Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Bug the Al-Samad Airfield - Entering the Airfield

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Bug the Al-Samad Airfield - Entering the Airfield
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Note that this area is one of the few that can be used for a complete stealth run. It is certainly possible, but not very easy. I’ll try to get you through it with minimal resistance. Note that this is all during a Recruit run. If you really want to succeed, you should do it as a Veteran. It’s pretty easy when you can just be invisible.


There’s not much good Intel. The sniper rifle isn’t much help and you probably won’t need a map. I suggest that you go ahead and buy the information on Al-Samad. Might as well get a full Dossier.


I suggest that you take a silenced pistol. That makes things a lot easier. We’ll try to stick take downs, but it isn’t always that easy. You may also want to bring an assault rifle. An SMG or Shotgun isn’t going to be that useful for a large portion of the airfield. You’re going to want some accuracy and range.


Getting inside the airfield isn’t too difficult. Quickly do a takedown on the first guard before he steps in front of the camera. There are just three more guards to worry about. Move around the camera and approach the entrance. The gate is locked, so we have three options. You can just hack the keypad after you’ve taken everyone out. You can also use the computer inside the gatehouse to open the gate. I personally think that it’s best to use the high ground and just leap over the gate. This is a little better. Let’s still take everyone out.

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Using a Silenced Pistol to Take Out the Tower Guards

Climb the ladder on the gatehouse to avoid the guard on the ground. The two in the tower shouldn’t see you.

Once you’re on the roof, you should be set. Turn to your left and face the guard in the tower. He shouldn’t look over here. Line up a shot from your silenced pistol and bring him down. Move up to the ledge of the building and look down. Once the guard takes up a spot below you, you should be able to put one round in his head.

Just the last guard left. Drop down and avoid the cameras, then climb his tower and pop up when his back is turned. Do a takedown to clear this first section.

The area is clear now, so check both buildings for ammo and money. You can easily hack the computer system in the gatehouse. You might as well. I personally like taking the high road into the base anyway though. We need to a get a little higher. The second guardhouse has access over the fence so that Mike can “fly” into the base. It’s the one without a hackable computer, across from the entrance area. Either go up the inside stairs or climb the guardtower and jump over. Then scurry up the ladder to the third floor. Just leap right over to the catwalks on the hangar to enter the base with a good position for more silent takedowns. You’re likely to be spotted at the gate, so this is much better for a quiet entry.

The Hangars

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Bug the Airfield - Shaheed’s Elite Guards

Move inside the left hangar though the door access at the end. Get onto the catwalk inside and just wait a moment. There should be two elite guards in here. If you do takedowns now, then they won’t bother us for the rest of the campaign. This is a really good idea and a reason to do all three missions regardless.

Get ready to climb down and try to watch the guards. They meet in the middle and then separate back out to their patrols on the edges. They shouldn’t be able to see one another once they’re in the corners. Drop down behind the crates while they’re standing at the edges of their patrols. Wait for them to meet and separate again, then do a takedown on the elite to the right. You might want to wait again, just to be safe, but you can probably do a takedown on the other guard as well if you move quickly. The objective will complete once both guards are down.

Check the room for some more ammo and money, then step outside. You’ll need awareness to quietly get into the next hangar. There should just be two guards. Move carefully forward and wait for the guard to pass by the open door and head into a corner. You should be able to just follow him there and do a takedown. Pick off the other guard now that you have free range. Check the hangar for more supplies and get ready to move onto the next. I suggest avoiding the gate if you can. It’s an easy way to get spotted and suffer more than you have to suffer.

Go up to the catwalks in the hangar and head outside. You should be able to leap over the gate again to cross the area stealthily.

The Checkpoint

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - The Checkpoint at the Airport

You need to get down and past the checkpoint though, and there’s really only one way. Take the zipline down to the area behind the boxes. The gunner shouldn’t usually see you. He has really limited sight and depends on the wandering guards. Once they’re down, he’s blind. Sneak forward to the next section of crates and wait for the guard to pass in front. Just do a quick takedown while he’s in the rear section and you should be fine. The second wandering guard doesn’t have much of a view here.

Go forward and keep an eye on the second guard. Follow him behind the guardtower and do a takedown. Just leave the gunner alone if you can and go through the door. Just another large hangar with a lot of clutter. You should be pretty good with taking out their patrols by now, so just do it and search through again. Move over to the next warehouse for another quick series of takedowns.

This should be a weapons cache. You can plant explosives on the crates by going to the objective point and hitting the action button (should be the spacebar for PC players). Climb the ladder here and go out onto the catwalks again. You should be able to leap over and position yourself on a catwalk facing the tower with one very well placed zipline. Taking this zipline will put your right on the roof of the tower’s support rooms. This lets us avoid a whole lot of annoying guards. Go through the skylight and enter the supply closet.

The Control Tower - Strategy Briefing

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - The Control Tower at the Al-Samad Airfield

The supply closet is a safe room, but you really need Awareness before you step out. Turn it on and watch for a guard standing outside. The patrol on the right likes to just stand outside and watch the door for a few seconds. Naturally you want to avoid that if you can.

I’ll be honest. It’s just much easier to trigger the guards and punch them. The control room isn’t a terrible defense position and you should probably have a good weapon. The guards outside shouldn’t respond (they’re in the great ether beyond the checkpoint). At most, six guards should respond, possibly eight if you’re unlucky. There are two to the left by the stairs, two on the right by the server area and two in the basement (although they might not respond either). The two guards in the control tower shouldn’t respond.

We might as well try to be stealthy though, it isn’t impossible with Evasion and a little luck. You can try to do a takedown on the wandering guard to the right, but the others usually see his body and it’s hard to do it without the other guard in the server area seeing you. Evasion makes it possible, but it’s still risky. Try to just sneak inside the server area. Sneak around the console and do a takedown on the guard inside. You should generally have cover from the wandering guard. If you want, you can come out the other door and do a more safe takedown.

The Control Tower - Planting the Bugs

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Airfield - Taking out the Elite Guards Quietly is Crucial

I suggest you just go downstairs first in case anyone sees the body and starts a search of the area. They won’t check the stairs, so you’re safe. Go down and watch the door out of the room. You want to do a quick takedown of the guard as he walks past. His partner shouldn’t have a view of this area. Use Awareness to get behind the other guard down here and secure the area.

You can hack the computer here to get more files for Mina to analyze. These flight records are good for some extra Intel on what’s going on. You can also get some money bags and ammo from the basement area, so do a quick search.

Head back up the steps and stop at the top though. This safe has a lot of money in it, so crack it if you can. $5,000 is worth the delay. Move on out and carefully go to the left to approach the stairs. There are patrolling guards here and it’s a real pain to deal with them. Just use Awareness and hope for the best. You should be good at this by now.

Start climbing the steps and watch for a patrol on the steps themselves. I actually just walked right up to his side and did a takedown, thanks to the way the stairs wind. You can also walk until he walks back up. Or just fight him. We’re almost done so stealth doesn’t matter as much.

Sneak right on the last guard and do a takedown to finish up the level. Search the area and then bug the computer. You’re done with the level for now. We’re actually coming back for the final mission.

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