Warhammer Online - Order vs Destruction - Storyline, Player-Emersion and Visual Appeal

Warhammer Online - Order vs Destruction - Storyline, Player-Emersion and Visual Appeal
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The Order forces are made up of three very different kingdoms and races united together against the forces of Destruction. Other than a common enemy, they have little else to join them together. In my opinion, these kingdoms and their stories, ethics, tactics, etc. don’t do a very good job of engaging the player. I feel that each side of an MMO should have its own unique “feel” that draws the player in and makes them really want to fight for their side. Order doesn’t really do it for me. Plus, Order definitely got the shaft in the sex appeal department. I mean, Dwarves? *Shudder*.

The Empire

The Empire is a race of humans locked in constant battle with the Chaos Destruction forces. This is very much a situation where a weaker nation (Empire) is simply fighting for survival against a much more powerful force. It is hard to respect the Empire, as most of them are farmers and corrupt self-serving Lords. As an Empire soldier, it is difficult to put your finger on what exactly it is you are fighting for - besides your own life. Although I play a Bright Wizard (Empire Career), I’m not thrilled with the faction. I often feel like my character is living in 17th century Salem. Paranoia and Holy law seem to permeate the air in any Empire town or city, and that always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. On the plus side, though, Empire humans are quite attractive, ranging from the pretty boys to the rugged fighters, and the elegant ladies to the sexy battle-hardened warrioresses.

High Elves

Warhammer Online Female High Elf

The High Elf faction definitely has some appealing points. Their society is very mystical and regal, with beautiful architecture and art. The character models carry that same regal feel, being very beautiful and pure looking, though I imagine that most men probably find it difficult to relate to their uptight Swordmaster - and his silky-smooth tresses. At the same time, their virtues are also their downfall, as most of them suffer from an overdose of self-importance. It is much easier to empathize with the High Elf faction as they are struggling for their entire race’s survival in this war. Pitted against their dark kin, Dark Elves, this civil war pulls the player into a familiar feeling of good battling evil.


Warhammer Online Dwarves

Off all the factions of Order, Dwarves seem to be the most fun. All Dwarves are hairy, boisterous, opinionated alcoholics with no fashion sense. However, they are hardy, lively, and love to celebrate. All these traits, however, do not mean that they aren’t good in a fight. On the contrary, the Dwarf faction is home to some of the most powerful careers in the game from every archetype - and they have no quams about letting everyone else know it. Despite being under constant siege from the Greenskins, the Dwarves keep things light and fun and are a pleasure to play. Not much can be said in virtue of their appearances. The stubby, chubby, neck-less look doesn’t appeal to too many and is particularly offensive when the player decides to try for all the “unarmored” tome unlocks.

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