UFC Undisputed Character Creation Guide for Xbox 360

UFC Undisputed Character Creation Guide for Xbox 360
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Creating an Ultimate Fighter in UFC Undiputed

UFC Undisputed for the Xbox 360 has two different methods for you to make a fighter you can use in the game; Create a Fighter Mode and Career Mode.

Create a Fighter Mode – You need to access the Main menu to find the Create a Fighter Mode option where you get a set number of points you can use to enhance your fighters skills and attributes. The main different between this mode and the Career Mode is in Create a Fighter Mode your fighter is only eligible to fight in the Exhibition Mode or in on line play and not in the Career Mode.

Career Mode – You’ll also enter the Career Mode via the Main menu, where you’ll be taken to a fighter creation interface that’s the same as the one you’ll use in Create a Fighter Mode. You can also earn points you can use to improve your fighters skills and attributes by fighting and training.

Creating a Fighter in UFC Undisputed

At this point in UFC Undisputed, you can decide to choose “New Fighter” and create your fighter from scratch or “Fighter Templates” and one of more than a dozen sample fighters you can use as the starting point for your new fighter.

Once you determine which of the two choices you prefer, we’ll take you through the four steps to creating a new fighter; Basic Information, Fight Style/Attributes, Physical Appearance, and Clothing/Equipment.


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Basic Information Menu

There are three sub-categories in the Basic Information Menu of UFC Undisputed; General, Height/Weight, and Skin/Physique.

General – In this section you’ll give your fighter a name and a few nick names the announcer will use to introduce you. You can select your home town (which will also determine your country), the city you fight out of, and your age.

Height/Weight – Use the left analog stick to determine your height and weight, up/down changes your weight, left/right changes your height. The weights are predetermined for the weight classes, and unlike your height, affect your fighter’s performance, as well as the division in which you compete, your maximum strength, speed, and cardio attributes. You’ll see all of these attributes displayed in the screens upper right corner.

Skin/Physique – You’ll see three choices in the Skin/Physique sub-menu for you to choose from. Skin Tone allows you to choose your fighter’s skin tone. Body Type determines your fighter’s muscular composition; will you be long and lean or short and powerful? The third choice Face Type is a starting point for your fighter’s facial features, which can be refined further in the Physical Appearance sub-menus.

Fight Style and Attributes Menu in UFC Undisputed

The Fight Style/Attributes menu is used to determine your fighter’s grappling and striking techniques, attributes, and skills.

Techniques – A fighter starts with one striking technique and one grappling technique. Please read The UFC Undisputed Xbox 360 Training Camp article for more information on these techniques.

In the stand-alone Create a Fighter mode, certain skills receive a 15% bonus depending on the techniques you decide on. In Career mode, you have to increase your fighter skills through Camp Invites. Check the list below for information on how the game applies the skill bonuses.


  • Boxing – Bonus will be applied to standing striking offense/defense
  • Kickboxing – Bonus is applied to standing kicks offense/defense
  • Muay Thai – Bonus is applied to standing kicks offense/defense
  • Wrestling – Bonus applied to takedown offense/defense
  • BJJ – Bonus applied to submission offense/defense
  • Judo – Bonus applied to clinch grapple offense/defense


  • Strength – This attribute enhances the damage inflicted by strikes and influences a fighter’s ability to succeed when trying to execute or resist a take down or submission, for example.
  • Speed – This attribute is a measure of the quickness of your fighter’s attacks and techniques, the faster your fighter the harder it’s to land or execute attacks.
  • Cardio – This attribute is a measure of your fighter’s physical endurance and ability to fight continuously. A high cardio indicates greater stamina and a fighter who will be more effective in the later rounds.

You’ll begin with a limited amount of attribute points that you can separate between these three attributes. At first increasing these attributes is less expensive, but the more you increase an attribute the greater the cost in points.

Attribute Level

  • 1 - 29 – costs 5 attribute points
  • 30 - 59 – costs 10 attribute points
  • 60 - 60 – costs 15 attribute points
  • 70 - 70 – costs 25 attribute points
  • 80 - 89 – costs 40 attribute points
  • 90 - 94 – costs 60 attribute points
  • 95 - 99 – costs 80 attribute points

Fighter Skills in UFC Undisputed

There are sixteen different skills that determine a fighter’s efficiency in the different situations that will occur during a fight. Eight are offensive skills and eight are the defensive counter-parts for the eight offensive skills.

The offensive rating of a skill determines how successful a given category of attack is when the fighter executes the particular skill. This includes how hard it strikes, how effective a takedown is, and other things. Your fighter’s defensive rating is a measure of your fighter’s skill at resisting a given category of attacks, like avoiding takedowns, absorbing damage, and so forth.

  • Standing Strikes – This includes hooks, jabs, right-crosses, all the different types of punches.
  • Standing Kicks – This includes leg kicks, head kicks, body kicks, and all the types of kicks.
  • Clinch Striking – This includes any striking attack you can perform while in a clinch, like knee and elbow strikes, and punches.
  • Ground Striking – This includes strikes executed while on the ground against an opponent in a disadvantaged position. This will include punches and elbows.
  • Clinch Grapple – This includes takedown attempts attempted from within a clinch that can result in your opponent being put in a disadvantaged position.
  • Takedown – This includes takedown attempts attempted from a standing position (commonly called shooting for the takedown).
  • Ground Grapple – This includes techniques that advance a fighter’s advantaged position to a full-mount.
  • Submission – This includes any submission attempt, including kneebars, kimuras, and chokes.

Once again you have a limited amount of points to spread around your character’s 16 attributes. Check the list below for more information.

Skill Level

  • 1 - 29 – costs 1 point
  • 30 - 49 – costs 3 points
  • 50 - 59 – costs 5 points
  • 60 - 69 – costs 10 points
  • 70 - 79 – costs 25 points
  • 80 - 89 – costs 40 points
  • 90 - 99 – costs 70 points

UFC Undisputed Physical Appearance Menu

The Physical Appearance menu in UFC Undisputed allows you to define the look of your fighter’s body, but none of these changes will have any effect on your ability to fight. This menu has dozens of options you can use to customize and making your way through the menus will take time.

  • Hair/Facial Hair – This sub-menu contains all the options for changing your fighter’s head, facial, and body hair.
  • Head/Brow – Here you can determine the shape, color, and size of your fighter’s eyebrows.
  • Eyes/Nose – This sub-menu has options to determine the shape, color, and size or your fighter’s eyes and nose.
  • Cheeks/Mouth – You can use this sub-menu to define the size and shape of your fighter’s mouth and cheeks.
  • Jaw/Ears – The options here determine the size and shape of your fighter’s jaw and ears; they have even included an option for cauliflower ears.
  • Extras - This sub-menu has options for a variety of facial markings, like scars and additional skin tone choices to make your fighter unique.
  • Tattoos – You can use this sub-menu to add up to 10 different tattoos to your fighter’s look. You can create a tattoo, determine a location and orientation for the tattoo, and then apply it.

Clothing and Equipment

This section allows you to determine and customize your fighter’s gear. All fighters must at least wear trunks and a mouthpiece when in the ring, but knee and ankle supporters are optional. The available menu tree in this section has options to customize trunks, your mouthpiece, and knee and ankle supporters.

Once you have finished customizing your fighter’s clothing and equipment, select “Finished” on the Create a Fighter menu. At this point you can take a photograph of your fighter, which will be used in the Exhibition Mode’s Select Fighters menu, the Career Mode’s Status menu, and the Tale of the Tape screen. After taking your photo, your new character is automatically saved to your storage device and is now available to use in the game.

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