a box of steel. Within moments, the entire happy go lucky vibe was destroyed. The place looked darker, it felt darker!

After completing the first area of the lush environment, I managed to whip up a few dollars to buy things for my castle. I also was able to find chunks of items that could be used in my castle.

Immediately, I felt like I was playing a dark version of Pikmin, and I absolutely loved it!

Trouble began brewing, shortly after screwing up the whole area I was first introduced to. It turned out that the humans in the village down below were all being held hostage by these hobbit like creatures called Halflings.

As far as being evil goes, I really do not have the option to ‘not’ help the humans out. If I ignore them and chose not to help them, the game will not open up to continuation. I do however have the option to smack them around or kill them if I want, but really when you try to destroy the humans, and their villages it does nothing when it comes to making my character any more wicked, or friendly than he already is.

The humans in the village will only react differently depending on how I treat them. When I leave their things alone, they praise me. If I


rob their homes with my overlord minions though, they only speak in a more angered tone. They don’t ever rally up to try and stop me which I found to be odd.

As the game continues more similar missions open up in different worlds. I find that I am helping people more than I am destroying them. Although that totally destroys the whole ‘evil Lord’ vibe, the game is still funner than sin.

Introduction to your Overlord’s Minions

Brown Minions

About an hour into gaming, I was finally introduced to other overlord minions that had different powers than my original brown overlord minions. In Overlord: Raising Hell, there are red overlord minions, which have the ability to walk over fire, or through it. Blue overlord minions can walk through water without dying, and green ones can jump really high and are fast.

Each overlord minion has a weakness as well as a strength.

The brown overlord minions seem to have the best advantage with super strength. They really don’t have too much of a weakness like the other colored minions do though.

Red overlord minions are easily killed by enemies, but if placed in a distance away from the enemy they will throw red fire ball flames at the enemy which can prove to be very efficient and lethal in large groups.

The Overlord & His Red Minions

Blue overlord minions pretty much suck at fighting enemies, and usually end up killed in seconds. The plus side though is that they can bring dead minions back to life. It’s always a good idea to bring a few blue minions along on a mission to keep your numbers up.

Green overlord minions can kill quickly by jumping on the backs of the enemy. In head on battles though they are pretty useless.

Now, I don’t have any real complaints with Overlord: Raising Hell. Everything ran flawlessly with not a single glitch. There is one thing though that I am praying they add into Overlord 2, which will be released sometime much later this year. That one thing is a map! The world is huge, filled with all sorts of caves and gates that you will need to go through in order to continue your quest. I think it would have been appropriate to add a map to such locations after you have found them, considering how enormous the world is.

With that aside though, everything else in the game was simply a blast.

Grapics in Overlord: Raising Hell (5 out of 5)

Example of Upclose Graphics

This is what I loved about Overlord: Raising Hell! The graphics were simply stunning, with lush colorful environments.

The game has a scoopful of realism mixed with a cartoon like look. Like I said earlier, some areas look like you just stumbled into Viva Piñata, while others look like a dark gloomy scene taken from a cave in Oblivion or Bio-Shock.

Each mission contains a different look to it, and it keeps Overlord: Raising Hell from getting boring.

Overlord Raising Hell - Sounds and Music (5 out of 5)

Sounds that play in Overlord: Raising Hell are awesome, and I don’t usually say ‘awesome’ when it comes to sounds in ‘any’ game. The thing that makes this game so whimsical, addicting and fun are the strange noises that come out of my overlord minions’ mouths. They all have a very raspy voice, but the things they say will have you laughing, which is very uncommon for games.

Music plays lightly in the background and matches the scenes in which you are in. More serious battles of course will feature scarier beats, while peaceful harmonious locations will have a more pleasant happy go lucky beat to them. But overall, the sounds and music of Overlord: Raising Hell is simply a perfect fit for the overall game.

Overall Recommendation (5 out of 5)

Overlord: Raising Hell is a fabulous game. The reason why I like it so much is because many games released these days seem to focus primarily on male gamers. Us girls seem to be kicked to the curb and are forced to select shooter games, racing games, or dark


weird robotic like games.

Although Overlord: Raising Hell seemed to be made for males, as soon as I began playing it, and seeing that it has many qualities that Pikmin does, I realized that girls too would enjoy this one.

I myself purchased the game for under $20.00, and frankly it was the best game I have played on the Xbox 360 console yet. Overlord: Raising Hell was addicting from the get go, and I highly, highly recommend it; not just for a rent; I recommend it as a purchase. It will not disappoint.

For those that already have Overlord: Raising Hell, or you simply want to know more about the next version, Overlord 2, the console channel holds several previews, reviews, and even walkthroughs for you to enjoy.