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Talisman Making: Advanced Techniques

by: MD Weems ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

So, you now know the basics of Talisman Making. But, how about when you hit over tier 2? What then? Well, here are the advanced techniques that you should know about.

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    It's All About Quality Talismans

    Now, you will immediately notice that the better the ingredients are that you have to make your talismans, the better they will be. They will be able to last longer, have more power, and provide a better buff. But, the quality of a talisman all depends on what you put into it when you are creating it. For some reason, no one really quite understands yet if it is just the fragment quality or the quality of all of the ingredients that you place in the pot that yeilds a better quality talisman. (So, personally, I go with as many higher quality ingredients as I can so that I get the best talisman possible.)

    Here is a basic list of how the quality of your talisman affects the duration that they last:

    White Talisman lasts 8 hours

    Green Talisman lasts 2 days

    Blue Talisman lasts 5 days

    Purple Talisman lasts forever (this is the highest quality talisman that you can make and will sell for a ton on the auction house)

    For some reason, the quality of the curio also seems to help the critical rate, which helps you craft your talisman up to the next quality level. (In other words, instead of a green talisman, you get a blue.) But, you need to be careful with using your curios as you can waste them if you are using them on a talisman that will only yield something lower level. So, be cautious on where you place them.

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    Fragments for Talisman Making

    Every talisman needs fragments. And, these fragments are formed by gathering up the rarity and skill prefix and the fragment suffix. The suffix actually varies depending on the stat buff that you are going for. So, you'll find that the different types of fragments that you use will affect the talisman's buff that it creates.

    To help you see what I'm talking about, here you'll find a basic list that will help you see what the different types of fragments are and what they will give you according to their prefix and suffix:, as well as their rarity and what stat buff they will provide.

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    Talisman making is actually a very profitable profession in Warhammer Online. Since many people take up a different set of skills, such as gathering skills, they then need to purchase the talismans they want from the Auction house. So, when you create higher level talismans (i.e. blue or purple), my advice is to stick them up for sale asap. Of course, keep a few for your toons, but make your gold back that you'll spend on the ingredients and the other items you need to create these great buffers. And, make sure that you use the right ingredients, and put in as many extra buffers as you can to up the quality and the overall buff of the talisman that you are creating.

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