Warhammer Online: A Guide to Armor Sets in Tier 2

Warhammer Online: A Guide to Armor Sets in Tier 2
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Tier 2: Set Options Abound

Unlike the fairly sparse selection of armor sets available in Tier One, Tier two has four armor sets that are unique not just in their stats but in the way in which they are obtained. There is a set that is obtained through RvR, one obtained through a specific quest line, one obtained in PvE PQs, and one that can only be obtained by defeating PvE bosses in instanced dungeons. Obtaining each set requires a different set of skills and provides a different bonus, but they are all fairly easy to obtain with a dedicated group and proper planning.


The Obliterator Armor Set

The Obliterator Set is the armor set you will receive by participating in RvR. The boots and gloves are fairly easy to obtain, but if you don’t start early, the chest can be elusive. The boots are a bind on equip drop that can be looted from enemy players, including in scenarios. This is one of few pieces that you can find on the Auction House, so check in periodically if you have trouble getting them to drop. The gloves become available at Renown Rank 17 and can be bought from Renown Gear vendors in the top level of ORvR keeps. The chestpiece drops from the chest at the end of a successful keep siege. Only a gold bag will yield your Obliterator chestpiece, and figuring out contribution is sometimes confusing and arbitrary. The best way to get this chestpiece is to simply participate in a lot of sieges – eventually, if you play well, chance will favor you. This set does have a rank requirement to wear: all the gear requires rank 17 to wear, the boots require RR 15, the gloves RR 16 and the chest RR 17. The two piece set bonus grants +27 to your primary stat, and the three piece set bonus grants a two level bonus to one of your skills.

Also, starting with the most recent patch, you can obtain scout medallions from fallen enemies and turn them in for set pieces. The boots and gloves cost 50 and the chest costs 125.


A Black Orc in Tracker’s Gear

The Tracker’s Set

The Tracker’s set is obtained through a mix of RvR and PvE questing. Certain NPCs (which are different across each faction and pairing) will give you a quest to kill a certain number of enemy players, usually of a specific career. Once this is complete, you have to defeat a level 17 hero. There are three separate quests, one for the boots, one for the gloves, and one for the chest. This set grants +20 to your primary stat and two levels to one of your skills. The boots, gloves and chest require ranks 12, 14 and 16 respectively.


The Keeper’s Set

The Keeper’s Set is exclusively obtained by traveling to the Tier 2 sewers in Altdorf and defeating the instance bosses located there (For a detailed walkthrough of the Sewers, check out our guide). The boots drop off of Kokrit Man-Eater in the first zone of the sewers. He will drop either one or two sets of boots. They can also drop off of Prot Fangchitter. Prot and Vermer Fangchitter can drop any of the set pieces, but they are the only ones who will drop the gloves. The chest can also drop off of Goradian the Creator in the final wing of the Sewers. This set requires only that you be rank 17. The two piece set bonus is a +27 bonus to your primary stat, and the three piece set bonus is a passive bonus to auto-attack speed or a 10% chance to have a beneficial effect (such as a group heal or a power AP reduction)


A Black Orc in the Havoc Set

The ‘Of Havoc’ Set

The ‘Of Havoc’ armor set is perhaps the easiest to obtain. The set pieces are acquired from massive loots bags dropping from any PQ in Chapters 5-9. While this reward is not guaranteed, your chances are moderately good for receiving one if you rate high enough on contribution to receive a massive loot bag. This set requires levels 13,14 and 15 for the boots, gloves and chest, respectively. The two piece set bonus grants a +23 to your primary stat and the three piece set bonus grants a two level bonus to a certain skill.

Final Thoughts

The options for armor sets once you get to tier two really open up. In theory, each set makes you better at doing what you did to obtain it: this, if you enjoy RvR, you are best off trying to put together the Obliterator’s set. This is not, however, always strictly true. Pay close attention to the stat bonuses and skill bonuses you receive before you try to obtain all the set pieces for a certain set. Keep in mind that some are more difficult to obtain than others. The ‘Of Havoc’ set requires only patience and some allies to quest with. The Obliterator’s set requires luck, and often funds. The Keeper’s set is difficult to obtain without a powerful and efficient group – the sewers can be unforgiving to beginners. With the help of this guide, you should be able to decide once and for all which set will be the best fit for you.

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