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Ranged Weapons

For some careers in the game, ranged weapons are their choice for some of the deadly fighting that they will have to do. So, this section of the equipment series will go through the ranged weapons of bows, grenades, and the different types of guns, pistols and rifles, that players can use.


The bows in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning are just like the bows in other MMO games. They can do some great damage, especially with the wickedly sharp arrows that they can sling at targets off in the distance. There are so many different careers in the game that use these great ranged weapons, such as the warriors of the High Elves. Not only are bows light weight, but they also allow the user to hold another light melee weapon for close ranged combat as well.


Dwarf engineers make the grenades in Warhammer Online and they are not without their strong points. These small, hand-held explosives are great for lobbing at enemies in the distance to cut a hole in their lines or to just completely obliterate one running at you. They do massive damage but you can only use them as ranged attacks, and they do you no good in any type of close ranged combat, where you risk hurting yourself or others in your group.


The gun choices in Warhammer Online are some of the best that you will find. Every gamer knows what guns do, they are ranged weapons that shoot bullets at the enemy, right? Well the guns in Warhammer do more than that. Most offer some great stat buffs as well that will up your damage, agility, or other special attributes.

While there are several different races in the lore of Warhammer that use guns, the main ones in the game that actually use them are Humans and Dwarves, such as the Witch Hunter and Engineer. Now, the guns in Warhammer are divided into two different areas: pistols and rifles.


These are the smaller of the two types of guns and are one-handed weapons. These are great for close range combat where the target is too close for a rifle. Yet, they still do some massive damage to the enemy that is approaching you.


These are the long-range guns that can really do some great damage and cut down an enemy before they get closer to you. This category of gun also includes shotguns, even though they are short-range weapons.

In the next part of this series on equipment, we will look at the different trinkets and other great stat bonus items that you can find in the game.

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