How to Kill a Bright Wizard in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

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How to Fight Back

Depending on what archetype your class is, the methods that will best serve you in fighting back against a Bright Wizard are going to vary.


As a healer you’re not going to fight back as much as you are going to attempt to negate the Bright Wizard’s abilities. You are going to want to use any ability you have that removes ailments and hexes as often as possible, as well as any abilities that shield or protect your group. Some healers also have an offensive ability that reduces the damage that their target deals. These abilities are very effective against Bright Wizards as well. Do not be a victim of the deadly ability Playing With Fire either. This ability causes any direct healing you do to its target to cause you to take damage. If you see an ally taking heavy damage from a Bright Wizard, or you yourself are the victim, only use heal-over-time spells, as Playing With Fire can easily kill you or your ally very quickly.


As a tank you have the biggest chance of survival against a Bright Wizard. Your job, though, is usually to create a wall that keeps the enemie’s melee from getting through to your own squishier allies. If you find yourself in a position to attack a Bright Wizard, do so. There is very little that a Bright Wizard can do in response to melee attacks, especially if your resistances are high.

Melee DPS

By now you should know that your main role in RvR is to attack healers and ranged DPS classes, like Bright Wizards. Since Bright Wizards are one of the biggest dangers to your team, don’t hesitate to go after them with avengance. They are extremely succeptable to melee attacks and won’t be able to defend themselves very easily.

Ranged DPS

As with melee DPS, your job tends to be to focus on healers and other DPS. Remember though, if you can hit a Bright Wizard, they can hit you back. Try to use damage-over-time effects and pop in and out of cover.

Remember, no matter who you are, Bright Wizards have very low health and armor and tend to run away at the first sign of direct hostilities against them. If they’re running, then they certainly aren’t dealing damage to your team mates. Keep them on the run and their danger to you will diminish to near nothingness. Happy hunting!

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