Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Saudi Arabia: Jizan Weapon Stockpile

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Saudi Arabia: Jizan Weapon Stockpile
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This is actually a fairly combat heavy mission, especially toward the end. Make sure that you’re comfortable with your secondary weapon, since stealth is a little hard to maintain. I’ll do my best to get you through it.

Note that I won’t always do a combat guide. I will do my best to state times to attack and call out the guards’ positions.

For stealth and nonlethal players, I will often use “knife” or “kill” in place of takedown. This is just because I hate using the word takedown roughly one hundred times in an article. You can just use tranquilizer rounds or melee takedowns to accomplish your goal of not killing anyone in Alpha Protocol.


If you hate the hacking game, then you might want to get the info from the technical consultant. It makes it a little easier. That’s just a personal choice though.

It is a slightly more difficult mission, so you might want to go ahead and hire the PMC. Might as well reduce the difficulty of the guards. Although if you did the “Bug the Airfield” mission before this, then the elite guards are all already dead in the region (they had to shift them around to protect Shaheed).

The supplies aren’t great, but you might want to go ahead and do it. Especially if you got Nasri’s discount.

You also might get an option for other Intel, depending on what else you did to Nasri. Basically just a bonus though.


Stealth absolutely requires a pistol with a silencer for this level. You can do a lot of takedowns, but having the option for range is vital. You also might want some shock traps to make one ambush a lot easier to do without killing anyone (non lethal will be a pain here, I won’t lie).

Combat experts should probably take an assault rifle and a shotgun. The rifle gives you range and accuracy. Since the enemies will often have height, you will need something accurate. The shotgun is brutally effective in the tunnels.

Entering the Jizan Camp

The start is pretty easy. Just move up and take out the first guard. Climb the tower and grab the money. Move along further and climb up the next tower. The guard in the one across form you should have his back turned. Leap over and take him out. Move along and take out the next guard on the path. You’re now in the camp, so congratulations.

Move on down and get ready. I suggest you take this moment to observe the patrols. To start out with, there are four guards to worry about. The one on the turret is the primary concern. His field of vision is narrow, but if he gets alerted then you will barely be able to move without getting pinned down by heavy fire. So try to avoid alerting anyone. If you just can’t avoid it, then the trick is to run over to the ladder. There’s cover from the turret and you can then fight your way toward him from the side and flank him.

To stay stealthy, drop down when the guard on the ground and the guard on the balcony are both walking away. Climb up the ladder and carefully move behind the guard up top. If you knife him when he’s close to the alarm and the little bar area, then no one should see. Grab the money here. Wait on this balcony and watch for the guard below you to move out. He should stand just below you, so put a silenced round in his head.

Alpha Protocol - The Jizan Weapon Stockpile

Don’t bother with the ziplines, just go to the end and drop down. Move over to the ladder and climb up. Another guard should come into play here. Watch carefully and stay in cover. You probably want to get him as he walks past the ladder area, so that the other guard won’t see you. Awareness should make the takedown really easy, plus he shouldn’t turn to look at the spot by the ladder. Just stay behind the wall and you’ll be fine.

Move along behind the last wandering guard. You should be able to take him out right behind the gunner. Knife the gunner and you’re done.

There might be one more guard that has wandered out. He was in the bar area in my run, so keep an eye out and take him down now if you want.

Taking out the Jizan Radar

Alpha Protocol Guide - It May Not Be Stealth, But It’s Fun

Walk over to the marked ladder and climb up to the radar dish. Walk past it and turn on awareness. Look for the guard inside to turn and face a corner, then open the door and take him out. Grab the briefcase in the corner. It has some information on Al-Samed and more money. Walk upstairs and cut the cable to the generator to shut off the security.

Three guards will run out of the main base entrance. Wait for them to take up positions. The only stealthy way down should be the staircase close to the turret. If you want a little fun, you can just use the zipline by the power box to smash into one of the guards and then beat up the other two. Your call though. Go through the door to enter the tunnels below the Jizan Base.

The Tunnels

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Jizan Weapon Stockpile - The Tunnels

I won’t do a combat guide for most of this section. All stealth sections can be done by using a shotgun to blast your way through.

Move on up and enter the big circular room ahead. Stay back a bit and wait for the first patrol to pass. Killing him in front of the stairs is pointless, since the guard on the floor will see. Follow him a bit to the right and take him down. Wait behind some cover and watch. You want to wait until the ground guard moves to the corner and then turns his back. Hopefully he’ll do this when the other guard isn’t looking at your ledge. Drop off behind the guard on the floor and disable him. You should be able to go up the steps and get behind the last guard to take care of him.

Go to the ground floor and search for a minute. Grab the suitcase by the destroyed truck and then pick the lock. There’s more money in here. Go back out and up the steps. Open the door at the end of the room. There are pills here if you are hurt along with another bag of money. Go through the door and get ready for another run.

There are another three guards by the holding cells. Watch for a moment. You want to hopefully chain up a series of kills or takedowns. The fairly stationary guard should have his back turned to you as the first wandering guard starts to walk away. Knife the stationary guard and then quickly kill the other guard before he rounds the corner.

The last guard is a little tricky. He doesn’t stop and expose his back, so you need to get behind him on the patrol. You can also just rush him and beat him up if you’re frustrated with stealth.

Hack the keypad to open up the cells. There are more money bags in back along with Intel on Halbech. Grab it and pick the lock on the exit.

Move up the stairs, but stop when you get the checkpoint. If you finish climbing the steps then you’ll be spotted. Wait a moment and the two guards facing your way will turn around and start walking. Follow the one on the right. When he stops, take him down and move to the left. The two guards there should stop close to one another. Move up to take one down and beat up the other. You can probably do two takedowns if you have evasion (which a stealth character should have by now).

Alpha Protocol - Guards in the Computer Room at Jizan

The area is clear, so explore a bit. Grab the gadgets in their armory and look in the room by the computer for a briefcase. It has some detention records and that’s worth some extra experience and praise. Grab it.

There will be an ambush, so try to set up a bit. Stealth and non-lethal characters will really need to do this. Put up mines or a shock traps along the narrow hallways and at the entrance to the left (they’ll kick in the double doors and storm the room). Planting a few will make this a lot easier.

Hack the computer when you’re ready.

Escaping the Tunnels

Alpha Protocol Guide - Escaping the Ambush at Jizan

Once it’s done, get behind a wall and wait. Put Awareness on if you can. If you set up some traps, then you’ll hear yelling and confusion. If not, five guards just came through and set up an overwatch on the area. One should be an elite but there can be more. A stealth run is almost impossible. You can wait for a moment and their alert status will end. One guard should be watching the left side, so sneak over to the right side and see if you can at least knife the first two guards before someone spots the bodies. The good news is that it’s a tight area, so you can do quite well with a shotgun or with melee combat. Once the five are down, leave through their side exit.

Escaping the Base

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Reaching Darcy’s Helicopter at Jizan - This is the Good Turret

We’re not done yet though. The whole base is on alert and now shooting at Darcy’s helicopter. As much as I’d like to leave him out to dry, that’s our ride out of here. So we need to take out the soldiers with rocket launchers and let him land somewhere.

You can’t do takedowns in this situation. It’s melee or silenced shots. You don’t have to kill everyone, just the four elites with rocket launchers. They should also be too busy with the helicopter to attack you (By the way, Darcy’s “support” is pretty useless and you can complain later if you want). Here’s how I did it. Shoot the first guard in front of you or just rush him. Then climb the ladder of the closest tower next to the gate. Shoot the guard on the section over the gate itself and then jump on the turret. You can use this to sweep the base. You should be able to get anyone who shoots at you and also hit three of the elites. The first should be on the ladder you climbed earlier to get to the radar dish. Another is in the other guard tower. A third should run up on the left. If you also killed any visible guards, you should be safe to drop down and attack the fourth.

Leave the gun and advance while hugging the wall to the left. Get close to the last elite and gun him down. Quickly move forward. Darcy just landed and we need to go. More guards spawned from the helipad too. A guard will probably get on the turret we just left, so be ready for it. Try to blow up the truck by the gate yourself and shoot the guard in the open. Dash to the truck (it can’t blow up twice, so it’s safe cover) and take cover. You can probably just ignore the turret if you can run. He can’t fire at you once you’re at the gate. Sprint with your main combat weapon ready and loaded. Hit the switch to open the gate and level your weapon. Hit the two guards waiting behind the gate or just punch them. Run to the helicopter to jump on and finish the level.

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