Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Storming Lazo's Yacht

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Storming Lazo's Yacht
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Honestly not much to say about this one. Just watch out and you’ll be fine. It’s a short level and the main challenge is an unrelated boss fight that happens at the end. You might end up shooting your way through a few parts, but hopefully I can get you through the majority of the yacht without alerting any guards. I suggest that you try to move through quickly but also take out as many guards as you can. This seems to make the level a lot easier. The guards from the upper decks go on the lookout after you kill their boss.

Intel: Not much to this one. I suggest you buy both bits. One is a cheap way to get an easy kill and the other is a chance for more money.

Loadout: This is an interesting level and a little odd. There’s a big fight at the end, so bring a weapon that you’re comfortable with. A pistol is fine if you have enough skill in it to get a good Chain Shot. Otherwise pack some heavy weaponry.

Finding Lazo

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Moscow: Lazo’s Yacht - Killing Lazo

Move out to either side. I guess you should take out the guard on the right first. Then backtrack and repeat the trick with the one on the left. The camera makes the one on the right the hard one. Might as well do that when you have the chance. Once that’s done, go through the doorway when the camera is pointed away. Knife the guard looking at the picture. There are two more in the arcade. You can probably leave them alone, but you can also take them out. You should be able to put a silenced round in the lookout’s head and then knife his unaware friend who’s playing the game.

Go down the steps to get closer to Lazo. Keep an eye out for money too. Move to the right quickly and knife the guy in the bathroom. If you bought the Intel, then you can cut the cord in the fuse box across from the bathroom. Go into the bathroom and then ambush the guard who comes to fix it.

The next room is tough. The dancing girl isn’t a problem. The guard is though. Wait for a moment to see if he’ll move. If he doesn’t, then try to approach from the side and take him down. You should just be able to do a takedown on the dancer, even after she’s seen you. They didn’t alert in my level at least. You can probably leave them alone if you want though. Move into the bedroom to the left to take out another mafia guy. Grab the money and go back to approach Lazlo. You can take him down easily. Just get behind him and do a takedown. Do a takedown on the dancer if you want to keep things quite too. Grab the money on the table, hack the laptop and snag the weapon mod on the other table.

Getting the Data

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Moscow: Lazo’s Yacht - Sneaking Out After Killing Lazo

Some guards apparently realized that something is up (I assume they found the boat or realized the lack of annoying comments from the dancer). Anyway, taking these guys out is difficult and not too rewarding. A third one tends to spawn if you take awhile and he’ll be sure to spot the body of the first, while the first will spot the body of the man who checks the bathrooms. Regardless, it’s just really complicated and there’s no reward other than a higher body count.

Just go through the split right between them while they walk away in their search. Get up the steps and then up the second set of steps quickly. Move onto the party deck, which should be clear now and hack the keypad on the door. Enter the bridge area to automatically get the Intel that you need.

G22 and Sis

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Lazo’s Yacht - Killing or Sparing Sis

We’re not done though. You’ll know who these guys are if you’ve been in Tapei. G22 is crashing the party, so we need to get moving. Sis is going to make that difficult though. There are two G22 agents along with Sis. If you care about loyalty, then you can just use tranquilizer rounds on the G22. I don’t believe that you are blamed for killing the agents though. I did it more for roleplaying reasons on my playthroughs. You can also just charge them if you’ve got decent health. Sis isn’t actually that hard hitting of a boss, unless she just manages to do a lot of damage to you while you’re already wounded. Her dual revolvers aren’t ideal for these tight quarters. She is quite deadly in melee combat though. She can do a bit of a jumping attack that knocks you back and lets her fire off tweleve shots into your gut. Try to keep some distant to avoid this, unless you have Fury. That should let you overpower her.

Once it’s just you and Sis, you have a pretty simple plan. Combat players can just trade fire and wear her down. You can also rush her while she reloads. You will be best served by using some type of ability though. Chain shot is pretty deadly, as usual. Shotguns are also quite good, since Sis isn’t that good at close range. Just watch out for her kick combo. You’ll have to time it right.

Once Sis is down, you have to make a choice. Killing her will doom your relations with G22 while sparing her will net you access to G22 as an ally. This is true even if Albatross doesn’t particularly like you. They have some very good contacts for weapons. For practical reasons, you should spare her. Roleplaying is naturally a different story, since taunting Albatross about her death is pretty much the epitome of Michael Thornton as a jerk. As usual, it’s all up to you.

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