Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Finding Nasri - The Gates

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Finding Nasri - The Gates
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This is potentially a pretty standard level. You can either run and gun or stealthily work your way through the base. This is a good first mission for the game and you have the potential to get a lot of money with the conclusion. That’s always good for a little extra gear.

As usual, this should work fine for a nonlethal walkthrough if you have tranquilizer rounds. Combat players can take the directions and patrol paths described below and use it to launch a good attack.


Stealth will definitely want a silenced pistol. It comes in handy at least a few times.

I personally like a shotgun for the final battle, but SMGs work fine and are a little more versatile throughout. The assault rifle is also a good choice, if you like using it.


Well, I suggest you at least get the intel on the lost weapons shipment inside. That’s just an investment. If you switch the label, then you basically double your money. It’s also right along your path. It should just be free money

Whether you want to bother with the PMC contract or map is up to you. I didn’t and didn’t find it too hard.

Gate Guards

If you use the “Direct” option, you can just bluff your way past the guards. They’ll sound an alarm after you get inside, but you should be able to kill that easily with a radio mimic or by finding the alarm.

It’s not too hard to shoot your way through. Just punch the first guard out. I usually just rush the second too. Once you get past the outer gate, the guard up top won’t have the angle to shoot you. Just wait by the ladder. You can just ambush the guard as he comes down the ladder to fight you. Shut off the alarm at the gate and then go up to the catwalk. You can follow it around to get past the gate.

There are two more guards by the truck around the corner. At least one of them is fairly likely to spot you, even if the alarm isn’t going off. I suggest you put a few rounds in the truck and let the explosion take them both out. Collect the ammo and open up the door they were watching.

Path to the Palace

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Finding Nasri - Finding the Palace

Move on up and approach the locked door. You need to pick the lock quickly, while the guards are talking. I’ve been spotted picking the lock, and it’s not going to be fun to fight your way out of this one. Obviously this doesn’t apply to combat builds, although even a full combat player will probably want to make their way to the better protected position ahead. Go through the locked door and climb the ladder. Look out over the ledge, but don’t jump just yet. Wait for the two moving guards to walk away and leave their friend all alone under you. If you have the silenced pistol, go ahead and pick him off. That’s one less guard to fight if things go sour.

Jump the ledge. Grab the pistol mod on the table and move down. There’s a guard post here and there should be a guard inside. If you can peek out or use Awareness, then quietly take him down. There’s a decent chance you’ll get spotted in here though, but it isn’t too tough. Once you’ve kill the guard at the post, you’ll be in a good position to block their access to the alarm. There should be three guards left. Wait for a moment and ambush any that come into the room and then pick off the rest from the cover position in the doorway. If you don’t get spotted, just wait for the patrol to walk past the door and quickly sneak out and up the slope.

The Courtyard

Alpha Protocol Guide - Finding Nasri - The First Courtyard

Move up to the courtyard, but stick to the buildings. There’s one guard watching the approach, so be careful about exposing yourself. Of course, you can just shoot your way through. This one isn’t too tricky. There’s cover and you just have to keep the guards in front of you. Make sure you don’t forget the ones on the scaffolds though. They have a height advantage. There should be four, although I think the fifth from the back alley might leap the wall and join in the fight.

If you’re going to use the alternative path, slip behind the guard’s back and get to the locked door. Pick the lock and get into the building. Follow the path to the alley and take out the guard you basically stumble across. Leap the fence to come out on the other side of the courtyard by some boxes.

There are two guards circling the fountain and two on the scaffolds. There is one on the balcony across from you and one on the balcony above the guardhouse to the left. Wait for a fountain guard to walk past you and for the guard across from you to turn the other way. Awareness naturally helps a lot. Move to the left and quickly duck inside the guardhouse. Pick the safe if you want some extra money and then move up the stairs. Do your best to turn the camera out to the balcony to watch for the guard. You want him to be standing on the far right, facing the wall and hidden from view. Take him out. Wait for the other balcony guard to turn around and then drop down to the edge of the courtyard. You should end up behind some boxes. Sneak toward the gates and cut off to the right.

Go up the long series of stairs in this building until you pop out above another courtyard.

The Market

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Finding Nasri - The Weapons Market

This market-like area is the receiving location for the weapons shipments, so we’ve got a lot of cover. Now there’s a bag of money in the back left corner of the market. I’m always willing to senselessly kill five men for petty cash, so here’s how to take them all out without raising an alarm. Combat players can probably hide behind a crate and just pick them off.

Drop down when the closest guard turns his back and get behind the large shipping crate. Don’t move just yet. A soldier is walking over to give some orders. He’ll be able to see you if you step out. Just wait for him to turn around and resume his patrol. Now, there are five guards. There is one on the far left side. He isn’t a threat, except he’s guarding the duffle bag of money. The guard on the scaffolding in the back is the real problem. He has a good view of the courtyard and he moves a lot. The two guards in the center aren’t much of a threat, since we’ll take care of them in a second. The last guard is basically just waiting in the back keeping a very poor watch of the ladder to the scaffolding.

Carefully move to the right and turn the corner once they start up their patrols. Wait by the corner. The closest guard will walk over to this pillar and then turn around. You should be able to do a quick takedown without the guard on the scaffolding noticing. Move up a few more pillars. If you’re having trouble with this, then you should just wait for the center guard to step out on his short patrol to another pillar. You should be able to take him out too, but keep an eye on the scaffolding. The man at the base at the scaffolds is easy to kill, just stick to the left and you should be able to stay in his blind spot. Have your finger on the button though. Even if he spots you, you might be able to start the takedown in time.

Watch the guard above you and wait for him to approach this ladder and then turn around. Climb up and take him out quietly. Then just move back down and slip in behind the last surviving guard. Do a takedown and grab the bag of money. We’re ready to go up now. Walk through the path and enter the palace itself.

Entering the Palce

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Finding Nasri - The Palace

Drop down and go into the side room to grab some money and intel. Then go through the big doors. Try not to set off the alarm. The alarm goes off instantly if they see you, so be careful. No sense in fighting an extra soldier with a shotgun. Move quickly and sneak behind the fountain by going to the left. Get right behind the patrolling guard on the inside. Take him out and get behind a pillar quickly. You need to take out the second guard quickly. He’ll probably see the body and sound the alarm if you don’t catch him as he moves past. Do a quick takedown and congratulate yourself.

Move onto the next big room.

The Palace

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Finding Nasri - The Palace Armory

This big storage area is full of cover, but also has five guards. One on a scaffold to the right. Two in a circular patrol around the center and another two in back in crossing patrols.

If you don’t want some ammo and $2,000, then just sneak along the right side of the room quickly. They shouldn’t see you. I did this as my first real mission on Recruit, so it’s definitely not that hard. Just go through the back right door and you’re set.

That’s not fun though and who doesn’t love free stuff. Combat players will have to take cover and watch the sides for flanking attacks. Another two men with sweep in from the exit once the alarm sounds, so be careful. They are really good at scanning the room.

Stealth isn’t too hard once you get the rhythm. Stick to the right and get close to the scaffolds. Don’t get the first wandering guard when he stops by the pillar. Take him out right as he starts walking back. The guy on the scaffolding will have a line of sight on him while he’s standing there, but not when he starts walking again. Quickly move back to the shadows and use your silenced pistol to pick off the guard on the scaffolding. No one will see the body, because they don’t have an angle.

Look at the other wandering guard by the truck. You can use the crates for cover from both guards ahead. You should usually start right as he walks past the truck to the back corner. You should be able to cross the room and take him out on the far side.

Move on up to the last two guards. Use the big crate on the left for cover and get ready to strike right after they pass each other. Take out the one in front first, use the pillars for cover and then take out the second. Feel free to loot all the ammo and crack open the safe.

When you’re ready, go to the back right corner of the room and leave.

The Final Room - Nasri’s Elite Guards

Alpha Protocol Boss Walkthrough - Killing Nasri’s Elite Guards -

Well, this is it. This is the last room. You have to take down all of the guards. There should be one elite and five other normal guards. I will be pretty surprised if you do this without setting off an alarm. I guess you could use a few stealth skills, but it’s going to be difficult regardless. The guard on the scaffolding has a full view of the room, and there aren’t many gaps between the guards. It’s also almost impossible to take out the guard in the raised position without being seen. I suggest you just settle for a combat run. If you really want to do a nonlethal run, then just stick to melee.

Here’s the best way I found to do it, unless you are really stuck on the idea of doing a stealth run. Sneak over to the ladder and quickly climb the scaffolding. You should be able to do a quick takedown on the guard up here for at least one easy kill. Then get into the room up here and watch the door. All of the guards will have no choice but to come up and rush through the door. Fish in a barrel. Nonlethal players can just beat up the guards as they come into the room.

Try to keep awareness on. That way you’ll have some warning as they climb up the ladder. Shotguns and SMGs will chew up anyone that comes through the door. A Shotgun will at least get a knockdown, that you can then stomp them to finish it. SMGs are just deadly and very accurate at this range. If you have an assault rifle, then you can do this or just take up a sniper’s perch on the little tower and pick off a few from cover.

Watch out for the guy with the red mask. He is wearing body armor, so you’ll need to either shoot him a lot or put a few in his head. Melee works well too.

Once the last one falls, you’re done.

If you bought the intel, then you can swap the shipping label on the package in here. Go ahead and do it. Then go through the doors to find Nasri.

Nasri - Kill, Arrest or Capture

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Kill, Extort or Arrest Nasri

Here’s the situation. You can kill him, arrest him or extort him. Killing him gets you a reward from Westbridge of $15,000. It’s also for when you’re roleplaying a ruthless vigilante/spy. Arrest will reduce arms' sales in the region. Supposedly, this will mean that the enemies you face later are not as well armed. That really shouldn’t be much of a problem though, if you know what you’re doing on a combat or stealth run. It should also open up a laptop you can hack at the Jizan Stockpile. It will also prevent a pretty nasty news event and save some imaginary lives. Extortion will net you $10,000 and also let you follow his movements. Nasri really doesn’t know who received the missiles. He will investigate it later and let Mina find out some more intel in the future. Extortion will also decrease the cost of some intel for the Jizan Stockpile. He’ll drop off the extra weapons on the stockpile for $4, as a favor for sparing him.

It’s your call.

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