Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Investigate the Warehouse Delivery

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Investigate the Warehouse Delivery
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I’m serious about this being a very short level. You can probably finish it in a few minutes if you’re a good shot. Combat players will barely sweat in this one. They can basically just run around and shoot people in the face. Stealth players still don’t have many options. You can’t do takedowns when everyone is in the middle of a firefight. Just stay in cover and use your silenced pistols to pick them apart.

There’s not much Intel here. If you’re allied with Surkov, then you can talk to him before the mission. This will make the Russian mafia members allied with you. This is pretty nice, since they usually win the firefight with Deus Vult fighters.

Also make sure that you get the Intel about the briefcase full of money. That’s just an investment. We’ll pick that up pretty quickly.

Loadout is just going to be whatever weapon you have points in and feel comfortable using. A shotgun is useful here due to the tight quarters, but an SMG or assault rifle is good too. Only bring a pistol if you have enough points in it to shoot from cover.


This is pretty easy to handle. It’s a short mission. I’ll note that I’ve had Surkov’s help in this mission, and it is actually quite nice. Deus Vult doesn’t do so well in the firefight, so it’s nice to have it over quickly. Anyway, start off by shooting or knifing the guard by you. Then move on up and pop the guard waiting between the trailers. Pick the lock on this trailer and grab the duffle bag full of money (if you got the Intel, like I said). When you’re ready, hack the keypad and move on into the warehouse.

As you can see, things have gotten a little hot.

Getting the Intel

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Warehouse in Rome - Battle Between Mafia and Deus Vult (Marburg’s Agents)

The mafia fighters show up regardless, but whether they’re allied or not depends on your past choices. It doesn’t change much though. Move up to cover and start picking off the Deus Vult guards by you. Watch your back though, one guard likes to come out from behind.

Break off to the left and pick the door on the office when you feel like the firefight has moved away from you. You want them to kill each other off as much as possible. There is a safe to pick and some money to grab inside this office. You can also use it to flank the survivors. Once the floor is secured, walk around and check for money and ammo. We aren’t on a time limit just yet. Move on up the steps and head toward the marked office. One Deus Vult guard will be waiting with a shotgun, so be ready to either rush him or shot quickly. Crack the safe and hack the computer. Be ready to run though. Hacking the computer triggers the final part of the mission. The police will respond in about a minute (there’s no timer, so you just have to listen to Mina’s warning). Unless you just want to shoot your way out of the warehouse, I suggest you sprint to the floor. The torture victim on the ground is marked. Grab his ID and start running for the back door. You need to get around the trailers and to the ground. Exit the warehouse through the gates quickly and you should be gone before any cops arrive. It isn’t the end of the world if they spot you, but it’s good to avoid it.

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