Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Entering Brayko's Mansion

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Entering Brayko's Mansion
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This is a bit of a weird level and also a fairly hard one. Stealth players may have a whole lot of trouble with this one. Most of the level is a firefight unless you have the advanced stealth abilities and can become invisible. Bring two guns you like. Even if you manage to stay below the radar for most of the mansion. They’re all pretty good. Just make sure you bring something that you have some points in, otherwise the fight with Brayko will be a nightmare.

*Also Bring First Aid Kits - Otherwise you will probably want to put your fist through the screen during the fight with Brayko. He often gets lucky and does a lot of damage. Being able to heal in the middle of the boss fight is invaluable.

The Intel is fairly important. There is a great option for people who have been to Taipei. In fact, if you find the boss fight with Brayko too just be too difficult, you may want to back out and go to the Taipei hub and meet Steven Heck. If you met Steven Heck, then he’ll be able to taint the shipment of cocaine that goes to Brayko. This makes the boss fight a whole lot easier. I always suggest that you get it, if it’s an option.

Grigori has extra dossier information for sale for fairly cheap, if he likes you.

You can also get dossier information on Brayko’s guards.

The map isn’t really necessary, since the cameras are barely a problem. We’re storming the place and the guards will generally be on alert anyway due to all the shooting.


We’re going after Brayko now. He’s well protected at his mansion, but we’re moving in with some friends. Either SIE or Albatross will help you in this raid. G22 will help you sneak up on a rooftop with a rifle. You can clear the courtyard and drop down. SIE will send in a group of VCI with a Stryker. You can use the turret to shoot your way past all of the guards. Both of them are pretty easy actually.

The courtyard has plenty of cover and there should be some allies drawing fire away from you. Just place your shots well and move on up to the main entrance. Shoot your way past the guards to the door with a hackable keypad and then just hack the keypad to get inside the mansion.

I actually suggest you just have Mina look up the data on the Halbech data. No reason not to do it, since having her find Brayko just lets you hear him torture your handler. We’ll take care of that later anyway, so there’s no big draw to do it. Although there isn’t much of a plus to having her find the data either.

Don’t go into the arcade. It’s an ambush and a point of no return. We need to get some more intel and gear first. Move on to the right side and use a silenced pistol to pick off the three guards outside. Enter the study that they were protecting. Pick off the guard to the right, knife the one on the left and kill the third one behind the desk. Crack the safe for $5,000. Then go back out and pick the lock on the double doors to get access to another safe. Crack the safe to get more money and some intel on Surkov.

The Arcade Ambush and Finding Brayko’s Bedroom

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Moscow: Brayko’s Mansion - The Arcade Ambush

When you’re ready, move into the arcade. You can’t do this quietly, so just try to pick off a few guards with silenced shots. No matter what you do, the gate will slam and alert the guards. Just take cover by the roulette table and fire on them. They shouldn’t have much armor and their efforts to avoid your gunfire aren’t great. There is also a box with medicine in the back for after the fight. Use your combat weapons for this one, since the pistol won’t really cut it (unless you can get critical hits from cover, then it’s useful).

Take them out and move on toward the next area. Nothing too difficult ahead though. Move down the hall, but swing into the supply room on the right for some more ammo and a weapons mod. When you enter the room, you should get some aid from your allies. They’ll burst in through the doors and lay down some covering fire for you. Help them out with some well placed pistol shots. You should find the bedroom shortly after that. Just go in and take care of the guard. The woman can be beaten up or just left alone. She shouldn’t trigger an alarm or do anything besides crouch and try to hide. Mina will be upset if you kill her though. Hack the computer and grab some of the cases around the room.

Hacking the computer should open up the bookcase passage to the next section of the mansion.

A Tough Decision - Intel or Your Handler

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Captured Handler or Intel at Brayko’s Mansion

Move on up and get behind cover by the staircase. I suggest that you just start shooting again. Headshots from cover will wipe them out in a few seconds. Use abilities too. You might as well. Clear the gambling room and grab the money off of the tables. There should just be one more guard downstairs. Kill him and search the area for supplies.

It seems that Brayko definitely has our handler. You have to make a decision…possibly. The “Infiltration” option will let you get the data and rescue your handler. I’m not sure what you have to do to get it though. I think it depends on whether you have points in Technical Aptitude or Sabotage. I didn’t on my Recruit run and it didn’t turn up. That was also the only real difference I noticed. It should also show up for Veterans. If you pick it, then Mina will set off a fire alarm to buy us some time to do both. Note that getting the Intel doesn’t actually seem to do anything. You should get the same information from talking to Brayko, so don’t feel like you’re missing out on something.

Clear the courtyard with the help of your allies.

The door on the left will let you get the data from his vault. Honestly there isn’t much special about the data. Run into the vault and then shoot your way out.

The door on the right has your handler and it’s a little more difficult to clear out successfully. It has a few more guards in close quarters. Run in shooting or punching with some good close range weapons. I wouldn’t bother with cover, since it’s just one big open area. They’ll just circile around the room and flank you if you crouch in any one spot. Once the last guard falls you will automatically start talking to your handler. Either kill them, abandon them or free them. It’s all up to you. Grab the suitcase from the kitchen and grab some more ammo too. Then walk back out and up to Brayko’s door.

There is one last gauntlet here. Use the niches for cover and fire on the guards by the doorway. There should be two briefcases that you can pick up with information Brayko. Getting this will complete the dossier and make things a whole lot easier in a minute. When you’re ready, go through the doors and face Brayko.

Alpha Protocol Boss Fight - Brayko

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Killing Brayko - Alpha Protocol Boss Fight

Brayko is a tough boss, especially if you didn’t spike his cocaine. If you did, then it’s actually pretty easy. He’ll lose health and power when he snorts cocaine and won’t be the practical superman he is normally. If not, be ready for a tough fight. He has gold SMGs with a laser sight. These are pretty damaging if he gets an angle on you to fire. He is also really good with his knife. He can stagger you with it, take away all of your endurance with the first hit (regardless of how much you have) and then do a whole lot of damage in a very short period of time. He also uses the disco lights and pyrotechnics to blind you in a way similar to a flashbang.

If you have a pistol with chain shot, use steel core rounds and chainshot to wear him down as quickly as possible. Other abilities work well too, as long as you have them. Make sure you switch to the good ammunition thoug. Do some damage and strip away his health. Once he falls below the 75% line, he’ll snort some cocaine and get ready to rush you. You should just run away from him. Do circles around the room by running onto the stage and then off of it. Just run for a little bit until he gets tired of chasing you and runs upstairs. When this happens the first time, jump behind cover on the left side of the room (it’s on the left if you’re looking at the stage). Three guards will come in from the right while Brayko will fire from above. These niches are the only safe areas where he can’t hit you from the balcony.

Use accurate shots to take out the thugs and then face him on the floor. Use your skills and keep wearing away at him on the floor and then get ready to run again when he pulls out the knife. Rinse and repeat and just try to stay alive. Once he finally falls, talk to him. Don’t be too professional and don’t just kill him. Use the “Dossier” option or keep pressing him for information. Surkov is the real supplier and he tried to set up Brayko as the fall guy for it all. You have to get this information if you want to hurt Halbech and have the final mission. Otherwise you won’t have actually done any damage to Halbech. You can still refuse to take his bribe and kill him, but you have to learn the information first.

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