Alpha Protocol - Builds Guide

Alpha Protocol - Builds Guide
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Alpha Protocol - Builds Guide

In Obsidian’s espionage thriller Alpha Protocol, builds play an important role in defining how the game will ultimately handle. Choosing the right Alpha Protocol career builds for Michael Thorton can alter the gameplay irrevocably. The clunky and oft infuriating mechanics of the early game can be totally eradicated with the right build choices and AP spending. Not only that, but the use of higher level abilities brings a sheen of consummate role playing styled gaming to the third-person action title. This article tries to detail some preferable Alpha Protocol builds, giving advice on what skills to upgrade depending on play-style and situation.

Firstly, a short paraphrasing of the different abilities & skills you can upgrade and subsequently unlock. There are nine separate skills that AP (or Abilitiy Points; which amounts to experience points) can be spent on. The list of these nine are as follows; Stealth, Pistols, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sabotage, Technical Aptitude, Toughness and Martial Arts. Four of these skills directly correspond to weapons handling, while two are reserved for health, damage and endurance. The others deal with their respective names – Sabotage deals with hacking or detonating charges while Stealth is about remaining unseen by the enemy etcetera.

Alpha Protocol - Career Builds Advice

Perhaps the most important and mildly game-breaking skill to have in your Alpha Protocol career builds is the Stealth based “Awareness”. This allows you to see a pointer above enemies which can indicate the number of and where enemies are – as well as being able to see their state of alertness. Combining this with the skill “Shadow Operative” allows Thorton to travel unseen and potentially unheard when the Stealth ability is levelled to the tenth notch. Furthermore, coupling this Stealth based operative with investment in either Pistols or Assault Rifles can give Thorton the necessary edge on the battlefield.

With Pistols, the use of “Chain Shot” is a necessity, as it allows for a bullet-time time dilation where several shots can be aimed and fired. If Assault Rifles is preferred, players will unlock the “Focused Aim” skill, which allows for a period of lock-on capability. Both of these options work well for your Alpha Protocol builds, but it’s largely dependent on how you want to play the game or what feels more comfortable. Sinking some AP into Martial Arts may also benefit the stealthy agent. Extra melee damage and defence can turn the tide when Thorton is outnumbered or overcoming improbable odds.

Alpha Protocol - Builds Borne of Unorthodoxy

Alpha 010

For a diametrically opposite Alpha Protocol build, some players may choose to focus on the Sabotage tree of skills. These range from easier hacking to more explosive damage on gadgets and even invisibility from cameras or turrets. Pooling AP into this advanced gadgetry/hacking and Technical Aptitude can create an entirely different experience instead of using the Alpha Protocol builds outlined above. When upgrading Technical Aptitude, players will gain new armor slots, weapon customization and reduced ability cooldowns. Adding a weapon speciality (SMG or Pistols) & Toughness skills (for extra health) will create a perfect combatant for some of the games harder and more laborious areas.

There are many different Alpha Protocol builds to be made and modified, with fifteen separate skills unlocks in the nine different abilities. Finding the right compliment to your specific playing style is invariably the key to making the game handle in a reasonable and even enjoyable fashion. As a quick and final note, for speed runs or for maximum battlefield impact, upgrading both Assault Rifles and Toughness is imperative. This gives you the meat shield health required to face enemies head on while allowing for some firing finesse with the most durable and devastating weapon in the game; the assault rifle.