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UFC Undisputed Cheats and Achievements Are Easy

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This article will guide you through all the different tips, cheats and even give you a full list of all the achievements and unlockables in UFC Undisputed 2009. This is a must read for any Fan of the UFC or an owner of the epic game itself. Make sure you reach your potential in the UFC Undisputed.

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    UFC Undisputed 2009 Cheats: Trophies

    ufc 2009 box UFC Undisputed 2009 is a challenge orientated game by its very nature and as such there are tons of unlockables available for the PS3 version from new fighters, quirky extras and trophies. Below I will detail all those UFC Undisputed 2009 cheats, unlockables and achievements that you can strive towards.

    UFC Undisputed 2009 Trophies:

    Platinum Trophy This is the ultimate trophy. You have to get all the other trophies for this one.

    Pound-for-Pound Champion You must win the UFC in each weight class to get this trophy.

    UFC Historian Unlock all the classic clips from down the years in the UFC.

    Undisputed Champion Win the championship with the one fighter in the Career Mode

    Hall of Famer Make it into the prestigious Hall of Fame whilst in Career Mode Call me "No Touch!" Go through an entire career undefeated and then retire.

    Where's my bonus check? Get the Knock Out and Fight of the Night awards during your career.

    World Class Striker Using a grapple move, knock out your opponent and win the match to get this trophy.

    That was easy! Defeat a Com UFC fighter in less than twenty seconds. You can do this in either Career or Exhibition mode, whichever you prefer.

    Wax Off! Get out of twenty submissions to get this award.

    Trophy Collector When you have a career going and you get all the awards possible in a career you’ll get this award.

    Student of the game. Get through the tutorial mode. Not too difficult.

    World Class Grappler Win by Submission using no striking moves against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.

    Roster Run-through Fight at least one fight with every fighter in Exhibition mode to get this trophey.

    Blue Belt Win 15 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.

    Purple Belt Win 30 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.

    White Belt Win a Ranked Match in Online mode.

    Black Belt Win 100 Ranked Matches in Online Mode

    Brown Belt Win 50 or more matches in Online Mode

    Papa Said Knock You Out! Win fifteen online matches by Knock-out

    Wax On! Win 15 online Ranked Matches fighter by submission.

    Gold Digger! Win all of those precious gold medals whilst doing an online weekly mission..

    Original fighter Create a new character and use the CAF in the Exhibition or the Online Mode.

    Ooh, in ya face! Win in a fight by flash KO during a Ranked Match.

    Red Belt Get to level fifty in Online mode.

    You really like me! Build your fan base to one million in online mode. Takes time more so than skill.

    Page two of this article deals with all the unlockable characters in UFC 2009. We will also take a look at the sponsors and credibility levels that the players of UFC Undisputed 2009 should aim their careers and fighting towards to become the undisputed champion.

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    UFC Undisputed 2009: Unlockables and Achievements

    ufc ss1 Apart from just the standard UFC Undisputed 2009 trophies, you can also unlock a ton of new features and fighters in the game that will actually have practical use instead of just the achievement factor of trophies. Here is a list of the unlockables available in UFC Undisputed for unlocking characters.

    · Play as SkyScrape > On the main screen, press the following buttons to play as Skyscrape. Up three times, Down, Left, Right, Up,and then press the Start button.

    · Play as Mask> Win three matches in a row by making you opponent submit..

    · Play as Punk Ass> Get the ‘Tapout’ sponsorship during you career to play as Punk Ass.

    · Infinite Create-A-Fighter points> When you have the Create-A-Fighter mode up on the screen, preview a fighter of your choice. Toggle his stats on, then off. Select that fighter and Customise his attributes.. The game will then give you 3024 points that you can distribute. Once you have distributed all of the points select ‘finished’. When the game has successfully saved, go back to Create-A-Fighter mode, and then just keep repeating this until your happy with your fighters attributes.

    Sponsors and Career Advancements in UFC Undisputed 2009:

    In-Game Sponcers.

    Level One Sponsors: 1,500 to 15,000 Credibility

    Level Two Sponsors: 17,000 to 35,000 Credibility

    Level Three Sponsors: 37,500 to 60,000 Credibility

    Level Four Sponsors: 63,000 to 75,000 Credibility

    Level Five Sponsors: 78,500 to 92,500 Credibility

    In-game Sponsorship Deals Available to You:

    Level 1



    Ultor Unlimited



    Take A Nap

    Urban Predator

    Metobolic Adaptation



    Level 2

    Sucker Punch

    Rumble Fight Wear

    One More Round



    And 1





    Level 3


    Deatch Clutch



    Premier Fighter



    Clinch Gear


    Skin Industries

    Level 4

    Harley Davidson



    American Fighter


    Level 5


    Warrior International

    MMA Warehouse



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