Warhammer Online Butchering Trade Skill - How to Make Gold

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Making Gold as a Butcher

Butchering is one of more profitable trade skills in Warhammer, that is if you know how to maximize ingredients farmed. Below is listed some hints and tips that will help the player max out the amount of gold and ingredients farmed.

First, follow or create a trail of dead mobs. The butchering profession is basically corpse raiding, that is, the player needs a the corpse of a non-sentient creature, i.e an animal mob to butcher. The mob needs to be fully looted with flies over its body. Then move the cursor over the body and when it turns into a knife start butchering. Thus, in order to butcher the player needs a fully looted corpse. So the first tip is to find creatures with a relatively high spawn rate that the player can kill easily and can be butchered. Alternatively, be in a group that is willing to kill mobs, loot them, and then the player can butcher them.

Second, know what sells. The loot yielded from butchering can be used for various other professions but especially the apothecary profession. So, through the leveling process, the player must make sure that they talk to apothecaries and find out what ingredients the apothecaries need for potions. Also, another useful metric to find out what sells is the auction house, though, this route is a little less direct than just marketing the butchered product directly to apothecaries.

Third, find out what each mob yields when butchered. This is an extension of the second point, some items are more sought after than others. The more desired an item is the more gold it can be sold for either directly to the apocathary or the auction house. This link gives a list of what mobs yields what.

Fourth, making a lot of gold is a grind. Find a place where a creature spawns quickly, kill the mobs, butcher, sell ingredients and repeat. Have patience, making gold this way requires a lot of repetition. The upside is that the process is simple and fast once the player gets in the pattern of things.