Best of Gaming

Best of Gaming

The Best Namco Games to Get Into

Namco has been in the gaming business for many years. They have grown in popularity due to the golden age of arcade gaming in the 1980’s. Now a full fledged company called Namco-Bandai, they have numerous games that gamers will forever remember.

Early Video Game Soundtracks

If you remember the games of the 1990’s, then surely the music is something that brings about a lot of nolstagia. Here are some of the best gaming soundtracks that offer all the sound bytes you surely remember or want to discover.

The Best Action Games for Girl

An action game that girls would enjoy does not have to be full of smiles and sunshine, it all depends on how the game was made and how it stands up on its own and be an enjoyable game full of twists and turns and of course, heart pumping action.