Kratos Faces Gaia, Poseidon's Horse and Mount Olympus in This God of War 3 Walkthrough

Kratos Faces Gaia, Poseidon's Horse and Mount Olympus in This God of War 3 Walkthrough
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This walkthrough begins as Kratos is thrown into a fight with some enemy minions while climbing the titan Gaia. Soon he will realize that Gaia is in trouble and needs help. She is stuck by some large tree branches. Press the R1 button then O multiple times to remove her from this barrier.

Climb your way up Gaia to face more minions. Dispatch them. Now you will encounter Poseidon’s Horse. You must attack it to free Gaia. Use light attacks with the square button and dodge the horse’s water blast attacks that come out of his mouth. Once enough damage is done, Gaia will move and you will be hanging on her arm from underneath.

Climb your way to the north side edge so you can attack Poseidon’s horse and move your way to the platform above. He will use his hoofs to try and damage you. Avoid it as best as you can. Once you do enough damage, Poseidon’s horse will release his grip and Gaia will be able to move her arm and you can climb on top of it.

Once again you will face the Poseidon horse. Avoid the slamming hoof attacks and water blasts by using dodge (left control stick). Get in as close as you can and use light and heavy attacks to do damage. When you have done several attacks, the O button will appear. Press it and a sequence of button actions will be displayed. When done correctly, this will cause Kratos to do some special attacks and get the Poseidon’s horse to release his grip from Gaia momentarily. Kratos will then drop from Gaia to the side of Mount Olympus.

Mount Olympus

God of War 3 screenshot

At this point in the God of War 3 walkthrough, you should be near many climbable wooden branches. Move up these to your right until you see a gap. Jump across (X button) and then climb up to a platform. Here you will find a red orb chest (use R1 to open).

Go forward to the ledge ahead. Grip the wall and move to the right until you get to another platform. Gaia calls out to you for help. However, you must first fight your way through more minions that will attack. Watch out for archers at the top of a small ledge. Eliminate all of them and climb up the ledge where the archers were located. Climb up a ladder to the left which leads up a cliff wall to another ledge. At the top of this you will fight more enemies. Clear the area and go to your left for a green orb chest.

Above Kratos on the right side is a ledge you will need to climb. Jump and grip edges until you reach an area with a green orb chest and look to your left. Read the book (R1) on the pedestal nearby for some helpful information. Then you will need to jump and press the R1 button to grapple the hook on your left to swing over to another ledge. Swing by using the left control stick. Then double jump with the X button to safely land on the platform below.

Fight some more enemies and climb up a ladder on the cliff wall ahead of you. In the next area, grip on to the edge of the cliff wall and move left until you reach a gap. Jump across and continue to grip until you get to another wall area that you can climb from underneath. Keep going until you reach another ledge where you can go on top to a platform.

Working your Way towards Gaia

God of War 3 screenshot

If you have followed the walkthrough up to this point, you will see Gaia fighting with the Poseidon Horse. Move forward to a large gap. Jump and glide over (wings will appear) to the other side. Pick up the two orb chests nearby. Go inside the building by using the R1 and O to open the barricaded door.

Beyond this is a room where you will face a Centaur and a group of minion fighters. Avoid the Centaur’s attacks by dodging. If you get caught by his staff weapon, dislodge yourself by moving the left control stick in a half circle. Once he is weak enough, the O button will appear and a sequence of button actions will display. When completed correctly, you will have defeated him.

Notice the lever on the left side of the room, as well as the ladder on your right that leads up to a platform. You will also see the remains of Ares below the floor of the platform. Pull the lever. Quickly go to the right and up the ladder (jumping up helps to move faster) and get on top of the platform. Jump to the moving platform on your left before it moves away. Once it stops, jump across to a platform to the left. Open the red orb chest nearby. You will also see a save game point.

Another Encounter with the Poseidon Horse

In front of you is a short hallway that ends with a gated barrier. Use R1 and O to open and get by it. Once you get through, you will see Gaia. She is still being attacked by the Poseidon Horse.

Get in as close as you can and attack him until stunned, while avoiding hoof and head slam attacks by dodging. When the O button appears, another sequence of attack actions will appear. The Poseidon horse will then attack more viciously with a combination of water blast attacks and hoof attacks.

You will need to stun him again. When you do so, the O button will appear and you will need to press the R1 and R2 buttons back and forth to stun him further and cause more damage. After this look to your left for a large brown object. Press the R1 button to throw it at him, which will dislodge him from Gaia.

Climb up the side of Gaia to get to a cavern on the inside. Grab on to the wall to get through a narrow passageway which will lead you to a new section – Heart of Gaia.

Heart of Gaia

God of War 3 screenshot

By this time in the God of War 3 walkthrough, you will be in a room where you will see Gaia’s heart. To the right wall on the side look for a large stone you can move. Grab it with R1 and drag it to a gap to the left side. You will need to turn it around to fit. Once placed, you will be able to climb up to another area where you will see a grapple hook on the right side. Climb up the wall on the left and then go up to the right side. At the edge ump, then press R1 to reach the grappling hook. Swing over and quickly jump to the platform. Note: If you allow the grappling hook to swing more than once, you will drop down and you will need to climb back up again.

Fight some more enemies and then walk until you reach another wall you can climb. Ahead is another ledge where you will need to jump onto. From here, see the grappling hook above. Press R1 and swing up to the wall nearby. Keep climbing up until you get out of the inside of Gaia, which will complete the Heart of Gaia area.


  • Information on God of War 3 based on Sheila Robinson’s game play.
  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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