Alpha Protocol Walkthrough: Moscow - Meeting SIE at the Train Station

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough: Moscow - Meeting SIE at the Train Station
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This is primarily a combat mission and it will be very fast paced for most players. We’ll also meet SIE here. She’s an “interesting” person who actually likes it if you’re mean to her.

Stealth players need to be ready to move fast and strike quickly in order to survive. The only way to stay hidden for most of the level is if you have a silenced pistol. Hopefully you can shoot well with it. Bring an assault rifle as your backup weapon. You will really need something with range for a few of the fights.


You definitely need to talk to Grigori before this mission, if possible. He will tell you about a load of weapons and give you the option to send it to him to earn a favor and a lot of money. You can get more by shipping the weapons to him than by shipping them to yourself, so doing this is very helpful.

I suggest you get the dossiers if you care about that kind of stuff.

The sniper rifle isn’t really worth it, unless you just like using one.

You can get the disgruntled mercenary to leave some extra gear behind if you want. It’s your call whether you want the gear.


Well, things are a little complicated. It seems that another one man army is here. SIE is leading some mercenaries in a quick mission. As a quick note, if you want to gain experience with SIE then you need to be tough with her. Be aggressive and demand your own terms. Agree to cooperate at the very end though. No reason not to do it. We’ll need the help.

Once the game really starts, take cover behind the boxes and just wait. Several mafia guards will come out. Just wait for SIE to gun them down and clear the path. Go through the little side office and watch for money and intel. Sneak out carefully. Two VCI guards are on the other side fighting a few guards. If you can, try to help them out. It’s much easier if they survive. Their survival is heavily based on luck though. Use the barriers to try and get a shot on nearby guards. Move over to the right and bypass the keypad to the caged area. Then pick the lock on the door to get a weapon mod. Watch for a new guard coming out of the area though. Just try to take him out quickly. The VCI side doesn’t have anything interesting though.

Move forward through the offices to the next big area.

The Water Tower

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Moscow: Investigate Weapons Shipments

Use the silenced pistol to kill the closest guard and then knife the second one patrolling around the boxes. Hack the computer to get some Intel on their clients and then grab the data disk from the table. You’ll get a lot of money and Intel on Grigori. Pick up the ammo too. If you can, try to kill the wandering guard with a silenced shot or a takedown. The snipers in the water tower will probably see you though. If they don’t, then they’ll freak out when they see the body. Don’t worry though. Just sprint toward the tower and shoot the gas tank at the base. The explosion will bring down the tower and kill both snipers. It even counts as a bonus objective. Stay in cover in case the two guards by the guardhouse investigate. You can use the catwalks to get the drop on them (I actually barely took any damage by just rushing them, so don’t worry too much).

The Crane

Alpha Protocol Guide - Moscow Train Station - Riding the Crane

Go through this door to reach the first trainyard. I believe that there should be a computer here that you can hack for Intel on SIE. Keep an eye out for it. Move up the ladder and knife the guard on the catwalks. You should be able to go right past his body and down the ladder without anyone noticing. Go to the back right corner and walk under the crane to get a briefcase with some Halbech Intel you can sell. Move up the next ladder as the guard walks past it. Do a takedown and quickly get into the little niche to hide from the second patrolling guard. As soon as he turns back around, move behind him and do a takedown. Start climbing the ladder at the end and wait for the guard up here to walk past. You know the drill. Take him out and sneak up to get the second guard by the crane. This is our big goal. Get on and start the crane. Two mafia guards will come out on the left side. Hopefully you can use a weapon skill to take them out quickly. The men at the end will be taken out by our friends though. An explosion will kill the elevated guard and the VCI should flank the three on the ground. Help them out if you can.

Move down and out the door that they just opened. This will take us to the main trainyard.

Finding the Weapon Shipment

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Moscow Train Yard - A Very Bad Situation After Alerting the Gunner

This is another rare area where I suggest that you just leave the guards alone. The ones in the catwalk can be taken out slowly, but one of them will usually spot you and trigger a whole lot of angry guards. The turret gunner is also a real pain. I suggest that you wait for the first train to pass and then follow the guard to the edge of the train car while keeping an eye on the guard inside the train car.

Takedown this first patrolling guard and then follow the tracks. Move around the train cars to get behind the gunner. Pop him with a silenced round just to be sure. The train car next to him is the one that we really want. Open the door and go inside. You can now choose to either destroy the cache or reroute it. Mina doesn’t appreciate you taking valuable time to reroute a weapons shipment, but rerouting it will net you a fair bit of money and potentially get Grigori’s friendship. Once you make your choice, you can open the door. Watch for a new guard that should wander past the car we’re in. Move ahead carefully and take him down. Then get to the next door and get inside the warehouse. Hack the computer to grab the shipping manifest and then reroute the shipment. Just send it to Grigori, if that’s an option. He pays more anyway.

Escaping the Train Station

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Dmitri and SIE

A few guards will move into the room though and there isn’t a lot of cover. See if you can do a takedown by getting the closest guard from the side or by using a silenced shot. You should be able to take care of the other patrol easily. Move outside and watch the two guards on the lower side. You want to kill the closest guard as he walks away from you and then circle around to kill the other. As soon as he is down, you need to get to cover. There are some heavy hitters coming. Three mafia guards and Dmitri. Dmitri is technically a boss, but he’ll die with one headshot. If you have chainshot or a similar ability, then use it. Beat up Dmitri or put a round between his eyes from the cover of the crate to end the battle.

SIE is here though. Remember to be mean to her if you want her approval. Carry out the conversation, but go ahead and attack her as she approaches the helicopter. The two VCI that zipline in are close enough for easy kills with whatever you have. You’ll need something with range or a few chainshots to take SIE out that. Note that she is actually aroused by the damage you cause to her, so you’ll get some free experience and get a reputation point with her.

The level itself is over though. Head on back and check your email for some payments and intel.

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