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Shadow Warrior Class Guide Part 1 for Warhammer Online

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The High Elf Shadow Warrior is a stealthy guerrilla fighter with a choice of potential abilities. Strong and agile with devastating melee attacks, and a real ability on the longbow for long range attacks. This guide will explain your options and provide some basic information on the Shadow Warrior.

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    The High Elf Shadow Warrior is an elegant and agile character who prefers to lurk in the shadows and stealthily emerge to slash targets with the blade or attack them from a distance with the longbow. Seeking vengeance the Shadow Warriors are intent on killing Dark Elves and dedicated to their cause. In the Nagarythe civil war they remained loyal to the Phoenix King and fought against Malekith and his Dark Elves. Considered the most brutal of the High Elves they are guerrilla warfare specialists and they make a good addition to any party.

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    Strengths and Weaknesses

    Shadow Warriors can inflict heavy damage on opponents from various ranges. They have both melee and long range attacks. They can attack from really long range but the further away they are the weaker the attack will tend to be. Some of their attacks are very slow to pull off and since they prefer to slink in the shadows and attack via stealth or from range, if caught, they can be killed fairly easily. They have only light armour but they are strong and extremely agile.

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    Fighting as a Shadow Warrior

    In battle the Shadow Warrior remains on the move making him a hard target to strike. It is important to keep a close eye on the enemy position at all times and frustrate them by using speed and agility to evade attacks. They work best maneuvering around their opponent and firing ranged attacks from distance before moving in for the kill with the blades. At short range they can interrupt spells and their anger makes their attacks fearsome and highly damaging - but that vengeance should only be unleashed at the right moment.

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    Fighting Against a Shadow Warrior

    Enemies will try to reduce mobility in order to tackle a Shadow Warrior, especially if they are melee specialists. If they fail to stop them moving around they will be in for a frustrating time and may struggle to catch them at all. Unfortunately Shadow Warriors are an even more potent threat at close range, so, long range specialists should keep them at a distance and hope they can take them down before they fall prey to the longbow attack.

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    The Look

    The Shadow Warriors are attractive characters, enshrouded in a large hooded cloak with finely crafted light leather and scale mail armour. They are equipped with powerfully effective longbows and razor sharp Elven long swords.

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    Three Paths

    There are three paths that the Shadow Warrior can follow in order to master three forms of attack. First is the Path of the Scout which concentrates on long range attacks and keeping enemies at range, second is the Path of the Skirmisher which focuses on stealthy fast short range attacks and finally is the Path of the Assault which is all about close range swordplay.

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