CIA Listening Post in Rome - Alpha Protocol Walkthrough

CIA Listening Post in Rome - Alpha Protocol Walkthrough
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Well, we should try to do this without killing anyone. A true stealth master will want to just sneak past everyone. That’s an entirely different challenge though. Doing it without killing anyone is fairly easy though. Start out by going to the left and grabbing the bag of money. Then cut the video feed. Go back to the closet and hide until the lobby guard walks down to fix it. Just do a takedown. That’s one down.

Move on up and into the lobby. Watch the stairs and wait for the guard on the next floor to walk past the top of the steps. Move up and quickly take him out.

Gathering Intel

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - CIA Listening Post

Search the rooms. The one on the right is useful for two bits of intel. Get both suitcases for dossier information on Marburg and Mina. Search the other room for more equipment and briefcases. Hack both the computers to install a backdoor and switch to a dummy feed for the camera.

Go over to the stairs and watch from cover. Another guard should walk up, stare down the staircase and then start moving back. Get behind him and take him out. The area is now clear for the brief moment. Go around the upper area to enter an armory. Hack the computer here for information on Jibara. It’s a tough hack, so watch your time and use an EMP if you have one and have a point in Sabotage. Pick the lock to access the armory. There is an armor mod in here along with a silencer mk 3. This is the best one you can get and it is really expensive. I strongly suggest that you pick it up.

Check the side rooms for a little more money and ammo.

Clearing the Control Room

When you’re ready, approach the objective marker to notice that the control room is sealed tight. In order to get the two agents out, you’ll need to be creative. Go into the middle room with the air conditioning unit. Manipulate it to freak them out and make them break out of the room. Note that one will be coming out of the door right next to the unit. Stand to the left of the door and do a quick takedown on the guard as he leaves. Circle around and hit the second guard to secure the area completely. Hack their database to plant your tracking device. Also go ahead and check it again to read their secure emails. Grab the briefcase and some ammo. There’s also a hidden datachip sitting by the bookcase. Just walk up to it and hit the Spacebar to pick up more money.

We still have to leave, so get moving. Go down the steps, but don’t charge into the lobby. A new guard is here. Wait for him to face away and take him out quickly. Then you can just walk out the main doors to end the level.

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