Alpha Protocol Female Characters Guide

Alpha Protocol Female Characters Guide
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Alpha Protocol Female Characters Guide

In Alpha Protocol, female characters are interspersed around the luxurious and exotic hub world locations of the game. Players will encounter four romance options during the events of Alpha Protocol as well as meeting a fifth female character that cannot be romanced into some faux-sex scene. This abundance of females for the player to bed is perhaps telling of the setting and narrative – spy thriller’s generally have this romanticized view of sex – as well as the western RPG formula that Bioware pioneered with Knights of The Old Republic. This article focuses on the Alpha Protocol female characters however, detailing their characteristics and mannerisms.

Mina Tang - NSA Codebreaker & Double Agent

Mina Tang is an intelligence analyst and weapons specialist working for Alpha Protocol. She is the person who finds out about the missing missiles of Halbech and also happens to save Thorton from his death while on assignment in the middle east. She plays the role of a double agent initially, working within Graybox while feeding Thorton information and being his handler throughout the early parts of the game. However it is later revealed she is actually working for the NSA (National Security Administration) in trying to monitor and relay Alpha Protocol’s activities back to the government ran organisation.

Madison St. James - Alpha Protocol Female Characters Entrant

Romance 003

Met during the Rome excursion, Madison St. James is the personal assistant and translator to VCI (Veteran Combat Initiative mercenary company) operations chief Conrad Marburg. She is the daughter of Alpha Protocol operative Alan Parker and players can use this information against him during the final mission back at Graybox to their advantage. She is an understated character, perhaps even taciturn in her emotions, even in the face of the ugly truth behind VCI. She can be saved or killed during the final mission in Rome, whereby her death heralds new laws protecting Europe from terrorism while her survival allows her to become a political activist.

Scarlett Lake - One of The Five Main Alpha Protocol Female Characters

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Initially, Scarlett Lake is a simple photo journalist who happens to sit next to Thorton on the plane ride into Taipei. In reality however, she is a would-be assassin and sniper who tries to execute Taiwanese president Ronald Sung. After this botched attempt, players will find out about her during the final mission, if a still alive Omen Deng contacts the player and dishes out the information to them. She is perhaps the easiest character to romance in the game, as there are numerous opportunities to up her reputation by sending her information on Halbech via email.

SIE (pronounced zee) - Harsh But Fair Mercenary

SIE 001

The tough talking mercenary SIE is a East-German born romance option in Alpha Protocol. Female characters often show some reticent or overt feminine quality in video games, perhaps to a fault, but SIE is a brazen soldier with little need for timidity. She engages Thorton during the Moscow train station mission and can be romanced, much to the chagrin of a tied up Thorton. Although she works for the VCI and can prove a formidable handler if chosen, her hate for Marburg and shifting allegiances make her a dangerous ally.

Sis - The Quietest of Alpha Protocol Female Characters

Sis 003

A mute girl, known as Albatross’ (G22 Leader) bodyguard, Sis is one of the Alpha Protocol female characters that cannot be romanced. Thorton refers to her as a child at one stage, after their dual on the deck of Lazo’s Yacht. If she is saved by the player, instead of executing her outright after defeating her in the prior duel, she hands Thorton a pendant with St. George on it. The significance of the pendant is never found out but it clearly holds some sentimental value to Sis and her parting with it shows an appreciation to Thorton for saving her from death.

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