How to Play a Zealot in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

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Lore and Appearance

The Zealot class in Warhammer Online is the deranged healer archetype for the Chaos race, a tentatively allied army of northmen who’s only goal is death and destruction. Worshipping the Chaos god Tzeench, the god of change and mutation, the Chaos ruthlessly attack the nearest civilizations, hoping to please their god enough so that he may bestow a mutation upon them - the ultimate blessing. Going beyond just being a Chaos cultist, the Zealot is a powerful devotee to the religion that weilds a sacrificial dagger, an empowered human skull, and adorns themselves in feathers to mimic the incarnation of Tzeench as the Raven Lord.

The Zealot’s Role

As we discussed earlier, the Zealot is of the healer archetype, and commands a vast array of direct heals, healer-over-time abilities (HoT) and group heals. In addition, Zealots can place buffs in the form of Marks upon their allies. There are many of these Marks and each is designed to enhance a different class or archetype. These Marks can be activated and used as an ability by the player bearing the mark. The effect differs depending on the Mark - some do instant direct damage while others inflict a DoT.

Playing a Zealot in PvE

Zealots have a very important role in group PvE (player vs environment). They are able to weave a complex web of spells, both healing and damage, that simultaneously buff their allies while damaging their enemies. Zealots can use a special ability, called a Harbinger, that debuffs the target and also marks them as the victim of some of the Zealot’s other spells. Zealots can learn career tactics that make it so that when they heal an ally, the bearer of their Harbinger is dealt damage. This makes the Zealot a powerful ally for keeping a group alive, as well as assisting in killing the monsters the group is fighting.

Playing a Zealot in RvR

The Zealot’s job in RvR can be very difficult at times. Zealots are incredibly powerful healers, and this makes them one of the primary targets of enemy players. Not only can a Zealot keep a lot of their allies alive, they can also do a significant amount of damage to the opposing side, so bringing down Zealots is quite often the key to victory. What can a poor Zealot do? Zealot’s are blessed with a very long range on the majority of their abilities. It is best to stand as far away from the front lines of battle. In addition, using heal-over-time (HoT) abilities, or instant-cast abilities is preferred over long, drawn-out heals. You will probably have to reposition yourself often as a Zealot, ducking behind walls or rocks, so healing while on the move is best. Don’t forget to put marks on as many other players as possible (self included) and make good use of your Harbinger.

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