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Shadow Warrior

The Shadow Warrior is a stealthy character with melee and long range attack capabilities. The three paths of Scout, Skirmisher and Assault once mastered will make the Shadow Warrior a formidable foe.

Stances and Buffs

The Shadow Warrior has three stances which must be changed according to the demands of the battle for the most effective performance. For long range there’s the Scout stance which increases your Ballistic Skill and Initiative by 80 and the range of your longbow attacks by 10%. For medium range there’s the Skirmish stance which increases your Toughness by 80 and the chance of critical hits with the bow by 5%. For up close and personal there’s the Assault stance which increases Strength and Weapon Skill by 120 and your armour by 100%.

The Vengeance of Nagarythe is a very useful ability and it increases the damage that all of your attacks do by 20% for a full 15 seconds as well as improving some of your abilities. The Steady Aim increases your chance of a critical hit by 50% for 6 seconds. The Hunter’s Fervour inspires your group and increases AP regeneration by 20% for 15 seconds.


If you choose to concentrate on mastering the Scout path you’ll unlock a range of fantastic long range attacks. Some are best suited to individual opponents like Festering Arrow and Fell the Weak while others are ideal for groups of enemies like the shattering Glass Arrow or the Rain of Steel which covers a 30 foot area. You’ll also be able to unlock tactics like Enchanted Arrows, making Flame and Festering Arrow unstoppable, Guerrilla Training which reduces ability costs by 35% and Leading Shots which increases your group’s chances of landing a critical hit.


Focusing on the Skirmisher path will provide you with a fierce combination of medium range attacks. Swift Strikes allow you to unleash a fast paced series of damaging attacks, Sweeping Slash damages all in a 30 foot arc in front of you and Exploit Weakness will cripple your enemy and stun them for a short time. There’s also the devastating Penetrating Arrow which deals a huge amount of damage to all enemies before you at a distance of up to 40 feet. Tactics include Split Arrows for multiple enemy hits, Keen Arrowheads which increases the effects of various attacks and Charge Forth which bumps up the critical hit chance of all attacks to 20% but reduces ranges by 20 feet.


This path is best for close range attacks like Shadow Sting for despatching ailing opponents, Flanking Shot for brutal damage, Barrage for attacking all enemies before you up to 65 feet away and the devastating Whirling Rage for seriously damaging enemies within 30 feet. Tactics include No Respite which improves parry ability, Sinister Assault which renders the targets armour useless and Merciless Solder which reduces costs by 35%.

The Shadow Warrior also has a long list of potential core abilities and as you can see is a formidable combatant up close or at a distance. Shadow Warriors are adept at attacking on the run and have a range of group attacks and used correctly they can be a great choice of character.

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