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Class Guide: Zealot - Mastery Paths

by: Jesma ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We take a look at the three different Mastery Paths available for the Zealot class, including the Path of Alchemy, Path of Dark Rights, and Path of Witchcraft.

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    Path of Alchemy

    The Zealot mastery Path of Alchemy is designed to enhance the Zealot's direct healing and direct damage abilities. Unlike some of the other healing archetypes in Warhammer, all three of the Zealot's trees enhance all of their aspects, including damage, healing, buffing, and debuffing. The differences have to do with playstyle.

    The Path of Alchemy, overall, enhances and adds single target and direct abilities for both damage and healing. Single-target is the opposite of AoE (area of effect) and direct is the opposite HoT/DoT (over time abilities). The benefit of these types of spells, and therefore this Mastery Path, is that the Zealot does not have to worry about reapplying over time abilities, and is very effective in situations where there is only one target, be it a tank that needs healing or a boss mob that the group is fighting.

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    Path of Witchcraft

    The Zealot mastery Path of Witchcraft can aptly be described as a Utility path. The Path of Witchcraft emphasizes the Zealot's over-time abilities, most of which are instant cast and can be used while moving, and are a fantastic boon in heavy combat situations. In addition to this, the Path of Witchcraft grants several extremely powerful utility abilities that can help the Zealot out in intense situations: The ability to silence large groups of enemies (silence prevents casting), and the ability to knockback a large group of enemies. Both of these are incredibly useful in RvR, often sparing the Zealot from certain death. Because of the utility offered by the Path of Witchcraft, it is one of the better paths for a Zealot that is heavily involved in RvR scenarios.

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    Path of Dark Rights

    Finally, the Zealot mastery Path of Dark Rights enhances the Zealot's third type of damage and healing abilities: Heal-over-time, and Damage-over-time (HoT and DoT) spells. A lot of Zealots that often crossover between group RvR and group PvE prefer the Path of Dark Rights because of its usefulness in both situations. It enables the Zealot to quickly heal up a group of their allies all at once, or to inflict massive amounts of damage to a large group of enemies. This is particularly useful in Scenario RvR and Public Quests with a group. This path, however, is not recommended for Zealots that typically solo, because their single-target attacks will lack the power they need, and taking on a group of enemies as a low-armored Zealot is not advisable.

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