Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei - Stopping the Assassination

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei - Stopping the Assassination
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This is the grand conclusion to the Taipei hub. We need to shoot our way past a whole bunch of people and then stop Omen Deng before he makes the shot. This is pretty simple for the most part. If you’re a good shot then it will be fairly easy. Once again, stealth players will have to join a few firefights along the way. If you have Hong Shi’s support and G22 support then a few parts will be easier. I will write this as though you have their support. If you don’t, then it’s basically the same. You just won’t have a decoy beside you.

Loadout is fairly simple again. Pick guns that you like. Note that range is going to be necessary for the level. Combat players will want to bring an assault rifle and stealth players may want to think about it. Unfortunately, something with short range power is more useful for killing Omen Deng. So you’ll have to make your choice.

Intel is pretty simple. If you have the option and have allies, then you should probably pay for Steven Heck to give your friends better weapons and armor. There’s not much of a reason not too and it makes them a lot better. The sniper rifle dead drop is a big waste of money. It’s not really suited to the area and it’s in a bad place. Just follow my instructions. Bribing the park official just nets you a zip line at some point in the park. I don’t its worth it and G22 apparently sets it up if you don’t. The map is your call.

The Entrance

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Omen Deng’s Men Will Blow Up The Bridge If Alerted

Start out by clearing the courtyard. We might as well have free movement for the time being. Also note that setting off an alarm or just being spotted will cause them to blow up the charges on the bridge. This effectively cuts off the easiest access to the area. Naturally we want to prevent that from happening. I suggest you use a silenced shot to kill the guard patrolling the center. Then hook to the right to kill the guard on the top of the hill. Just wait for him to walk up there again and shadow him up. Cut back to the gazebo and ambush the guard in here. If you hug the back wall then it’s really easy. Grab the bag and hack the computer to shut down the demolition charges on the bridge. It’s more stealthy to just cross this way. If it all fails, then you can use the zip line to get over.

Cross and take out the two men on the left with takedowns. They should be close to the bridge, facing left, but not really within eyeshot of each other. Swing to the right and quickly take out the guard in the shack before he can flip the alarm. If this fails, then you should be standing right by the alarm and able to block any survivors from triggering it. Loot this area for some good gear. The safe in the guard shack has $10,000 in it and there’s also an armor mod inside. Grab your new loot and then get ready for another fight. Climb the path to get to the next area.

Opening the Park Gates

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei Assassination - The Turret

G22 will have two agents here if they’re supporting you. Take cover by the rocks and try to open fire quickly to get at least one critical hit in before the agents reach the end of their countdown and strike. Nothing too special about this though. Shoot from cover or rush the guards. There should only be three of them. Watch the right side though. Another three guards are inside that little guard shack and they’ll try to flank you. Hopefully G22 will have your back in this one. If not rush the guard who comes out and use the doors for cover and take out the two inside.

Go out to the ledge and look into the valley. Hong Shi has two men below you (if you have his support), but they’re pinned down. Jump on the turret and start shooting. Take out the Chinese agents and look to the right. There’s an autoturret there. I suggest you just shoot it a few times to blow it up. You can also hack the computer beside you to shut it down, but that takes too long. Go ahead and hack it anyway, once you’re done. It’s free experience. Grab the money and gear in the shack and outside, then just take the zipline down to join with Hong Shi’s men. If there’s no zipline then you can open the gate and walk down. Approach the doors, but take cover by the boxes. Three more agents should come out, but you’ll be able to kill them very quickly if you’re in an ambush position.

Go through the doors and stop here. You should be able to turn off the alarm. Also look for a computer with Halbech Intel on it. Hack it and then get ready for the next push. We still need to clear out the gardens.

The Gardens

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei Assassination - Battle in the Gardens

Go through the doors and stay low. The guards in here aren’t alert. There are only four of them too. This is one of the few parts where a stealth player has some options. A silenced pistol will let you take out most of guards pretty easily. If you just want to shoot it out with them, then turn to the left and kill the first guard. Killing him means that any other attack will come from the front. This makes the battle a whole lot easier. Once they start flanking you, it’s pretty hard to regain control.

Move to the left after the patrol turns around and rounds the corner. Take out the patrol in the back corner to secure the left side. I suggest you then double back to the corner and pick off the nearest guard with a silenced round. This should mean the left side is secure. Check the building for some money and then move further up the path. Your goal is the other building and the alarm station. Getting to this spot should put you in range of the other two guards. Just take them out or use the low walls for cover to shadow them. Search the open building for more money and equipment. Once you’ve cleared both and cleared yourself a path through the gardens, open the door and get into the barricaded building. Walk up to the second floor and knife the guard looking out the window. Grab more equipment and go out to the balcony. Two more of Hong Shi’s men will burst out through the door below you and open fire on the guards. They’re actually pretty useful here. Try to get a few shots off from the balcony, but once you’ve cleared out some of the guards by the turrets just drop down. There isn’t much actual cover up here. The wall below will be much better. Put a few rounds into the turrets to take them offline. Just watch your back, since two agents will come out from behind once the alarm sounds. There’s still no real trick to this though. Either shoot quickly or beat them up. It all depends on how you built your character.

Go right through the doors to reach the final stage and finally catch up to Omen Deng.

Fight to the Sniper’s Perch

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei - The Assassination of Ronald Sung - Fighting Omen Deng

This part is a little rough. My one big suggestion is that you take what chances you have to shoot Omen Deng. Any damage done now will carry over to the final boss fight. G22 will join the party and they’re fairly useful. They’ll also flashbang the first guards on the stairs, so take advantage of it. Trade fire with the agents from cover and try to draw a bead on Deng. If you have chain shot or any cool abilities, then use them now to do a little damage. Once he retreats, move up the steps and through the only open door. Make sure that you grab the ammo on the ground. We’ve still got a lot of shooting to do.

Go through the doors and take cover in the main floor. Just shoot both of the men on the floor and make your way to the ladder. Kill the guy on your side of the scaffolding and climb up the ramp. You can then get behind a board. Engage the agents on the other side. Deng is here too. Try to use an ability on him again to just make him back off. Once you have a little peace, engage the rest of the rest of the guards. You should have plenty of cover, so just take your time. Once the other side is clear, you can use the zipline to get over. Two more guards will come up the elevator. I suggest you take cover behind the board in the corner and hit them both with blindfire. Move on over and engage the next group of people. I do suggest that you look down though. Deng is making a run for the elevator, if you have an ability recharged, then use it on him for some free damage. This is our last chance for it. Try to pick off the last group of guards and then zipline back over. Drop down to the floor and go out the back doors to reach the final boss fight area.

Alpha Protocol Boss Fight - Killing Omen Deng

Alpha Protocol Boss Fight - Killing Omen Deng

Boy, this is an annoying fight. Let’s start with Deng’s abilities. He has a magic cape that works to trigger an ability like Shadow Operative and disappear from the map. He is decent at melee combat and a pretty good shot. In general, he’ll try to get close while shooting and then rush the last few feet and attack. Every few rounds, two guards will come up to help him out. They are actually really annoying. They can probably do more damage than Deng, especially since they’ll at least distract you long enough for Deng to start an attack and get a few solid hits. If you step out into the hallway to fight him, which you’ll probably have to if the fight draws out long enough, then he might plant some remote mines on the pillars.

The trick for the fight is pretty simple. Hopefully you hurt him a bit in the few exchanges before this one. You bread and butter will be when he rushes down either the hallway or the center pathway in the sniper room. You should be able to safely step out and use a weapon ability to do a lot of damage and even drive him back. If he closes to melee range, then your best bet is probably to just try and hit him back. Even an unskilled fighter should get a lucky shot or two that will drive him back. A melee expert has a chance for real damage though. I know that I was able to take off about 20% of his health but hitting him a few times and then using the point blank shot attack to shoot him in the head repeatedly. Unfortunately, only an expert could this.

Your goal is to take him out quickly. The agents just do too much damage to let the fight draw out. If you have some remote mines, then you can take the brief breaks in between fights to plant them on the pillars. Just use whatever skills you have to bring him down fast. Remember to use your special ammunition for this one. Steel core rounds or anything with a little more punch to it is a nice help.

Once he’s down, you have to decide whether you’ll take him out or try to investigate a little more. It’s pretty much up to you. Just make your decisions and get ready for the next hub. Killing him will net you some golden guns while sparing him will reveal more of the mystery.

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