Free Warhammer Online Guide for Butchering Hints and Tips (Page One)

The Basics of Butchering – Carve That Sucker Up!


Of the several different gathering skills available to your character on Warhammer Online, Butchering is the skill for the resourceful player looking to gain the most from his (or her) kills. Butchering yields bounty from a corpse otherwise unavailable characters without this skill.

So how do you butcher? Butchering is one of the easiest skills to perform in Warhammer Online. Before butchering can take place, you need to have a body to butcher. Go kill something. Besides being dead, the two things required of a corpse before looting can take place are as follows:

a) The corpse needs to first be fully looted. If there’s anything left for you to take, you won’t be able to butcher it.

b) Flies need to be surrounding the corpse. Once you’re sure these two points have been met, hold your curser over the corpse you’d like to chop up. If it’s good to go, your curser will change into a butcher’s knife and it’s time to go Sweeney Todd on that body.

Just like in all the skill categories, your skill level will determine the level of the animals that you can butcher. When you first begin, you will be able to butcher non-sentient creatures up to level five. As your personal skill level increases, so will the level limit of the creatures you can butcher.

In order to gain more skill points, you will need to butcher animals that are within the range appropriate for your level. In other words, the creature will need to be at least a green level in order for you to gain any sort of forward momentum. While you can still butcher creatures below you for their yields, you will not increase your skill.

To Butcher or Not to Butcher – That is the Question

An important thing to keep in mind when attempting to butcher in Warhammer Online – not everything you kill can be butchered. The game differentiates between sentient and non-sentient creatures . A sentient creature is one that has an attributed sense of higher intelligence – these are the creatures that wear clothes, speak, or are in some way humanoid. While you can kill a sentient creature, you cannot butcher one. Non-sentient creatures, however, are ripe for your knife. Animals are fair game for the butcher, so have at it. As you will read below, humanoids must be scavenged, rather than butchered.

Butchering and Scavenging – Is There a Difference?

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Butchering and Scavenging are similar beasts (no pun intended, of course). Both skills allow you to take something from a corpse that you would not normally be able to. The main difference between the two is who you can do it to – in other words, you can only butcher an animal (or non-sentient creature) and you can only scavenge a humanoid (or sentient) creature. In both cases, the dead creature needs to be fully looted, and in order to butcher an animal (or scavenge a humanoid), you must also have rights to the body – flies are indicative of your right to butcher or scavenge. Should you pass up on that right (or after a period of time passes) the corpse will be open for all to scavenge or butcher.

What Kind of Mobs Can Be Butchered (And What Do They Drop?)

As mentioned below, butchering generally yields ingredients necessary for both the Apothecary skill and the Cultivation skill. These droppings vary with each animal. While in no way a complete list of yields from animal MOBs, this is an example of some of the loot you can gain from butchering an animal of this type:

From a Horse you can receive:

  • A Nutrient
  • A Healing Concoction
  • An Energy Concoction

From a Rat you can receive:

  • An Energy Concoction
  • A Nutrient

From a Boar you can receive:

  • A Nutrient
  • Increased Duration
  • A Stability Ingredient

From a Dog you might receive:

  • A Healing Concoction
  • A Restoration Concoction
  • A Nutrient
  • An Energy Concoction

What Advantage is There to Being a Butcher?

Being a gathering skill, the benefits of Butchering in Warhammer Online actually effect several aspects of a character. As noted above, butchering allows you to gather ingredients that you might need for either the Apothecary or the Cultivating craft, which will allow you to advance those skills, which in turn will allow you to advance your character. This is the most basic way in which Butchering will positively effect your character.

There are others who use this skill to increase the size of their pocketbooks. Items procured by those who butcher can always be sold to those who do not butcher, and depending on the need, type and availability, can be sold to other players for a higher price than might be fetched otherwise. Should you decide to Butcher for gold, realize that it will take some time and a lot of repetitive work to create an inventory that will make you good money. It’s smart to know what items are in demand and which animals drop those items, so you can butcher more effectively.