Alpha Protocol - Romance & Sex Scenes Guide

Alpha Protocol - Romance & Sex Scenes Guide
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Alpha Protocol Sex & Romance Guide

In Alpha Protocol, romance plays a big part of the James Bond influenced espionage action. Main protagonist Michael Thorton has the option of romancing four different people of the fairer sex throughout the three main mission hubs found in the game. There are a variety of different ways to ultimately finalise Thorton’s coquetting, with four separate Alpha Protocol sex scenes open to the player on a single campaign. This article outlines the four potential love interests as well as explaining a bit about the intentions of Obsidian in creating these romance options for the player – insofar as its impact on the narrative.

Mina Tang - Alpha Protocol Romance

The first of the four possible romance options for Michael Thorton – although the culmination of this Alpha Protocol romance is bore second. Mina prefers a Thorton who reacts with a professional air when time suits it while she is also enthused by the suave side of dialogue options at certain moments. Generally speaking, a profressional dialogue stance will increase Mina’s reputation to the required +7 rating, where she will confront Thorton with the option for sex or simply friendship. This occurs after the three hub areas of the game are all completed, with Mina appearing in Thorton’s final safe house of unspecified location. Also note that answering her emails will be the easiest way to gain a reputation point with her.

Madison St. James - The PA

Romance 003 (2)

During the initial cafe meeting with Madison, it is best to retain a professional stance throughout the dialogue, before Thorton takes Madison back to his safe house. In the resulting conversations, a suave stance can yield further reputation and favor from Madison, opening up the option for the first of the Alpha Protocol sex scenes. When re-entering the safe house before the final Rome mission, Madison will be sleeping, giving Thorton the option to leave her be or check on her. If done correctly, checking on her will enact the sex scene and consummation of their brief relationship. Due to this lack of time together, a reputation of only +3 can still yield sex with Madison.

Scarlett Lake - Alpha Protocol Sex

Romance 006 (2)

First met on the plane journey to Taipei, a suave stance can improve her reputation. After this initial introduction however, Scarlett prefers the professional dialogue choices. The importance of dialogue is circumnavigated by the emails you can send Scarlett – by uncovering Halbech’s troves of illegal or nefarious activities and sending her the details – which improve her reputation and eventually will max it out at +10. After the three mission hubs are complete, Scarlett will invite Thorton to his house, wherein they can engage in the third possible chronological Alpha Protocol sex scene. She can be both saved or killed during the end game and players can ride off with her in the final cutscene also.

SIE - The Mercenary

SIE 003

SIE is diametrically opposite to each of the three Alpha Protocol romance options mentioned above. Firstly, she prefers an aggressive dialogue stance from Thorton instead of the obvious suave/professional combination that works on the other three. Furthermore, her hate of Conrad Marburg means killing him or harming his plans will increase her reputation as well. SIE also enjoys the destruction and carnage Thorton wreaks on the battlefield, with further reputation buffers occurring depending on how violent he has been in previous missions. As the last of the Alpha Protocol sex scenes, SIE’s is perhaps the most egregious, as she apprehends Thorton in the final mission and almost forces him to into it.

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