The Top Eight Girls of Video Games

The Top Eight Girls of Video Games
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Video games have birthed many various female characters throughout the years. Though most of them do not play a major role in the events of the game, these eight stand above the rest as being fan favorites as well as pivotal characters in the grand scheme of the video games’ events. These girls of video games are some of the most recognizable females in the industry.


Though she began her appearances in the video gaming as a damsel in distress, she soon began to evolve into the unsung background hero of the “Zelda” video game franchise. She’s classy, mysterious and, of course, beautiful. Though Zelda is seldom a playable character in any video game, it is clear that she is a fan favorite. The creators of the “Zelda” series understand this, which makes them exploit her appeal even more. Zelda can be played in the Nintendo fighting video game “Super Smash Brothers: Melee” as well as the sequel “Super Smash Brothers: Brawl.” Zelda is seen carrying a sword in “Twilight Princess,” though she is never seen actually using it.

Another key appeal to Zelda’s mystique is her alter-ego, Sheik. Debuting in the first 3D Zelda video game, “Ocarina of Time,” Shiek appears as a ninja-esque entity that helps Link through the trials and tribulations of trying to save Hyrule. She eventually reveals himself to Link at the end of the game, though the majority of the game, she is shrouded in mystery.

Samus Aran

One of the most recognizable characters in Nintendo history, Samus Aran was originally thought to be a male by most gamers until

Samus Aran

she removed her helmet to reveal herself as a woman. This was further accentuated when she revealed her “Zero Suit” outfit, a much more form-fitting blue outfit paired with a short-range, futuristic pistol.

Her original form includes a bulky, advanced suit of space armor and an arm-gun a la Mega-Man. Samus has the ability to charge a blast with her gun and then release the blast. The power of the blast will be more powerful the longer Samus holds the charge. Staring in a huge array of video games, Samus has become one of Nintendo-players’ favorite individuals.

Lara Croft


With hot pants, midriff and a powerful pistol duo, Lara Croft, Tomb Raider charges towards enemies both natural and super natural with abandon. She is also one of video games’ favorite heroines because of her brash intelligence, British accent and stern attitude. Lara Croft explores ruins, dives in caves and explores ancient forests in the search of time-lost treasures.

Of course, her sex appeal is one of the larger attractions that common gamers have for her. However, Lara is also a fan favorite amongst the minority of gamers who happen to be females. This makes her a double whammy for being one of the best females in games.

Tifa Lockhart

One of Final Fantasy’s most famous women, Tifa is the brash, hard-headed heroine of Final Fantasy VII. Though she is depicted as


having feelings for the game’s misanthropic hero, Cloud, Tifa is put on the back burner by the game’s other heroine, the doomed, Aerith.

Tifa fights futuristic enemies and monsters with her bare hands, upping her appeal as a total karate diva. Like many other Final Fantasy favorite women, Tifa wears slightly revealing anime clothing, but apart from this, there is little “girly” about her. She is loved the most because she of how she reacts to situations, often going into rough happenings with abandon, shooting first and asking questions later. This makes her the male gamer’s dream.



Though a newer character in the gaming world, Ashe quickly stole the hearts of Final Fantasy enthusiasts everywhere because of her tragic past and love-less life. During the events that took place before her game, Final Fantasy XII, Ashe was the princess of a small war-torn country. Soon after marrying the prince of another country nearby, the country was divided by the warring events of two empires nearby. In the initial battle of this war, she lost her new husband, launching her into despair and eventually faking her own death.

Ashe soon joins the main party early in the game and fights against the evil invaders for a reclaiming of her country. Ashe’s main appeal is in her beauty as well as her attitude about the events around her. She is a no-nonsense type of character with little regard for foolishness. Though she is not a love-interest as most female leads in the FF series seem to be, she is certainly loved by those who play her.

Princess Farah

The strong-willed love interest of the Prince of Persia series, Farah is another character that players do not actually get the pleasure

Princess Farah

of playing. She, like Zelda, is more of a background singer, helping the main protagonist through the trials of the primary story line.

With an Arabian-princess sex appeal and a brash mannerism perpetuated by her skepticism of anyone around her, Farah is loved by gamers all over, even though she is never actually played directly. Farah fights with a bow and arrow from afar, often killing enemies right before they strike the Prince from behind.



Another newer addition to the gaming world, Morrigan is one of the primary characters in the role playing series, “Dragon Age: Origins.” Morrigan is a powerful, shape shifting witch who fights with powerful magic and a flagrant disregard for human life.

With a carnal, hedonistic attitude towards the protagonist and other men she encounters as well as a sarcastic and scathing attitude towards those she deems fools, Morrigan is a gamer’s favorite females and worst nightmares. Morrigan’s and the main character’s relationship is a love-hate one in where both characters could kill the other, or marry them.


The star-crossed lover of Final Fantasy VII’s protagonist, Cloud, Aerith is a flower-seller with a magical ability to read thoughts and


have future premonitions. Though she is tragically cut down by the evil antagonist of the game, Aerith is a fan favorite because of her sweet, innocent nature, but willingness to use her power to defend those that she loves.

Largely a mystery, Aerith also appeals to gamers because she is not like other females in games. She wears no revealing clothing nor does she talk in a sexual innuendo-type of manner. She is innocent and sweet- much like a mother character.


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