Warhammer Online Strategy: A Helpful Guide to the Basics of the Scavenging Profession

Warhammer Online Strategy: A Helpful Guide to the Basics of the Scavenging Profession
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Mark Jacobs gave an odd example regarding mobs and the difference between butchering and scavenging: “If it’s naked you have to butcher it. If it’s smart enough to have clothes, then you have to scavenge”. We have to say that definitely is a good way to distinguish between the two skills because technically scavenging and butchering are like reflections in a mirror.

To butcher a mob, three conditions should be met. First, the corpse must be completely rotten (flies around the corpse are a good cue). Second, the player needs to know the proper skill, because without it the corpse will be useless. Finally, the player or mob needs to be at least level five to six to execute one of the two skills; at the beginning the skill won’t be available to all if you are playing in a group, but after the skill is learned by someone in the group it will become known to the rest of the individuals some time later.

The items received from Scavenging are used mostly in the crafts of skills as well as cultivating (a trait shared with Butchering whose items are mostly for Apothecary recipes); one cool piece of information about Scavenging is that you will find items that will help the growth of harvest, as well as gold dust (50% chance of finding according to my experience). Even if Scavengers help a lot to contribute to the growth of other skills, most of the time they are practically useless as skills can be acquired or bought in other places and Scavenging is not as useless sometimes as Butchering or Salvaging.

But, there are positive aspects to Scavenging and Butchering; scavengers can interact with more corpses than butchers as butchers need to find the proper NPC mobs before doing anything, they won’t interact very well with “more intelligent” mobs.

Tips and Tricks

We are going to go through a few tips and hints that can be very useful during the game, probably by now you already know them but its always a good idea to keep them in mind.

The first thing you need to know: never buy gold from pages other than the Warhammer Online official page; check this article, even if it’s not from Warhammer it gives marvelous advice about obtaining gold in the safest ways without losing your money.

Now some hints and tricks that will be useful during the game. If you scavenge monsters of high levels, don’t expect to see high-level components all the time. 98% of the time you scavenge you will find low-level components. Don’t feel angry, however, the item you got can possibly help you to improve your character level with some time.

Your level always be tied to the mobs you scavenge or slay, they will appear on a similar level as yours to balance the increments of your skills. Depending on your level and the mob’s level you can find a variety of items. As I mentioned previously most of them will be low level, but when you reach higher levels the items left by the mobs will be higher in level as well.

Scavenging is tied to farming, but the good thing is that you can have a high scavenger level and that is not going to affect any of your stats because you have a low level farm.

Finally, as in any game with a RPG component, there is a limit of what you can raise depending on the mobs the scavenger hunts.

With this we have a conclude a brief walkthrough trough Scavenging in Warhammer Online, for more help, be sure to check our Warhammer article section by clicking in this link where you will be taking to a new window and you can check other contents regarding the game.