Artic Sea Levels 1 through 3 - Tomb Raider Underworld Walkthrough

Artic Sea Levels 1 through 3 - Tomb Raider Underworld Walkthrough
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Arctic Sea Level 1

Swim down to the ancient road flanked by giant statues and stop. The initial thing you need to do is to find away to raise the swords of three of these statues. This is done by flicking the switches hidden in their heads. Keep your eyes on the shadows while below the surface. The sharks that live in these waters are faster and bite harder than the sharks Lara battled in the Mediterranean Sea area.

Begin with the statues to the left of the drawbridge. Swim to the back of the helmet of the first statue and pull the switch. Keep going and do the next statue in the same row.

Once you have finished that swim over to the opposite row and take a look at the statue nearest the drawbridge. Grab the giant gear from the sea floor and insert it in the exposed mechanism of this statue where you see the Interact Button icon. You’ll see another set of giant gear sitting on the sea floor close by. Just do the same with this gear and then pull the switch in the back of the statue’s head to set the wheels in motion.

Doing this will allow the chains to move freely but you still need to power the device that lowers the drawbridge. Swim over to the tower to the right of the drawbridge and through the small door at the top of the stairs. There are a total of four Power Stones you need to get to open the entrance to Helheim. To retrieve the first stone swim up inside the tower and surface. Climb the ladder and grab the ledge on the left. Shimmy around and hug the wall. Stand up and jump across to the broken beam. Leap onto the ladder from there, climb the ladder and then backwards leap to the ledge behind. Head up the ladder to the next level and then backwards jump onto the balance beam or use the ledge to the left. Leap across to the broken beam and use the wall ledge above it to make your way up to the top from there. Grab the red Helheim Power Stone, climb back down and then swim across to the left tower.

Hidden Treasures - Arctic Sea Level 1

  1. Look in the top of the broken statue to find a treasure.
  2. Swim along the base of the right hand tower and you’ll find a treasure sitting on the sea floor.
  3. Look in the urn next to the ladder when you surface in the right hand tower to find a treasure.

Arctic Sea Level 2

This time Lara grabs the three Power Stones

The left hand tower contains two Power Stones. Enter the tower and then head up to the surface. Climb up on the block in the corner to reach the ledge. Stand up to hug the wall and then leap up to the short balance beam. Leap onto the long balance beam that crosses the room and then onto the ladder, climb up and then backwards leap onto the ledge. Pick up the Power Stone and then drop through the hole in the floor. Hang from the edge closest to the middle of the tower and then drop from there to the water below. Now that you have the second Power Stone, take out your Utility Light and swim down to the bottom of the tower. Once you make it there travel along the passageway that leads deeper into the building.

Turn left, swim upward until you see a passageway that branches off from the main shaft. Travel along the shaft and grab the third Power Stone out of the room at the far end. To reach the end of the Artic Sea level 2 and this section of the Tomb Raider Underworld walkthrough, exit the tower and swim towards the main switch, above the drawbridge.

Arctic Sea Level 3

Now that you have the three Power Stones you need out of the towers, swim back outside and over to the main switch. You will see that the fourth and final Power Stone sitting next to the two upright Power Nodes to the left of the main switch. All four are needed to complete the puzzle and lower the drawbridge. The two upright structures standing on either side of the main switch are the Power Nodes. Insert one Power Stone in each of the two slots on the left-hand side of the main switch. Swim around to the other side of the building and insert the remaining two stones in the identical slots of the right-hand Power Nodes. Swim back to the center and pull the main switch between the two dragon head statues to lower the drawbridge to your destination. Now, swim down through the doorway into Helheim.

The Hidden Treasures

  1. Follow the bones down to the bottom of the deep, dark trench below the drawbridge and you’ll find a treasure and a health pack.
  2. Swim to the left end of the trench below the drawbridge to fiind a treasure on the sea floor.
  3. If you swim to the right end of the trench you’ll find another treasure sitting by the trench wall.

Arctic Sea Level 4

As you begin this level in Tomb Raider Underworld, swim through the small gap on the right at the top of the rubble pile and then through a gap in the left side of the next pile of rubble. Once you come to the intersection, go right, swim through the gap and then turn left at the next intersection. Swim up the staircase and keep going until you come to an intersection. Swim up the staircase to the left of this intersection, head right at the next intersection and then swim through the gap before you. Swim up the staircase, go right and then swim up the slope at the next intersection. Swim through the hole in the rubble pile, left through more rubble, up the staircase and then surface and head into the chamber before you to trigger a cut scene. At this point you’ll be attacked relentlessly by re-spawning enemies, so take as many out as you can from the safety of your position of height. Make sure to clear the platform you’re on of enemies, before heading down and making your way across the obstacle course below.

Hidden Treasures

  1. After you surface and view the cut scene with Natla, check out the urns in the near left corner to find a treasure.
  2. Also check the urn on your right ahead of you after you surface in the room above.
  3. After first entering the underwater passageway to Helheim, keep swimming straight ahead through the gaps in the rubble until you come to a dead end. Look down at the sea floor and you’ll find a treasure.

Arctic Sea Level 5

Tomb Raider: Underworld the adventure continues

Standing on the first platform overlooking the hall, leap and sit on top of the pillar rising from the rare piece of solid ground below you. Jump from there to the much shorter pillar stump in front and then leap and grab the top edge of the wall to your right. Move slowly around to the left and keep going and around the corner. Line up so that you can backwards jump to the next pillar, climb to the top and then jump across to the lopsided platform.

Leap to the next pillar, slide down until you’re just above the slanted beam on your left and then jump onto the slanted beam. Jump from the top of the beam to the slab in front of you and then leap to the right and safety. Watch the cut scene that begins here and then travel through the exit.

The Golden Relic

Standing at the main hall entrance, head to the rune on the right of the doorway and activate it. Jump down to the platform and cross the balance beam on your left. Jump to the next platform and activate the rune you find there. Make your way over to the lopsided platform and slide down onto the next platform via the pillar. Jump to the small platform in front and activate the next rune. Leap back to the previous platform and onto the balance beam on your left. Ascend using the slab up to the exit archway and activate the rune on the left of the archway. As quickly as you can go back to the lopsided platform and Grapple-swing toward the wall. Note: Activating all four runes shuts off one of the cascades and reveals to Lara an alcove behind it. Lara can now safely Grapple-swing up to the alcove and claim the last gold Relic. This challenge is a timed one, so you need to do it fast or you’ll have to reactivate all of the runes again.

The Hidden Treasures

  1. Jump down to the platform at the front of the main hall to find a treasure.
  2. From the location on the platform above, walk along the balance beam on your left and look in the urn to find a treasure.
  3. Once you land on the lopsided platform grab the treasure you’ll see there.

Arctic Sea Level 6

There’s no treasure to be found on this level

Head down the steps and follow the corridor as it winds around. Once you slide down the slope, there’s no turning back and you’ll be attacked by hordes of thralls. Use grenades in the crowded corridors to help you. Thor’s Hammer is definitely the best choice for combat. Keep following the corridor and taking out the thralls until you come to a set of stairs. Head down the stairs and through the entrance way. View the cut scene that plays here and then head left at the next intersection. Slide down the next slope you come to, but make sure you leap at the bottom to clear the pit. Keep going around the corner until you come to subterranean caverns. At this point you have reached the end of this level and section of the Tomb Raider Underworld walkthrough for PC.

Arctic Sea Level 7

Time to destroy this doomsday device

Cross the bridge and another cut scene will start. After the cut scene grab the health pack and keep going. Your first job is to push out the three remaining buttress stones. Start by climbing to the upper walkway of this diabolical machine. Travel counter clockwise along the lower walkway to the buttress with two dragon headed gargoyles. Go to the inside edge of the lower walkway and jump across to the small ledge on the edge of the rock. Ascend the rock, shimmy left and then leap up to the handholds above you once Situational Adrenalin starts. Keep moving up until you can go no further. Jump up to the small ledge and shimmy around the corner. Leap left across the glowing runes to the far ledge below where Lara will need to make a Saving Grab. Move slowly around the corner. When Natla attacks again, jump up or drop down and then climb up the handholds and leap to the ledge on your left. Move slowly around and then climb up onto the platform. Lastly, jump forward and pull yourself onto the upper walkway.

Once you have finished this climb, travel in an counter clockwise direction along the walkway but be prepared to face Natla’s missile fire. After you reach the red wall with the Grapple ring, swing or wall run across to clear the gap in the floor and then run along the next part of the walkway and push the first buttress stone with one dragon head inwards.

Double back along the walkway to the Grapple ring and use it to lower Lara down to the central ledges along the wall. Drop down, shimmy to the side and then drop down again to safety. You’ll see another anchor point, just attach your Grapple, drop over the edge and then rappel down to the red platform below you. Grab the health pack and the leap across to the platform in the Eitr underneath.

You are now standing on the lowest set of platforms that radiate out from below the core. You can make it to the next two buttress stones by traveling clockwise and leaping from one platform to the next. Make sure to take care of the thralls that are waiting from a distance before they jump up from the Eitr.

Travel clockwise around the lowest ring of platforms to the second buttress stone. Push it in to expose the Power Node, far above you, of the buttress with the two dragon heads.

Continuing with this section of Tomb Raider Underworld for PC, move clockwise around the lowest ring of the platforms to the third buttress stone. Push this last rune stone to expose the weak spot of the buttress.

Once you have pushed all three rune stones out, you can access the Power Nodes at the top and smash them to bits as is required. To make it back to the upper walkways of this machine, continue going clockwise over the Eitr until you pass the red Grapple platform. At the next platform you’ll see a shaft at its outer end with a handy health pack at its base. Chimney jump up the sides of this shaft until you can grab a high ledge. Jump right to the adjacent ledge and then follow it around the corner. Leap upwards two move ledges and cross the gap. Climb up and jump across to the left edge of the highest platform and you’ll be on top of the broken buttress in the initial cut scene.

Arctic Sea Level 8

Time for Lara to smash the last Power Node

Take a swan dive from the platform of the broken buttress down to the platform with the Grapple ring and the lower walkway. Travel over this area and leap across the gap to the other side. Climb on top of the lowest Buttress and then destroy the first blue Power Node using Thor’s Hammer.

Travel back to the upper walkway, move anti-clockwise and then use one of the moving platforms to bypass the Eitr cascade blocking your way. You can reach the buttress with two dragon heads, where you’ll find that moving the rune stone has also made another shaft with a health pack inside. Leap down and then chimney-jump up to the right-hand ledge. Just use the same path in the last description to travel from the lower to upper walkway.

Once you’re on the walkway, travel around and use the Grapple to swing up to the ledge on the right. Make sure to grab the health pack that you’ll see on your way.

Climb up to the top of the platform over the Grapple area. Walk to the inside edge, drop down and wait for one of the circling platforms to move directly below you and then drop down onto the platform as it travels past. Stay on this platform until you reach the next buttress with one dragon head and then leap to the platform on top. You can now reach and destroy the second Power Node using Thor’s Hammer.

Get ready to move as soon as you destroy the second Power Node, the collapse of the buttress will cause the circling platform to rearrange into a moving staircase that leads to a central area. Just rappel down the left side of the structure to make it to the walkway below.

Now you need to climb the central area described above. To do this, leap onto one of the outer moving platforms and then onto one of the middle platforms as it passes. Jump up again to make it to the inner circuit of moving platforms. Standing on the circling platform, leap and grab for the lowest of the rotating cylinders of the central area and then leap up to the next cylinder when the moving handholds pass overhead. Wait until the ledge-ladder moves into position above you and keep moving. Once there are no more ledges in front of you, shimmy around to the right, leap up to the two side ledges and then continue climbing.

After you’re on the top of the central area, grab onto the rotating ledge until the rough surface of the last buttress beam comes into view. Once it is directly beneath you, drop from the ledge and slide all the way down. You’re ready to destroy the third Power Node to destroy this ancient doomsday device and bring Lara’s adventure and this Tomb Raider Underworld PC walkthrough to an end.


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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