Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei - Triad Rebels - Killing Red Eye at the Start

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei - Triad Rebels - Killing Red Eye at the Start
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Well, this should just be a quick combat mission for most players. Stealth players still have a lot of options though. There honestly isn’t much special about this. You just have to move through the slums and kill the three bosses along the way.

Your loadout is fairly simple. As always, just bring guns that you’re comfortable with. There aren’t any areas that really require range, so you don’t have to bring an assault rifle if you don’t want one. Shotguns are fairly useful for the tight quarters and SMGs should be useful too. If you’re bad at hacking, you should bring some EMP charges. There are a few computers and a safe that you’ll really want to hack. Doing so nets some very valuable information about Hong Shi and the true motives of the defectors.

Intel is the only thing that really deserves special mention. I strongly suggest that you buy the disloyal triad’s assistance. While it sounds like he’s just going to open up a door, he actually puts a sniper rifle in a perfect position for you to kill the second boss quickly. This is really helpful.

Killing Red-Eye


Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Triad - Killing Red-Eye

ell, this is a pretty straightforward mission. Just kill a lot of people. Step out and cut to the left to enter the office building. There are two guards here. One is on the ground floor doing a patrol in the room with the computers. The other is walking across the whole building. He’s also walking toward us. You can get spotted and trigger a lot of angry guards really easily. If you manage to avoid an alert, you’ll also be able to do a stealth takedown on the first triad boss, Red-Eye. It’s much easier to pull that off.

While we’re waiting for the guy to come down the steps, I suggest you take care of the first guard. Now, a takedown will probably be spotted by the guards outside. I suggest that you pick him off with a silenced pistol from cover. If you can’t do that, then just leave him alone for now. The guards outside seem to settle down once you kill their boss. Wait in the corner when the guard gets ready to walk down the steps. As he walks through the door, you should be able to bring him down quickly and quietly. Go up the steps and look out the door.

There’s a stationary guard by the boss’ door. The camera here is actually a problem though. It covers most of the hallway and moves slowly. Wait for it to turn completely to the left and then hug the right wall to get past it and knife the guard. Pick the lock on the door and get out of the way. You can just wait for Red-Eye to walk toward the door and then turn around for his little triangle patrol. Do a quick takedown and you’ll be fine. Hack the computer here to shut down the camera and also grab the data disk on the table for some extra money.

Go back down the steps and into the office area. You can hack the computer here for some more intel on the Triad rebels and start to uncover Hong Shi’s lies.

Killing Tony Tseng


Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Triad Defectors in Taipei Slums - Killing Tony Tseng

ow, you need to get out to that courtyard with all the food stands. There are three guards though and it’s a pain to get past them. I honestly just end up in a shootout from inside the office area. There isn’t an alarm they can hit, unless they sprint past you to get the one in the office. If you must get past them, then you can try to go out the double doors when the patrolling guard is walking away. Knife the stationary guard to your left and follow the patrol on the right. Bring him down and then watch the guard above you. Hopefully you can get right behind him and do a quiet takedown. Like I said, it’s not really worth the trouble though, if you can fight well enough.

Go up the ramp to get to the next area. You should just have to walk for a little bit until you get to the next big courtyard. Don’t go out into it though. Even combat players will want to take this one quickly. There is a machine gun turret in the window across from you. An alarm will signal the gunner to make your life very miserable. Try to avoid that unless you’re a really good shot.

Just go through the ruins and up the ladder. Watch for the guard up here. Wait for him to approach the ladder and then turn around. Do a takedown and walk up to the sniper rifle (It should be there if you bought the Intel). You should be able to put a few rounds into the boss across from you. I know that one headshot won’t do it. It wil stilll take away all of his endurance and half of his health away. It’s also a silenced shot, so if you’re fairly quick he won’t be able to spot you. Go ahead and pick off the guard in the courtyard while you’re at it.

Moving Through Triad Headquarters

Alpha Protocol Guide - The Triad Headquarters in Taipei Slums

We’ve got a little bit of walking to do before we actually make it to the third and final boss.

Walk back out and then into the office. We have to take a bit of a roundabout route since the chain gate isn’t open yet. Go into the office and ambush the guard inside. I got him when he turned the corner on the steps. You actually should be able to get a silenced shot through the window to kill the other guard right now. If not, just watch your step and get behind him. Move on over to his location past the scaffolds and duck into the side office. Hack the computer to get the rest of the information on the gang’s motives. It’s always good to have some leverage against a crime boss.

Go out and walk to the edge of the scaffolding and use the zipline to slam into the gate and drop off in the next area. Check both buildings for ammo and money, then climb up the ladder and cross over to the next one. Walk down the step ot grab another briefcase with some intel in it on the triads. Keep on moving until you end up at a drop off point.

Drop down to enter in a new area with a checkpoint. There’s a guard outside the door, and he can see through the large window. Be careful. Use awareness to watch for him to move past the door, then slip behind him and do a takedown. Just keep on moving forward. Nothing too interesting or fancy about this area. Keep an eye out for any more supplies and then round the corner to near the large fence with three guards.

I actually just walked up to the corner when the guard facing the fence walked back to the two men talking. I took cover on the corner and used chain shot to take out all three with one combo. I actually don’t believe that the two split up. You can quietly drop the one on patrol and you can usually stay in the blindspot and takedown one of the pair ahead. If you have evasion or invisibility, then it’s possible. Otherwise just use a few quick shots. Pick the lock on the fence and get to the next area.

Killing Eric Chung

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Triad Defectors - Killing Eric Chung

There are two guards ahead on a pretty simple patrol. One is stationed by the door while the second is on a square patrol around the room. Just slip behind the patrol for a takedown, then get his partner. Don’t go out to the door to the left that leads to Eric though. Go into the little supply room first and grab a data disk for another $2,500.

Open the door leading to the last boss. This one is tricky, but you have options. Try to look around the door and watch the guards. When the one in this room turns away, and walks across the room and either shoot him or slip behind him for a takedown. If you stay low, then you should actually be safe for the most part. Eric’s guards won’t be able to see into the room. If you really want to be stealthy, then you can open the sewer gate and take the low road into the room. The advantage being that this is a safe zone that gets you past the autoturret. That’s not a fun way to do it though, and it puts you at a potential disadvantage for the ambush that’s coming up.

I suggest that you hack the computer by the window (as long as you’re crouched, they shouldn’t see you). This will switch the fire protocols of the autoturret. Both turrets will fire on the guards and Eric. They aren’t perfect and they don’t have an angle on a few of the guards, but it’s useful. You can just stay by the desk and do criticial shots out the window. Just watch the door into the room. One guard will probably burst through the door. There are pills in the corner if you got hurt. Once the last guard dies, you need to get ready to move. There is a counterattack coming from the exit.

Escaping the Ambush

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Taipei Slums - Triad Defectors - Escaping the Ambush

This is actually pretty easy if you’re following my advice. This is also why I wanted to have the autoturrets already hacked and alive. These turrets are almost able to hold off the assault themselves. I forgot that the level didn’t automatically exit after the ambush, so I spent most of the attack trying to hack the safe in the room with the computers. Two guards slipped past, but the best that they could do was take shots at me through the window. Since I had a pretty good firing position behind the desk, they didn’t live long. If you can handle a turret though, you should run out and use the machine gun to take out most of the attackers pretty quickly. You do have to watch your left side for fighters that try to flank you, but it’s not too difficult considering you should have the auto turrets covering you.

Now, before you exit, go back into the office area with the computers. I don’t care how many attempts it takes, you need to hack that safe. It has the last bit of information about the defectors on it and gives you some really good dirt on Hong Shi. He killed his second-in-command and branched out into aiding terrorists (you also have confirmation on his ties to Shaheed now). So make sure you get it. Also hack the other computer here for the free XP. Once you’ve looted the area well, use the exit to finish the mission.

You now have a quick option. Hong Shi can either bribe you, give you extra intel or promise help in the final mission. It’s honestly up to you whether you want to blackmail him for more information or keep him as an ally. It doesn’t hurt to have some extra decoys on the final mission and I liked having them around for the firefight. The money or extra intel might be what you value more though.

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