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    • Ten Gorgeous Video Game Divas
      Gone are the days when damsels in distress would wait for their prince charming to rescue them from the clutches of an evil monster. Modern day female characters are self-reliant, strong and can deal with some of the fiercest enemies in the virtual world.
    • Ten Most Terrifying Monsters in Games
      Some of the most terrifying video game moments in our life owe a big Thank You to these fear-provoking monsters. Designed to scare the daylights out of you, they are ruthless and need to be killed instantly to survive a nightmarish playing session.
    • The Top Video Game Successes of All Time
      Video games have been a huge contender in the electronic entertainment industry. Ever since they started becoming a fad in the 1970's, video games have evolved over time and have garnered a number of fans in their wake.
    • Totally Worth It | Games to Suffer Through Just for the Story
      I'm a real sucker for a good story. Books, movies and video games are always better when they feature a great plot with surprising twists and turns. The problem is that with games, a strong story line is often paired with horrid art, dismal game play and downright horrendous difficulty.
    • The Top Ten Games You Missed Out On
      With so many quality titles flooding the market, especially in the current generation of consoles, there are sure to be more than a few games that aren’t successful, not because they’re badly made, but because they’re simply lost in a sea of releases.
    • The Top Ten Best Namco Games
      Namco has been in the gaming business for many years. They have grown in popularity due to the golden age of arcade gaming in the 1980's. Now a full fledged company called Namco-Bandai, they have numerous games that gamers will forever remember.
    • Best Video Games of the Stealth Genre
      Stealth video games seem to be the type of game that is not often talked about compared to the gung ho action shoot'em ups. Stealth games require a lot of patience if they are to played right, and there are so many gems when it comes to the genre.
    • Best Females Characters in Console Gaming
      The girls of video games are one of the major reasons that gamers keep coming back for more. Understanding the best girls of video games will help you understand the trends found in video gaming female protagonists.
    • So, Who Won E3 2011? A Comparison of the Three Conferences
      Which company performed best at E3 2011: Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo? Read about the new consoles and games coming up this year!
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