Jan Mayen Island Levels 1 - 3 - Tomb Raider Underworld Walkthrough

Jan Mayen Island Levels 1 - 3  - Tomb Raider Underworld Walkthrough
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Jan Mayen Island Level 1

Stop before you race up the road and pick up the health pack behind you as you begin this level. Keep going down the long winding tunnel until you come to the rune door. Get off your bike again and move the skull handle toward the right and then travel through. Once the cut scene finishes, keep going until you come to a corkscrew shaft. The track drops away, so maintain your speed and ride up onto the outer walls to go around the worst of the pitfalls. Once you’re at the bottom, take care of the Viking thralls that will attack you. The best way to deal with them is to get back on your bike, but you can also do it the hard way.

Once you have taken care of the thralls, move toward the Tower in the center and grab one of the stone blocks sitting near the edge. Put this block in one of the sockets in the Tower wall. Repeat this with two more blocks to turn on the power and get the tower moving. Read and follow the Tomb Raider Underworld walkthrough instructions below in the section entitled “Climb Valgraind Tower” and then push the Gate of the Dead to the right to open it. Get on your motorcycle and go through into the darkness.

Climb Valgrind Tower

Move around the base of the Tower until the glow of Thor’s Gauntlets highlights a rune panel. Hold and rotate the panel until its blue rune matches up with the pattern on the floor. Once everything is in the correct position, a cut scene will begin showing a ray of light beaming down on the approach to the Gate of the Dead. Leap up to one of the narrow ledges above and then up to one of the ledges on the rotating part when it passes above. Now, jump up to one of the horizontal poles and continue ascending until you reach the second series of horizontal poles. Hanging by your hands, move away from the Tower and then perch on top of the pole. Now jump across to the stationary platform above you. Once you reach the platform, rotate the second rune panel as you did the first one, so that it matches up with the pattern on the floor. A second ray of light will be turned on at this point, as you saw in the cut scene above. Essentially the Tower is one big combination lock, although a very large one. Keep going up the Tower to the third and fourth rune panels and carry out the same procedure. Once all four beams have been seen, the Gate of the Dead will open.

The Hidden Treasures

  1. You’ll find a treasure on the right after you pass through the first rune door to Valgrind, in one of the urns at the top of the corkscrew slope.
  2. Look in one of the urns underneath the ramp at the bottom of the shaft.
  3. Look in the urns to the left of the Gate of the Dead to find a treasure.

Jan Mayen Island Level 2

On the other side of the Gate of the Dead

When you arrive in the passageway at the other end of the Gate of the Dead, just stay on your bike and keep going along the path and then turn right at the next two intersections. At the next two intersections, head left, and then turn right at the fifth intersection. This is where you will see rubble blocks access with your bike. Get off the bike and move to the right to the alcove. Wall jump to the top of the rocks on the right, turn around and then leap over to the entrance to Valhalla.

Finding the Gold Relic

The gold Relic can be found in the maze beyond the Gate of the Dead. Travel right at the first and second intersections you come to and then left at the next two. After the fifth intersection beyond this point move the stone block that’s located by the ramp to a position underneath the horizontal pole slot. Locate the pole lying on the ground and put it in the hole and leap up and hang from it. Head back as fast as you can to the intersection before the Gate of the Dead on your motorcycle. Head straight instead of left (towards the door) and then follow the path as it heads right. Hang a left at the next intersection. Run through the door before it closes and you’ll find some thralls and the gold Relic lying on the floor. When you want to, pull the handy lever to open the door again.

The Hidden Treasures

  1. Travel through the Gate of the Dead and look in the urns on your right to find a treasure.
  2. Check between the two urns to the left of the first downward ramp to find a treasure.
  3. Look in an urn on your left after the first downward ramp.
  4. Look in the two urns that are found on the right side of the first intersection that you come to in the tunnel.

Jan Mayen Island Level 3

Lara can run across a beam easier than she can walk

As you begin Jan Mayen Island Level 4 in Tomb Raider Underworld, move onto the bridge but stop when the swinging hammers begin destroying it. Once the Situational Adrenalin starts, jump across from the falling platform and over to the ledge on the pillar. The falling debris and dust are definitely signs of instability in your surroundings, so keep moving because the next few areas are not stable. Shimmy as quickly as you can to the left and jump over to the next ledge. Drop down to the horizontal pole below you. Keep moving along the pole and then jump down to the ramp beneath you. Slide along the ramp and jump off at the end and onto the narrow balance beam. Lara will actually balance better if you run or sprint along balance beams, so keep her speed up.

Keep moving along the beam, leap up to the ledge above and then move around to the other side of the pillar. Jump down onto the next beam and keep moving. Watch out for giant spiders lurking in the darkness. Leap up to the ledge on the next pillar and move around to the rear. Stand up on the ledge once you are before the gap and just leap across to the opposite side. Walk around the corner on this ledge and then wall jump up to the safety of the walkway located above.

Leap across the pillar on the right and then shimmy around the corner. Leap down two ledges, stand up and then jump across to the ledge on the pillar to your left. Leap down onto the balance beam below you. Jump up onto the pillar at the end and shimmy to the other side. Jump down onto another balance beam, walk along to the end and then jump across to the balancing pole just in front of the pillar. Leap up onto the pillar ledge and shimmy left. Stand up on the ledge, wall jump up to the top of the pillar and then leap onto the walkway.

Jan Mayen Island Level 4

Tomb Raider: Underworld has Thor’s Hammer

Go to the room with the grinding cogs and thumping counterweights. Move to either of the far corners of the room and get ready to jump onto the top ledge of the counterweight when it touches the ground. Once on the ledge, ride it to the top and backwards jump onto one of the rotating bars. Now, position Lara directly under the chain running across the ceiling of the room. Once the bar reaches its highest point, stand up and leap to grab the chain. The chain will carry you to the platform. Swing over the grinders on the two bars and then onto the platform. Stand up on the bar in front of the hammer and leap from there to the bar directly above the spot where the hammer will swing. Stand up on the bar or begin spinning around it. Once the hammer swings in close to you, jump from the bar onto the ledge at the top of the hammer. Shimmy around to the right to the middle of the hammer and wait. Once the hammer gets close to the far wall and touches it, leap onto the ledge.

Once you jump off the hammer, climb to the long ledge and shimmy all the way around to the right. Jump over to the stuck hammer on your right and then jump down to the passage on the left. Leap over the grinders on the floor and crouch down when you land to avoid the rollers above your head. Crouch and then walk forward and then leap over to the next set of grinders to enter another room full of cogs.

In this room you have to reach the ground from the top of the room rather than the other way around. You will need to do the opposite of all the moves you executed in the last cog room. In this room the bars and counterweights are stationary, so make sure to jump down to the bar nearest the counterweight from the chain.

Once your feet are on the ground, pull out the big stone block to free the cog. Once you do this the mechanism will start to work again driving the stuck hammer above. Now you have to get back up to the top. To do this, pull the stone block over to one of the counterweights and use it as a step to jump on when the counterweight hits the ground. Stay on the counterweight until it reaches the top and then make a back jump onto one of the rotating bars. Leap up and grab the chain as you did before. Jump over the first set of grinders, crouch walk under the next set of grinders and then leap over the third set. Finally, leap onto the moving hammer from the higher pole as you did before. Shimmy along the right side of the hammer and jump across to the ledge on the right once you reach the opposite wall. Jump down and shimmy left and have successfully completed Jan Mayen Island Level 4 in this walkthrough on Tomb Raider Underworld for PC.

Jan Mayen Island Level 5

Watch out for bats trying to knock Lara off beams and high areas

Once you are in the next room, fire the Grapple at the available ring and rappel down as far as the line will let you. Wall run to the right and then jump on the ledge. Jump down to the ledge below. Leap over to the next two ledges and then jump down to the alcove. Spring across to the passageway from the alcove and then keep going through.

Once you make it back to the main room, you must reach the walkway in the corner to your right. Jump onto the closest ramp from the walkway and slide down onto the balance beam below. Walk along the beam and climb up on the ledge. Shimmy around the left corner. Stand up and then jump on top of the pillar on the left. Jump onto the two perches and then up on the pillar ledge. Shimmy right along the pillar ledge. Stand up and then wall jump up to the walkway above. Fire the Grapple at the ring on the left and then wall jump over to the far side. Carefully jump down onto the ledge and then jump over the gap into the next room.

Once you make it to your goal, approach the sleeping Yeti Thrall and take it out. Once you have finished with the thrall, wall jump and ride up the counterweight in the far corner. Jump onto one of the bars and then leap up to the chain.

Drop onto the platform once you make it to the other side and then jump and swing your way across the grinders. Make sure you immediately jump off the horizontal pole as you grab it to swing over the second set of grinders or you’ll be knocked off by the grinders above. Jump onto the hammer as you did before, and then drop down when it swings over the walkway. Run across the crumbling platform and ascend the steps to complete this level.

The Hidden Treasures

  1. Once you reach the alcove in the first part of level 5, grab the treasure located in the alcove.
  2. Once you have eliminated the Yeti Thrall look in the urn in the corner to find a treasure.
  3. Look between the two counterweights once you have killed the Yeti Thrall to find another treasure.

Andaman Sea Area

Lara gets to play with her new divine toy

On this level Lara gets to try out her new found powers and divine artifacts. Make your way to the back of the ship, using Thor’s Hammer as your weapon. Just keep going through the hordes of opponents that come at you. Take the left steps down. Climb the low blue container and jump up to the gray container behind you then grab the health pack. Now you can leap to the three-tiered stack of freight containers. Use the tops of the tallest containers to cross the deck. Leap across to the upper deck to reach the first checkpoint.

Now that you have reached the upper deck, go either left or right until you can see the covered access tube to Natla’s specimen jar. Eliminate the guards that attack you and then head down the steps to the helipad and the next checkpoint. Once you’re ready, go all the way down the steps to the aft deck and take care of the guards behind the crates. Once the guards are eliminated you can just head inside.

Follow the corridor around and then head down the steps. Once you come to an intersection head left and a cut scene will begin which signals the end of the Andaman Sea area level and this section of the Tomb Raider Underworld for PC walkthrough.


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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