UFC Undisputed Guide - Your Key To UFC Undisputed Cheats and UFC Fighting Styles

UFC Undisputed Guide - Your Key To UFC Undisputed Cheats and UFC Fighting Styles
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UFC Fighting In the UFC Undisputed PS3 Version

Fighting in the UFC Undisputed PS3 version is often assumed by those who have yet to play the game as being similar to Wrestling games – they couldn’t be more wrong. Wrestling is a crude style of fighting leaving a lot left up to the circumstances to determine if the move will succeed or not. In UFC Undisputed for PS3, which is mixed martial arts you must learn to fight with speed and precision. The very nature of this PS3 game means more complicated controls (although they have been simplified in the last few years as the championship’s popularity grew). Each button carries it own function and must be combined with body and feet movement for maximum damage. Below is a simple list of the basic controls for UFC Undisputed for the various UFC fighting moves to put the rest of this article in context:

Movement – Left Analog Stick

Left Punch – Square

Right Punch – Triangle

Left Kick – X Button

Right Kick – O Button

Low Guard – R2

High Guard – R1

Fighting Technique – L1

Change Attack Height – L2

Movement In UFC Undisputed And Mastering UFC Fighting Moves

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In order to properly protect yourself and to position yourself for attack in UFC Undisputed, movement is key to your UFC fighting moves. Using the left analog stick, move with your opponent during a defensive move, and then move against or around your opponent while on the attack. Depending on how far you push the analog stick in UFC Undisputed, you will either walk or run. Walking is a good way to save energy but you can also be open for attack if you walk for too long. Stepping, which is done by a quick flick of the analog stick has many uses. If you flick it to the side, you can dodge an enemy attack with specialized UFC fighting moves and also put yourself in a great position for a counter strike. It can also be used to quickly close in on the enemy for a punch or kick. If you step in and attack at the same time the energy in the movement gives a lot more power to the attack – evident from the sound of the contact. You will need to practice a bit to gain the right control to improve your fighting moves in UFC Undisputed.

More UFC Undisputed Guide: Attacking

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The best kind of attacks in UFC Undisputed are the ones that will knock your enemy off balance for a nano-second giving you just enough time for a follow up strike. UFC Undisputed for PS3 takes after the real UFC fighting forms in the way that the different ways to attack your opponent takes different forms and are to be used in different circumstances. You can strike from almost any position such as when you’re on the ground, standing up or to counter an enemy attack. A well timed strike can knock and enemy out or at the very least thwart any plans of his to do the same to you. To strike in UFC Undisputed for PS3, you simply use the ‘shape’ buttons (∆, O, X and □).

Striking In UFC 2009 Undisputed For PS3

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For any strike to be effective in the game, you must execute the appropriate strike at the appropriate range. Given the fact that UFC 2009 Undisputed for PS3 is basically a martial arts fighting game, there are a wide number of strikes for different ranges:

Probing Range: At this range, the fighters are at some distance. The most effective strikes to execute here are jabs, straight punches, leg kicks, leg snaps, push kicks or flying knees to name but a few.

Striking Range : This is around middle distance. This could be considered the optimum fighting distance and is usually the most prominent throughout the match. Most strikes such as the ones mentioned above and those below can be used to their greatest potential. In a fast paced fight, the following moves work best. Upper cut, Head Kick, Superman punch and Push Kick.

Clinching Range: This is the closest two fighters can get in a fight. They are right up in each others’ face. The best strikes here will not even achieve a great deal of damage but can get you out of a sticky situation. These include knees and elbows to the body.

Finally we have the combos. Trying to button-mash in the hope you will get lucky is pointless. During a match, press start and select the ‘Combo List’. Here you will find a list of your characters abilities in UFC 2009 Undisputed for PS3. Use these combos wisely when on the offensive and you’re on the road to victory.

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