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The Basics of Talisman Making

So, just what is Talisman making? Well, this is where you’ll take mats and create useful talismans that will help players buff up armor, weapons, and more. This profession will require items that Salvagers will pick up along their profession leveling, so you will want to pair this skill with Talisman making. You’ll find the trainers for this profession in the very beginning areas as well, so you can get an early start on it, leveling it as you go. But, here is the trick - you won’t find an NPC that is named a “Talisman Maker”, instead these trainers are called “Hedge Wizards”.

Beginning Talisman Making

When you start out, you’ll gain fragments from Salvagers, either from trading, the auction house, or merchants. You will need to also purchase the other items that you need to do your work: containers, magic essences, and gold dust. And, just like with other professions, there are other items that you can use to help quicken the time that it takes to make a talisman, such as a curio. You don’t need a curio to make anything, but it will help shorten the time it takes to make them, which makes it a great thing to have. You can actually get everything you need to make talismans from the Hedge Wizard that you get your training from, so you won’t have to go far - unless you need mats that are only found through Salvaging. While you’ll find that when you start out leveling your profession, it will be easy. But, as you near the top of that tier, it will get harder. So, you’ll want to save your blue and purple pieces for those times, as you will be sure to get a leveling point for those when things get tougher.

To start making a talisman, you simply open the window and place the container in the left corner. Then, you’ll place your fragment into the container and add in the dust and essence. After these, you will start adding in your curio (if you have one). You’ll then click “fuse” and your talisman will be created. Now, you do need to know that the container has to be put in the right spot first, and then the fragment, after you have those two set in order, then you can add in anything else needed in any order.

“That Bar”? What is That?

Now, while you’re making your talismans, you’ll see “That Bar”, which is there to show you where to insert the curio at the highest point in the process to increase quality of the piece that you create. This bar will actually predict what the power of the talisman will be if all the ingredients are in the right place, and it will also put in text above the box what the strength of the talisman will be as well - such as weak, inferior, and so on. So, once you put everything in to create the talisman, you’ll see “that bar” appear on the right hand side, near the top of the crafting box. The bar will slide up and down, but this doesn’t really mean much. The bar itself can be looked at in “steps”. You’ll find that all white items without a curio will be about the lowest step you’ll see, where the line goes from 0 up to 6. If you add in an R/1 essence, you’ll add 2 points on this, making it go from 6 up to 8. If you add an R/25 essence, you’ll add 5 points on to this, from 6 up to 11. And, if you add a C/1 gold, you’ll add another 2 points on top of anything you already have.

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