Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei - The Subway Station Tunnels

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei - The Subway Station Tunnels
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This is a pretty quick mission really. You just have to work your way through the subway station and ultimately find Omen Deng’s informant. The only real downside is that you just about have to bring a gun for this mission. There will also be a few police officers, so make sure that you bring tranquilizer rounds if you don’t want Mina to hate you.

Loadout is fairly simple. Combat players should probably bring something that offers some range. An assault rifle or SMG should work fine. Shotguns can work here, but you will have to work a bit to stay in close range. Note that stealth players will have to bring a pistol or some good gadgets to distract the guards. There are a few sections that can only be beaten through combat and the end of the level is an unavoidable firefight.

Intel is pretty straightforward for this one. I suggest that you go ahead and buy Steven Heck’s “aid” since it’s actually useful and will give you a bonus point to your relationship. You can also get G22 support as an extra handler. I can’t say much about this. I guess I’d go ahead and get it if Albatross was your friend. Finally, if you want some dossier information then buy the Intel on the Chinese Secret Police.


Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Intercept the Assassination Data in Taipei Subway - The Maintenance Tunnels

Drop down into the tunnel and move out past the patrol coming in to check on you. Wait a moment and try to get a line of sight to the right of the ladder’s exit. There is usually an agent waiting with a line of sight on you. If you have Evasion, then you’re fine. If not, wait a moment for him to turn around. Climb out and get behind the boxes and barrels right by the ladder. Pop the close soldier to the left and try to do a takedown on the guard to the right. I wouldn’t bother with the one that’s furthest to the left. He won’t bother you anyway if you move quickly.

Go to the right and walk through the door to enter a large maintenance area. Everyone here is already on a yellow alert, so this is a little rough. The good news is that the sound of the constantly passing trains will cover up the sounds of gunfire for the most part, unless you start a firefight during a rare moment of silence. This is actually pretty useful, even if you have a silencer. If you miss a headshot, then the sound of the trains will cover up the agent’s own gunfire. This means that you can usually get a second chance to take them down without sounding an alarm.

Move forward and stick to cover and move up to the first corner. Wait a moment for the agent to step out by the railing, you should be able to get a clean shot. Move forward a bit and then turn around and look up. You should be able to angle a shot up to take out the guard above you. Stick to cover as you round the corner and line up a good shot on the guard across from you. Round the last corner to get into a position to take out the last guard. With these quick shots, you should have cleared out the entire area.

Climb on up and grab the bag of money that is sitting by the alarm, then keep moving up. Watch out when you get to the top. Two more agents will come in and start sweeping the area. Take cover on the wall and try to drop both of them quickly. If you can’t, be ready to rush them. Move on out and grab the data disk waiting for you. Look out and watch for the guards ahead. One should walk past, so wait for him to pass and then take him down. Move forward and shoot the nearest guard, but get ready for a whole lot of enemies ahead of you. You should actually be able to pick them all off with careful shooting and then drop down for some safe looting. You can either drop down on the pipes, take the stairs or use the zipline. It really doesn’t matter. Loot the stuff and then take the marked door out of the building after picking the nearby locked door for some more loot.

The Subway Station

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei Subway Station - Getting Past the Police

The subway station itself is right up ahead. Move on in and get ready. “Good” players need to switch to tranquilizer rounds. These are just normal police officers ahead. Move forward along the left side and either tranquilize or do a non lethal takedown on the first guard. You can then circle around and get behind the other patrol to take him down before he sees the body or you can probably tranquilize him from cover. I also believe you can just hug the right side and move quickly to avoid both guards. You’ll need to repeat this on the way out though, and I always found that annoying. If you’re quick, then all of these methods should work.

Hack the keypad on the door to get access to the bottom floor of the security control center. Grab the gear from the bottom and then make your way up the stairs. The two cops should be standing around upstairs. I just used chain shot to take them down. You probably could melee them both before one sets off an alarm. You could also use a stealth ability to survive for a bit. It’s up to you, but an alarm is a real pain, since we don’t want more cops on the platform. Hack the computer to open up the gate to the bottom, then pull down the handle on the power box outside to kill the cameras. Walk down the marked stairs to trigger the cutscene and start the firefight.

Getting the Assassination Data

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei Subway - Catching the Informant and Beating the Train

Get into cover and just wait a moment. If you hired Heck, then just stay low and watch for grenades. He’ll take care of everyone in just a moment. If you didn’t hire him, then just shoot the close guards and move up to new cover. Rinse and repeat until you make it to the locked door. hack the keypad to get inside. Loot the safe and just keep moving until you reach the next area of the station. Take cover in the first niche to the right to fire on the guards. Once you’ve cleared a bit of a path, move on up. Be very careful though. Once you pass the second niche and approach the stairs, you will trigger a train to come through. Get off the tracks quickly if you don’t want to die. There’s plenty of cover up on the platform, so just settle in and keep shooting. Melee characters should be just fine if they rush the individual guards. These agents don’t shoot that quickly.

Chase the information dealer a little bit further by jumping off the platform and onto the tracks. Once you catch him, you’ll have a very short boss fight as you have to beat the subway train. Apparently you can also just run back and pick the lock for the supply closet to also succeed. That’s a little harder without much of a payoff though. I have always had luck with just rushing him and hitting him (even with a character with no points in melee). He seems to go down pretty quickly. Flip the switch on the tracks to end the level and get your information.

Note that you’ll have to make a choice between whether to save Sung or the people. There is no way around that one. You just have to make your decision. Your meeting with Sung will change depending on your choice of Intel.

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