Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Entering the G22 Warehouse

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Entering the G22 Warehouse
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You’ll get an extra relationship point with Albatross if you can do this whole mission without setting off an alarm, and it’s also one of the onest that you can go through without alerting a single guard if you’re very careful. A combat run is basically the same though. you’ll just have a few more people to kill and a machine gun to deal with at one point. I actually don’t believe Albatross takes any G22 deaths personally. They’re a different cell from his anyway. I still used tranquilizer rounds for my run though. You should only have to shoot a few people if you’re good at stealth.

Loadout - If you’re roleplaying, then bring some tranquilizer rounds. It’s not necessary though. Stealth players have to bring a silenced weapon if they want to make it out. You just won’t be able to do takedowns on a lot of the people. The rest is pretty basic though. There is only one real area that requires ranged weapons, so you can just bring what you want.

Intel - I strongly suggest that you buy the Intel from the turret builder. Having the turrets leave you alone is really nice and almost crucial for stealth players. It’s much easier to play it quitely if you don’t have to worry about turret alarms. I think it’s also worth it to buy the aid for hacking. From what I can tell, it automatically hacks two of the machines. It’s fairly cheap and it makes the level easier.

Finding the Network Hub

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei Data Network Hub

Go ahead and get started. You can actually just wait by the starting position and the guard will walk past and face a corner for a simple takedown. Walk through the side room and leap over the broken wall to get past the first camera. Get to the niche in the wall and then slip past the second camera as it moves past. Kill the power so that you can hack the keypad to the elevator in peace. Jump into the elevator and take it down into their base.

Move on out and walk down the hallway. Watch out for the guards here, although getting behind the few patrols for takedowns is really easy. Move to the end of the hallway and go into the left room for some money. Then go into the office and takedown the guard watching over the big network hub in the center. Grab the briefcase here and then walk into the room on the right for another briefcase. You could pick the lock on the door and exit out onto the catwalk. I don’t think that that’s a very good way to handle this though. We might come back though, so it’s useful to have the path open. For the time being, walk down the stairs and pop out in the server room.

Bugging the Network Hub Servers

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Bugging the Servers

Now, hopefully you paid for the software that reset the automatic turrets. You’re kind of an idiot if you didn’t, since those are a massive pain and the money for the Intel is chump change. But if you didn’t, then just cut over to the room on the right and hack the computer to turn them off. Make sure that you do this at some point regardless of whether you bough the Intel, since it’s free experience. There’s also a dossier on the left side of the computer for more intel on Sis. To take out the first guard, wait behind the first machine until he circles around in front of you. Slip out and do a takedown on him while he’s behind the server. You should be able to either shoot the one in front of you from cover or just trail him over to the right side for a quick takedown. We need to be on the catwalk to make it out of here. I had pretty good luck popping both of the guards with tranquilizer rounds and just walking up the stairs. You may need to go back up and go through the locked door to flank them though. They have a good view of the stairs, so this is a bit easier.

Either way, take them out. There is at least one server on the floor that you can bug. Make sure that you also check the corners. There’s usually one in a back right corner. Look for the blue light and bug it.

Go up and over on the catwalk to the new area and watch for more guards.

Bugging the Rest of the Servers

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Bugging the Other Servers

Just follow the closest guard and do a quick takedown before he makes it to the intersection. Look to the left. There’s another guard on the fair side on the left. Wait by the corner and watch for him to walk past. Slip behind and do a takedown. There should be 3 servers that you can bug. Two right at the start and one in the side room. Bug them all. Now, if you also used the Intel, this should be enough. You’ll know, because there is a special objective that you’ll complete for bugging all six. If it doesn’t show up, then take another quick look around the two room and the network hub (or just curse silently to yourself and blame it on a bug).

Once you’re done, you just need to work your way out. Before you go, slip into the room that looks like a school lab. There is a guard in here, but he isn’t a real problem. He should just be staring at the window with a confused look on his face (probably wondering why the network hub is empty). Do a quick takedown and grab the intel in here on Scarlet Lake. Go back out and walk forward to the objective point and then head on up to the stairs.

Disable the Jamming Device

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Disable the Jamming Signal in Taipei Warehouse

You’ll wind up on the roof with a lot of guards. The big problem is that there is a gunner on the helicopter. If he’s alerted then this level will get a whole lot more difficult. This is pretty difficult actually, so move slowly. Turn to your left and see if you can pick off the guard on the fire escape. You can’t get to him, so I hope that you’re a good shot. Duck behind the air conditioner to right and see if you can do a quick takedown on the closest guard and watch for the one ahead. You need to be careful with this takedown, or the guard by the helicopter will see you. Watch him for a moment until he gets further away and pop him.

Now, if the guard above sees him, then just take cover by the corner and wait. He’s only on a yellow alert. When he comes by to check the body, take him out too. You should be fine, if not then try again. It’s not fun to have to deal with that gunner and it’s easier to just restart the roof section. If he doesn’t see you, then that’s good. Move up to the brick wall by the second staircase (it’s locked for the time being). Line up a shot on the guard and take him out. Then pop the gunner and the final guard on the left. You should be able to just work your way down the line. They don’t have that great of a line of sight on you, but you need to take them out to be sure that you’re safe to hack the dish.

Note that you can also just blow it up by shooting it a bit, but there isn’t a big benefit and it’s less stealthy. It’s just for anyone that hates the hacking game with an unmatched passion. It’s an easy hack though. Just hack the dish to shut down the jamming array. Get back into cover fast though. A new guard will open the door on the second stairway and wander out. He’s easy to take out, but he’ll spot you if you just stand around by the dish. Take him out and walk down the steps to enter the final warehouse area. We’re almost home free.

The Warehouse

Do a quick takedown on the guard outside the door on the catwalk. Then work your way down and get into cover. The turrets should be friendly to you if you bought that transponder. If you didn’t then you need to get into the office below you and hack them. There are only two guards on the floor. I had shockingly good luck with tranquilizing one and then ambushing the other that came to inspect the body. I think you can slip behind them, but this works well. Walk over to the office and flip the marked switch to open the big warehouse door. Also make sure that you grab the briefcase full of Halbech Intel in the back corner. We’re now on the toughest part of the map.

Escape the Warehouse

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Escaping the Taipei Warehouse

I hate this loading dock. I seriously hate it. I had to run through it about fifteen times to actually find a rhythm to get out. Even that basically just involved me using chain shot for a quick victory. If you can turn invisible then this isn’t bad. Unfortunately, an alarm will sound if they just get alerted to your position. They don’t have to call it in or hit a switch. The alarm not only ruins a perfect stealth run, but it will bring up a few more G22 agents who will happily shoot you repeatedly in an area with very little cover. They come through the sealed office door by the trailer and flank you or spawn in the parking lot and cut off your escape. You basically have to retreat into the warehouse or be a good shot.

There are three guards. One right by the exit does a really short patrol and watches the ladder that you need to climb and most of the loading dock. He will almost always spot the bodies of the other two. He has a huge cone of sight. The one in the center is a little less observant and is probably the easy to avoid. The one of the other side of the dock also has a good view of the dock and will usually spot the bodies of the first and middle guard.

The only way I could do this is if you wait a bit for both of the outer guards to walk away, toward the trailer. You could then pop the first guard from inside the warehouse and move really fast. The center guard should still be turning around and not have a line of sight on the third guard. Shoot him and drop off the ramp. Get behind the last guard really quickly and take him down before he sees the first body. That’s about the only concept I could get down.

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - G22 Loading Dock - Taipei Warehouse Data Trail

I’ll note that for stealth players with chain shot, it’s a bit easier. Just move out while crouched and walk past the open trailer and get to the pile of tires right next to the outer guard. Fire it up and pick off all three from this good vantage point. I actually missed the outer guard, but I was able to get him while he was inspecting a body. If they’re down with no alarms, then you’re home free. Grab the grenades from the truck and then walk down to the gate. The gate is locked, so move toward the ladder. Pick the lock on the truck for some more money and then climb up the ladder and up on the roof. Leap over to the truck and jump over the fence to freedom.

You have to talk to Albatross for a little bit. You have a potentially tough decision. Keeping the programs running will net you exclusive Intel on Albatross and Omen Deng. This Intel is vital for getting 100% dossiers on them. Shutting the bugs down will get you some fairly useful support from G22 in the assassination mission. Note, that if you planted six bugs, then you’re in really good shape. Pick the infiltration or bluff option. Mike will admit to “all five” bugs that he planted and Albatross will believe that that’s all you have. You can then get both the Intel and their support.

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