Using Lara's Gadgets in Tomb Raider Underworld

Using Lara's Gadgets in Tomb Raider Underworld
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Using Lara’s Grapple

You can use Lara’s grapple ability for a number of different actions while playing the game_._ This includes swinging across wide gaps, pulling objects towards her to make them topple over and even winding the grapple around objects in the environment. To execute a grapple move, press the Grapple Button when you see the grapple icon appear on screen, which indicates that you have an anchor point for your grapple within range. Once you press the Grapple Button, the grapple will automatically attach itself to the anchor point it recognized. After using the grapple, press the Crouch button to release the Grapple. Swinging across a gap using your grapple is as easy as jumping in the air and let gravity take you. You can even start Lara swinging if she needs to build up momentum from a static position, by moving the left analog stick back and forth, which will allow her to start rocking and build up momentum.

Lara can climb down a steep wall using her Grapple Rappel move by jumping over the edge after the grapple is anchored, and then holding the Interact Button while tilting the left analog stick up and down as required to execute the climb. Lara can also take up the slack in her grapple line when swinging across a gap by pressing the Interact Button, which will make Lara climb up the line or lower herself down while swinging.

Lara also has a useful move called the Grapple Wall Run. This a spectacular move that is executed by attaching the Grapple to a wall-mounted ring and then using the left analog stick to move back and forth along the wall. Release the Grapple Wall Run by pressing the Jump Button while wall running to detach your grapple and jump off the wall.

Using the Field Camera and Utility Light

Lara’s Field Camera

Lara has a weather-resistant Field Camera, a useful device that includes a high-powered zoom feature with digital enhancement for high detail viewing at long distance. This device is extremely important to your success and progress through the levels of Tomb Raider Underworld. You will be using this gadget quite a bit while playing the game, so you need to spend time getting use to using it. Use the Field Camera to spy on enemies and examine the environment ahead of you for safer paths to your goal. The high definition zoom ability allows you to magnify objects at extreme distance and examine them closely, and its first-person perspective view point will often reveal things that the in-game camera won’t, if you pay close attention and use it often.

Lara’s Utility Light

Lara has a very useful and handy utility light that is mounted on her chest. This device will come in handy in dark and shadowy environments to help Lara see what she is doing and of course allow her to see what is going on around her. To turn this useful gadget on, simply press the left direction pad, and press it again to turn the utility light off.


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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