Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Moscow: Surkov and the US Embassy

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Moscow: Surkov and the US Embassy
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*Note - There is an annoying bug here that will say that you killed marines even if you don’t (and sometimes congratulate combat players who slaughtered marine guards on their non-lethal approach). Hopefully this version will help. By keeping the guards friendly and moving through officially, the codes should work correctly. Saving the initial guards in the firefight should also make it fairly guaranteed. If you don’t care, then don’t worry about it. It does affect a few endgame things, but I wouldn’t consider it a disaster. The flags do still seem a bit off in general. SIE criticized me for sparing so many G22 agents, when I had killed the majority of them in the mission.

I’ve also done this with both SIE and Albatross. The only difference is that you will face the other’s soldiers in the mission.

In general, this can be a tough mission. Stealth players will have to be very careful. The only way to stay undetected is to have a fair bit of points in stealth abilities. There are a couple of sections where the guard patrols are not vulnerable and a few unavoidable gunfights.

Intel and Loadout

There isn’t much for Intel. I don’t really think the sniper rifle is worth it. If you expect to go up against the VCI, then it isn’t worthless, but it is still too hard to aim to really be worthwhile.

I do suggest that you get dossier information though. That’s always helpful.

Loadout is actually pretty simple. Bring a silenced pistol and a gun that you’re really comfortable firing. There is no perfect gun. The SMG, the shotgun and the assault rifle are all useful. Just go with the one you like the most.

Entering the Embassy

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Entering the US Embassy - Getting Past the Marines

You have three options to get inside. You can attack the guards, you can sneak in through the roof access or you can bluff your way past them. Note that anything besides th bluff will make the marines hostile for the rest of the mission. It also tends to make all marine deaths your fault, apparently. Keeping them friendly should prevent this.

You can bluff your way past the guards fairly easily, especially if you’ve been nice to Grigori. Just start off with a friendly response and use the official response to claim that you’re from the CIA and need to speak with Surkov. Go inside and walk forward until you hear the blast. Quickly pop the first two men and move forward to take out the other two. Search the side rooms of this area for a briefcase full of money and some ammo. Don’t go upstairs though. Going up there will just make the game think you came through the roof. This will make the marines hostile for no reason, so avoid doing this.

Go straight through the wreckage and walk on up to the next hallway. Two soldiers are guarding the door. I just popped them both with chainshot. You could also just rush them fairly easily. Move on up to the elevator and jump inside. most of the enemies out.

Finding Surkov

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Fighting Through the Embassy

Ride it up and wait for a moment until the explosion takes out both guards. The straightforward path is covered by an autoturret. I suggest that you just go to the right to do a little more damage to the enemy. One guard will rappel onto the balcony. Either shoot him from cover or distract him enough to do a takedown. Move on to the next room and shoot the guard inside. There is a bit of a firefight ahead. Surkov’s guards will briefly hold off the soldiers and Surkov himself will use a bit of firepower to keep them at bay, although he’s in no danger at the moment. He shouldn’t be vulnerable for a little bit.

Just stay in cover and pick them off carefully with headshots. Once you’ve thinned the crowd, use a weapon skill or quick shooting to knock out the autoturret (or remote hack it if you have the skill). Move on to the next group. Pick up some gear from the cubicles and talk to Surkov. We’ve got a little bit more work to do before we can leave. It seems that the security systems are now locking us inside along with the soldiers.

Go ahead and move forward a bit more. You can hack a computer to get information on Grigori. Shoot the autoturret from cover and hack the computer in here too. Go into the main office up ahead. There’s an alarm panel here that you can hack to shut it off. Just grab the equipment and approach the ladder when you’re ready.

Opening the Embassy Gate

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Opening the Embassy Gate for Surkov

Go up and get ready for another fight. There really isn’t much of a stealthy way to do this one (without an ability at least). Sneak into the room on the left and snipe the guard by the door. Then step outside and hide behind the little filing cabinet. You should be able to pick them off from some fairly safe cover. Stealth players can use well placed pistol shots, combat players should have no problems and melee players have plenty of cover for getting close. Hack the nearby computer to get more Intel on Surkov and then move forward (Note - Apparently getting this Intel on Surkov is vital for getting the “true” conclusion to the Moscow Hub).

A second squad will move up and set up an autoturret on the door. Shoot or hack the autoturret (if you can) and engage the guards from cover. Just take them out and keep moving. You should be able to hack the computer here to free up the security systems and let Surkov escape. The doors burst open though, so get ready for more fighting. Take cover and start shooting again at the soldiers that move in on you. Just keep firing and it will be fine. Weave through the offices and hack computers along the way. One of them has Intel on Scarlet Lake, so it’s worthwhile. Keep on moving and get on over to the corner. A new group will come up from the elevator system and there will also be an autoturret at the end of the hallway.

The doorway that triggers the elevator attack should give you perfect cover to shoot at the men. Just pop them as they try to get in a position to shoot you. Move through the offices and shoot another pair of soldiers that come up to attack you. Then sprint across the hallway to avoid the autoturret and enter the stairway.

Helping Surkov Escape the Embassy

Alpha Protocol Walkthrough - Protecting Surkov

Go down the steps until you get to a set of double doors. This will take us to the upper area of the courtyard. There’s no reason to try to go out the main doors. Plus, if you have a sniper rifle, then it will be up here. Along the way, stop and swing into the office. It is possible to have come here earlier, but it’s a good spot to go to at the end. There’s also an alarm panel to shut off any potential alarm. There’s a computer you can hack to get information on SIE and some weapons mods and money. Grab your gear and ammo and then walk out the side door to get on the rooftop.

Sergei Surkov will be outside already. He’ll try to take cover in the courtyard and hold off the attackers. If you didn’t kill him, then the marine outside will help out too. He’s actually a really useful decoy. I’ve had shockingly good luck running around and punching the guards out here. Both VCI and G22 seem to be too distracted to take you out. Melee also has the added bonus of only alerting a few guards, while shooting will alert all of them. It works both ways though. If Surkov is hurt already, then firing at them will draw their fire onto you. Do note that this is one area where the handler matters. SIE and VCI will bust through the gate with a Stryker and reinforcements. G22 will sneak in through the left side alley and rear exit in groups. This also means that the sniper rifle can be useful or worthless. The VCI tend to stick around right in its killing field. G22 are usually too far too the left though.

If you don’t want to use melee, then you can just use the fountain for cover and keep firing. It really shouldn’t be that hard if you have some decent training in at least one weapon. I didn’t use any skills but did fine. Do try to attack though. If you sit back and snipe they’ll pin down Surkov. If you’re ahead of him then the marine will keep him covered while you wipe out everyone else. You’ll finish the mission as soon as you’ve cleared out the area.

Your interaction with Surkov will then depend on who you treated Grigori. If he didn’t like you, then Surkov will try to attack you and you’ll basically end up with your Intel right then and there. If he likes you, then you’ll meet up with him at his office for a more cordial meeting.

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