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Alpha Protocol - Sis Character Profile

by: Dabe ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In Alpha Protocol, Sis is the name of a mute girl of indiscriminate age (around late teens to early 20's), who is seen as Albatross' bodyguard. As his protector, she is often seen with him and players will even fight her during the Moscow missions of the game. This article details Sis a bit more.

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    Alpha Protocol - Sis In Detail

    Sis 001 A mysterious figure, perhaps just reaching maturity and the years beyond twenty, Sis can become an integral part of the Obsidian made espionage thriller Alpha Protocol. Sis is a member of the secretive G22 organization and also serves as personal bodyguard to Albatross.

    Unlike other female characters in Alpha Protocol, Sis can never be romanced and is even referred to as a child by the venerable protagonist Michael Thorton. Many pieces of information surrounding Sis seem either inaccurate or incomplete. With this lack of concrete evidence, this article tries to surmise what purpose or impact, if any, Sis has on the game. Furthermore, this article serves as an introductory character profile for the erstwhile bodyguard.

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    Alpha Protocol - Sis Character Profile

    Sis 002 In Alpha Protocol, Sis and her dyed purple hair will first be encountered during the Moscow based sojourn, upon near-completion of the “Assault Lazo’s Yacht and Retrieve Data” mission. She will appear with a team of G22 operatives when Thorton has finished hacking the yacht’s computer system. This will lead to a nervy boss fight, wherein Thorton will have to utilise cover and solid timing, taking out Sis when she is reloading her dual revolvers or by attempting to defeat her with grenades. These same grenades can be placed around the bar area on the deck before the computer is hacked, allowing for a relatively easy battle, as Thorton will only need to detonate them remotely after Sis appears.

    Sis 003 After she has been dealt with, Thorton has two options. Firstly, Sis can be killed, which negates the “Contact Albatross” mission later in the game and makes it far harder to ally with the G22 while still in Moscow (although it is still possible). Also, it takes away the ability for Albatross to be your handler when Thorton decides to re-enter Alpha Protocol, with Sis no longer being available to aid him in the medical facility. Contrary to this, sparing Sis opens the “Contact Albatross” mission as well as having him as your handler during the final mission. Furthermore, Sis will give you a locket with St. George on it before leaving the yacht, which she kept as a childhood memento.

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    Alpha Protocol - Sis Romance

    Sis 004 It is worth mentioning that in Alpha Protocol, Sis is a mute, incapable of making a sound or at the least talking. This confounds the lack of romantic options with her in combination with her youthful looks & apparent age. In order to complete her dossier -- adding the secret fact about her locket -- Thorton needs to mention it with Albatross. This will reduce his reputation while simultaneously raising that of Sis. During the endgame, where Michael Thorton infiltrates Alpha Protocol, Sis will appear when Albatross is the chosen handler. After Thorton is captured and taken to the medical facility, Sis will rescue him and (reputation dependent) hand him a pistol, before departing for the last time.