God of War Easter Eggs - Where To Go, What To Look For, And How They'll Help You

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Tricks for God of War

The original God of War for the Playstation 2 was groundbreaking, and this likely came from an incredible mix of gameplay fluidity and story components. God of War really lends itself to replay and the number of secrets and Easter Eggs that it keeps under the hood extend this tradition. Here are a few of the more interesting God of War Easter Eggs.

Sexy Mini Game

One of the most salacious of these God of War secrets is the “sexy mini game.” Do not let the name fool you into believing that you get to add a little bit of graphic sex to your God of War experience. When you are starting in Act II there are going to be two women that are sitting inside your bed inside of the ship. You will see that a circle comes up above the bed for mini game alert, which should inspire you to press the circle. This will start the mini game. There will be a vase and as you pan away it will shake, fall, and break. This is controlled by your buttons as well as the left analogue stick. You essentially have a back and forth control pattern with the vase, and this can amount you with a bunch of red orbs. The real trick here is that you can continue to do the “sexy mini game” and get five red orbs each time.

Phone Numbers

A strange God of War Easter Egg is one that will end up giving you a phone number. Once you defeat God Mode you are going to get a telephone number, and when you call it you will get a strange story about the last boss. If you destroy the Minotaur and Ares sculptures in the Olympus throne room you are going to get another secret telephone number. If you call it you will get a weird message about your character.

God of War Secret

If you want to receive a different secret message you can do this when you are right outdoors from the Temple Oracle by the Gravedigger. You are going to see a red orb chest to your left hand side. Find a firefly that will be there and shuffle up right near it. When you get close to it hit the R2 button. Run over to the Gravedigger and get to the highest possible of all the plotted mounds. Now hit R2 once more. After that, run to the other side of the bridge and stand directly in between the two torches that are planted there and press R2 for the last time. You will then see a message in the sky saying Surrender Kratos. Not necessarily worth all the effort, but fun none the less.

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