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In Warhammer Online, the bad guys really are bad guys. Unlike in most other MMO’s, where the line between good and evil is fuzzy, and the “bad guys” are more “misunderstood” than actually “evil”, Warhammer leaves nothing to opinion. The forces of Destruction do exactly what the name emplies: Destroy, pillage, plunder, defile, and obliterate all in their path. The forces of Destruction have one thing in common - the desire to conquer their enemies for their own self-serving reasons. I imagine that, were they successful in this, that they would continue then to fight eachother until they had erradicated every living thing. Destruction storyline does a great job of engaging the player, drawing them in with an almost fanatical lust for battle and superiority that seems to be missing on the Order side of the fence. In addition, Destruction houses some of the sexiest character models in the game.


In the Age of Reckoning, the Chaos armies are what initiates the world war that every race is wrapped up in. Empowered by their god Tzeench, they march on the human Empire, unleashing a viscious plague that turns Empire citizens into mutated, wretched, soldiers for their own armies. The Chaos forces can easily be described as “fanatical”, doing the bidding of their Magi and Zealots, believing it to be the will of their gods that they destroy and mutate their enemies. While Chaos members can be described as vaguely human, they don’t embody the classic human spirit and have embraced a cultish, barbaric, and twisted society. The character models for Chaos vary heavily across career paths, though males tend towards a muscular and rugged physique, with females taking on a pasty and deranged look that can be surprisingly attractive. Both lend themselves to scarification and tattoos, as well as other accessories that echo their cultish ways.

Dark Elves

The Dark Elves were once part of the race of the High Elves, but when their King was denied his rightful place on the throne, the Dark Elves and their King split the empire and wreaked havoc on the High Elf lands in an event known as the Sundering. Dark Elves are eltist, arrogant and brutal warriors driven by their hatred in a constant battle to conquer the High Elves. They are a coniving lot, with their King instrumenting much of the events that led to the war that engulfs the entire world in the Age of Reckoning. Dark Elf females seem to prefer being scantily clad - apparently skin stops weapons better than armor - and thus are preferred for those seeking to play a “sexy” or “hot” character. The males seem more reasonable in their clothing choices, but in all honesty, end up looking like females anyways on account of their preference for dresses.


Detailed Information about Greenskins

The Greenskin forces are made up of two races working together: Orcs and Goblins. In the Age of Reckoning, Goblins are the brains and Orcs are the brawn, teaming up to create a devastating force driven against the Dwarven empire. The Greenskin leaders, Grumlok and Gazbag, were gifted with magical amulets by the Dark Elf Witch King that not only increase their power and unfluence, but also bend them to the Witch King’s will. It was his influence that drove the Greenskins to attack and defeat the Dwarves at one of their strongest keeps, setting the stage for an epic struggle in the Dwarven lands. Greenskins are tribal and nomadic by nature, but extremely deadly since they’ve been gathered into one united Waaagh! (greenskin army, in English). Not much can be said for their sexiness, being green and monstery-looking, but hey, they’re tough, cool, and talk funny, and that makes them fun to play.

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