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Warhammer Online: Tier 1 Armor Set and Lair Guide

by: Vox ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The selection for unique and powerful armor is fairly limited in Tier 1, but that doesn't mean that there is nothing to be had. Here is a guide to the option available to you and how best to pump up your character in his or her first eleven levels.

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    Tier 1 Armor Sets

    Tier One does not have a great deal to offer in terms of armor sets, but there are some goodies to be had while you make your way through the single digits. While it may be hard to acquire all of the set pieces before you level out of the tier, it can be fun to try and put together a set, as it will make you much more powerful than your opponents (at least until tier 2).

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    A Disciple of Khaine in Carnage Gear
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    The 'Of Carnage' Set

    The 'Of Carnage' set is obtainable through PvE PQs in any pairing throughout tier 1. Only PQs in chapters 3-9 will yield these set pieces and only from massive loot bags. There are only two pieces, boots and chestpiece, and they both require level five to equip. Completing this armor set will grant you the title 'Carnage Incarnate', 66 xp and a tome unlock. The two piece set bonus will grant you +10 to your primary stat. This is probably the easiest set in the game to obtain, so if you have any inclination toward PQs, try your hand at it for a neat title and some good, if easily replaceable, gear.

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    A Warrior Priest in Decimator Gear
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    The Decimator Set

    The Decimator Set is the first RvR set that you can obtain in Warhammer Online, and it has been the downfall of many an industrious or completionist player. The first set piece is fairly easy to find, as the boots drop off of felled enemy players in ORvR or scenarios. They are also Bind on Equip, so it may be possible to find them on the auction house, if not for particularly cheap. The chestpiece, however, is almost impossible to find, even for dedicated players or groups. These pieces only drop from the sergeants that guard the battlefield objectives in the various Tier 1 RvR lakes. These sergeants are rank 10 champions and are difficult, but not terribly so.

    These drop rates, however, are extremely low, and you may do nothing but try your hand at BOs from level 1 to level 11 and not see more than a couple drop. Because of the speed at which you level in tier 1, it is inadvisable to try to complete this set, especially considering the superior items you will receive in tier 2. Still, if you are already doing ORvR there is no harm in trying, and you may well get lucky. This set requires rank 8 and 9 and renown rank 7 and 8 for the boots and chestpiece respectively. Acquiring both pieces will grant you the title 'The Decimator', 66 xp, and a tome unlock. The two piece set bonus will grant you +14 to your primary stat.

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    Tier 1 Lairs

    While there are no further armor sets available in tier 1, there are some interesting and unique opportunities to acquire rare pieces of armor, often for slots that are difficult to fill this early on, such as offhands and helms. Norsca, Ekrund and the Blighted Isle each have a lair in which a rank 11 hero dwells. Slay this hero and they will drop 1-3 rare Bind on Pickup items. Here are the locations and specifics of these lairs.

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    Kamilla the Decayed
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    Kamilla the Decayed

    Travel northwest from the Lost Lagoon battlefield objective to the closest island. On the north side you will find a set of six symbols, and you must place one of each order or destruction race on the corresponding symbol to open the door. Kamilla is a rank 11 vampire, and is not easy, so make sure you have enough tanks and healers. She will drop 1-3 BoP offhand weapons when defeated. Her respawn is long though, so don't be surprised if she is not there.

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    Renatta Betz
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    Renatta Betz

    Travel to the most northeastern point in Ekrund and you should happen upon a path that leads into the mountains. You will come to a round stone door in the side of the mountain, and everyone in your warband will begin to glow with a purple aura, as long as someone in your party is standing near the door. With this aura on, kill a member of the opposing faction, and the door will open. Renatta Betz is a rank 11 Banshee hero, and is also very difficult. She has a melee AoE, so keep your casters far away. She drops 1-3 rank 9 rare BoP helms upon death (note: this is one of the few places you can get helms of any quality in tier 1)

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    4: Lair 1-3: Activation Runes
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    Lady Alisha

    The Lair of Lady Alisha is located far to the north in the Plain of Bone in the Blighted Isle, and can only be opened by activating three rune stones located along the northern cliffs. You must swim around to reach these, but they do not need to be activated in order. After they are all activated, you have five minutes to return and enter Lady Alisha's lair. Lady Alisha is another rank 11 Banshee hero, and she is unsurprisingly very difficult for the unprepared. She silences frequently, so be aware of this possibility. She drops 1-3 rare BoP weapons upon death.

    Also, each Lair grants a unique tome unlock.

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    Are Tier 1 Armor Sets Worth it?

    As mentioned before, it is somewhat difficult to acquire either armor set in full because the drop rates are random and because tier 1 is very easy to level out of. It is not impossible, by any means, but unless you are intent on having the title and tome unlock or wish to be unstoppable for the last couple levels of tier 1 scenarios, you may be better off saving your efforts for the more substantial and somewhat more reliably acquired tier 2 armor sets.

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