The Top 10 Scariest Video Game Monsters

The Top 10 Scariest Video Game Monsters
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Patient Demons in Silent Hill 2

They are everywhere – in the streets of Silent Hill, at the Brookhaven Hospital and the Toluca Prison. They are more dangerous when knocked down and emit a disturbing noise that sounds like metal scraping against a wall. Patient Demons are some of the scariest entities ever conceived!

Trapped in a straightjacket sewn together from its own flesh, a Patient Demon expels a repugnant fluid from an orifice in his chest. The scariest part is its attack style - the way a Lying Figure scuttles toward James Sunderland even after knocking it down. Don’t you ever use your revolver against these wretched creatures; a wooden plank (or a metal pipe) is a much better option. You will have to hit these unsettling creatures several times to make sure they don’t come skittering along the ground and attack James.

Lickers in Resident Evil 2

Their incredibly long tongues are not the only features that scare the hell out of gamers. Lickers look more terrifying when they leap at you at the slightest sound. And if this doesn’t seem too scary, then wait for a few seconds and soon you will fall prey to their enormously powerful tongues strong enough to decapitate their victims.

The Licker’s repulsive appearance is enough to give you the creeps. It can scale ceilings using its talons and can really surprise an inattentive soul with its incredible agility. You can hear its claws scraping against the ceiling, which is a warning sign that it is ready to pounce at you and so it is wise to equip yourself with a bowgun to eliminate this deadly hunter instantly.

The Spitter in Left 4 Dead 2

The Spitter is probably one of the most grotesque monsters I have ever seen in any Valve-designed video game. A special infected in Left 4 Dead 2, The Spitter’s cute little ponytail and clothes are eerily funny, if not disturbing. But her attack style isn’t amusing at all. The poisonous bile she spews out takes the form of a large pool of acid potent enough to snatch away up to 70 health if any survivors stand within it. The faint squeals she makes will remind you of the shrieks made by poisonous Headcrabs in Half Life 2. Honestly, I can’t bear this monster’s hideous features and advise shooting right at its gaping mouth with a shotgun.

The Shambler in Quake

“Even other monsters fear him, so expect a clobbering. He shrugs off explosions. Good luck.” The Quake manual has these few lines describing this monstrosity. This abominable snowman-like creature looks hideous. Its enormous fangs and claws are capable of inflicting maximum damage. Other Quake monsters are no match for the creature’s strength. It can mow them down with its claws and lightning bolts in seconds.

Alone, you will have great difficulty dealing with this Cthulhu Mythos-inspired creature. This is mainly because of the deadly bolts of electricity that it unleashes from a distance. Its melee attacks are more dangerous, taking up to 40 health in a single blow. You must have a Lightning Gun to beat the hell out of this outrageous beast.

Pinky in Doom 3

The Demon’s cute nickname might be a good ploy to play down the terror it inflicts in the minds of gamers all around the world. It charges at you on all fours, roars incessantly, shaking the screen, and has a similar attack style to the monsters in the classic version. The out of the box face of the Demon is too scary and the flesh that surrounds the beast’s face has to be devoured by the beast so it can breath and eat. Pinky can be rarely seen in packs and the player usually encounters two or three of them one at a time.

The speed at which it runs toward you makes it very tough to deal with – a shotgun blast at point blank range is the best way to tame this beast.

The Crawler in House of the Dead: Overkill

One of the scariest boss monsters in The House of the Dead: Overkill, The Crawler is seen scuttling through the train roof and ripping off a part of it using its deadly claws. Its grotesque insect-like appearance will haunt you in your nightmares. The two large talons fused into its hands are capable of cutting through metal like butter and the double joints on its limbs allow the Crawler to pull off incredible stunts. The Crawler’s strength (i.e. its talons) is its biggest weakness. You will have to attack its claws before it slashes you to death.

Lurkers in Dead Space 2

The Necromorphs in Dead Space are some of the most frightening monsters ever conceived. Of these, the Lurker is the scariest. Its sticky tentacles grow out of an opening in the lower back of the skin and they are strong and flexible enough to lash down anyone who gets close to it.

These scary babies are quick, thanks to their limbs. They are strong enough to skitter along the walls, advance quickly at you and use their tentacles to whip you to death. A Line Gun can be very useful to eliminate these mutated monsters. Just aim at their tentacles and its single beam will take care of them.

Zombies in Half-Life

With gross headcrabs attached to their braincase, these zombies are some of the most intimidating monsters that Gordon Freeman frequently encounters in Half-Life. When you come across these creatures, blame those pesky headcrabs for such a sorry…er…scary state of affairs. These creatures attach themselves to the brains of poor Black Mesa scientists and turn them into mindless zombies. Once the headcrab gets attached to the braincase, it controls the host and transforms its hands into long, bony claws capable of inflicting maximum damage if you get too close to them. They are slow and easy to kill, but things can get really scary if you encounter more than one zombie.

Bloodmounts in Gears of War 2

There is nothing more frightening than a bunch of Bloodmounts charging toward you. These alien monsters rush toward their enemies using their large muscular hands and will tear them apart in no time. Tamed by the Locust Horde, Bloodmounts are fast-moving units ready to destroy any barriers they come across. To make things worse, these beasts have a rider on the top and so it becomes more difficult for the player to tackle them. Say your prayers and be ready for a fierce battle if you spot one at a distance, because up close and personal these creatures are unforgiving and devastating.

Lisa Trevor in Resident Evil Remake

The gross biological experiments tried by the Umbrella Corporation are to be blamed for her hideous appearance. Her story will move you to tears, but the moment you meet her, all the pity you have for her will vanish instantly. Her grotesque face hidden behind a mask of rotten flesh, bony arms and a hunchback gives her a very disturbing appearance. Moreover, she has the ability to attack with the shackles that bind her hands and can hurl herself at enemies.

Lisa was the first subject to be part of Birkin’s G-Virus experiment and has successfully adapted to the virus mutations, which makes her appearance more unsightly and terrifying. She appears in the Resident Evil Remake and The Umbrella Chronicles and is one of the scariest video game monsters ever created.

So what’s your favorite monster? Is it scarier than the ones listed above? Share with us your scariest video game monster. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what monster you would have liked to see in this list.


  • All screenshots/concept art courtesy of the respective game developers.