Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Rome: Investigate the Ruins

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Rome: Investigate the Ruins
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The ruins are a pretty simple level. There aren’t too many guards, so combat players will be just fine. Stealth players shouldn’t have too much trouble, as long as you can move quickly and use a silenced pistol well. Do note that this missions ends with one long siege defense mission. Stealth players and non-lethal players need to bring some traps to lay along the walls. Non-lethal players also need to pick up some tranquilizer darts. The guards will be on alert for the final battle, so you can’t do takedowns on them. The area is also a little too spread out for effective melee rushes. It’s possible for a combat players to do it without dying, but stealth players will just take too much damage in the fight.

There isn’t much interesting Intel here. If you allied with Al-Samad, then you can call Shaheed. He’ll warn the terrorists doing the deal that you’re coming. They will be allied with you at the start of the level and let you just walk right past them. If he’s your ally, then it’s a good idea to take advantage of it. That said, apparently if you don’t use the Intel, you’ll just face Al-Samad throughout. That will naturally lower the difficulty slightly, since Al-Samad grunts are easier to kill than Marburg’s normal men.

As always, buy the dossier information if you want it.

If you arrested Nasri, then you can apparently find out about a weapon shipment.


Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Entering the Ruins Stealthily Takes Some Careful Shooting

Well, hopefully you’re friends with Al-Samad. Then you can just run right past his guards and skip a few steps of fighting. If not, just move along slowly and pick off his men. There’s plenty of cover and walls in this initial area. Leap over the fence to start facing the Deus Vult guards inside. Wait for the first guard to walk past and then just knife him inside the little hallway. As a side note, I won’t name all the niches, but you should look inside all of these little closets for ammo and money. There are a lot of bags of money and weapon mods lying around here.

Check the right side and start searching for some loot. Then move on over to the left. There should be a weapons cache in one of the niches. There are three of these caches spread throughout the level and it’s a good idea to go ahead and take them out. Plant some explosives and keep moving.

You’ll run into a fairly tight patrol of three guards. Wait for the one to walk past and try to get behind him. You can use a silenced shot to kill the outer guard and knife the second inside the little area to the right. The third can be taken down with a well placed shot, or just ambushed after he sees the bodies. It’s up to you. Look around and then keep on moving.

The next set of four guards are past the boxes. The only stealthy way to take out the guard above you is with a silenced pistol. You can also take down the ground guard this way. The other two guards to the right might run out though. If you fire quickly or move fast, you’ll be fine. You really can’t do this as a true stealth level anyway (the ending is a battle), so don’t worry too much.

Pick up more gear at the top and slap a charge on the second cache of weapons in the ruins. When you’re ready, move on down the steps to enter the catacombs.

The Ruins

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - The Catacombs in the Ruins in Rome

This isn’t too difficult. Just move on up to the little guardpost. You should be able to takedown the guard that’s facing away. You can then move up quickly and get the other patrol while he’s walking away. Grab some equipment from the area and just keep on moving. There’s a guard at the top of the steps. Knife him and cut to the left. You should be able to slip right behind the second guard and take him down too. Move on over to the left and you should find the third weapons cache. Set the charges on those to finish out that objective.

When you’ve gotten everything up here, drop down to the ruins.

There are three guards here and there isn’t a great way to avoid them. The easy way to take them out is by moving along the scaffolds and ruins to pick them off. If you keep your height advantage, then it’s pretty easy. Trying to do it on the ground level is a nightmare though. Once they’re down, drop down and explore the back area. The safes have a lot of money. The one on the left is good and the one by the radar dish has about $15,000 in it. So definitely check it. Also grab the ammo and equipment around the area. You’re going to need it. Finally, there is a briefcase by the radar dish. You need to pick this up to find out Madison’s secret fact later (if you also grabbed the Intel in Marburg’s Mansion). A lot of people miss this piece of Madison’s Intel and get stuck with an incomplete dossier.

If you have some traps on hand, lay them out along the pillars and pathways to the dish. When you’re ready, hack the computer to start tracing the feed.

The Battle

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Holding Off the Attack in the Ruins at the Satellite Relay

Once it’s done though, you will have a bit of fighting to do. There isn’t a great way to handle this. Combat players should be fine. There is a lot of cover, the guards are fairly split up and they are staggered out a lot. Melee specialists will take some damage, but they should be fine just running around hitting people. Take cover and heal up, then run around again.

Stealthy players have it rough. There’s just not a real stealthy way to do this. They will be on high alert and searching for you. You cannot really do takedowns on anyone. I really hope you know how to use gadgets, melee or pistols. I did alright with pistol stills. Shooting from cover worked quite well.

Start on the left side, then move over to the radar dish and take out of a few of the men that run up the middle. Check the right side and then just keep moving. Watch for new soldiers moving in and try to keep everyone in front of you. There’s a lot of cover from grenades, so you should be fine. Mina will give you updates. Once the last one dies, the level will end.

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