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Fighting a Bright Wizard: How to Stay Alive

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Don't be the victim of a menacing Bright Wizard any longer. Tips and tricks for fighting against Bright Wizards and living to tell about it! Stop being a tool of your own demise.

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    Cheating Death

    In Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, there are few classes that can stand a chance against the raw power of the Empire's Bright Wizard. Being one of the most favored of the Order career choices, it seems there are Bright Wizards everywhere, dealing massive amounts of damage to you and everyone around you. You don't have to put up with it anymore. You can fight back against these fireball-hurling menaces! These are a few simple ways to reduce the amount of damage that Bright Wizards can deal to you and your team mates.

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    Do NOT Group Up

    The Number One tool Bright Wizards use against you is not in their spell list. In fact, they aren't in control of this tool at all. They simply take advantage of the fact that you and the rest of your team are completely ignorant. Don't be a tool for your own demise any longer! Know what the Bright Wizard is planning and fight back! Bright Wizards deal the majority of their damage to multiple targets at once using exploding fireballs, damage-over-time spells that jump targets, and good old fashioned AoE. If you want to really frustrate a Bright Wizard, tell your team to spread out. This forces the Bright Wizard to use their longer and less powerful single-target attacks, reducing the chance that you're the one they've picked out of the crowd to obliterate.

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    Use Available Cover

    Unlike melee classes, Bright Wizards don't want to run all over the map chasing you. In fact, if they can casually sit back in one place and melt your face off then that is exactly what they're going to choose to do. Your best defense is to continually duck behind rocks, trees, bushes, pillars, walls, anything that you can use to break the Bright Wizard's line of site on your pretty mug. If you're a heavy melee class, then you stand to benefit just as much by getting directly in their face, hitting them often to push back their spells. If you can stand behind them and attack then you are in the safest place, not only interrupting their spells but guaranteeing that you aren't the target.

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