Tomb Raider Underworld - Analysis of Lara's Weapons

Tomb Raider Underworld - Analysis of Lara's Weapons
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The Guns

Tomb Raider Underworld_ contains a number of engaging, useful, and satisfying firearms for Lara to use during game play. You may prefer using a particular firearm at all times. However, some of the firearms are useful for eliminating some enemies better than others and less effective at certain ranges. The following contains information on each of the firearms Lara will have access to while you play the game and tips and hints on the best uses of some of the firearms. For additional information on playing Lara, additional combat tips and hints, and tips on using Lara’s gadgets, check out the Tom_b Raider Underworld Game Guide.


Lara’s pistols lack the stopping power of the other firearms in her arsenal, but they’re an excellent backup weapon. Once the clip on a weapon Lara is using runs dry, instantly switch to her pistols to finish off wounded enemies. Use Lara’s pistols mainly on swarms of bats and lurking spiders, they’ll easily and quickly dispatch these types of opponents. Lara’s pistols aren’t suited for situations where you face multiple opponents while playing the game on the Master Survivalist difficulty setting. Switch to a different weapon in situations where Lara is facing multiple opponents while playing on the Master Survivalist difficulty setting.

Submachine Gun

A submachine gun is an excellent choice at close range because of its high rate of fire and greater accuracy at short range, but don’t use this weapon at medium or long range. Lara can fire her submachine gun one handed while hanging or climbing from walls, poles, and cliffs. This weapon is effective against all enemy types except thralls, which have a natural resistance to bullets.


Tomb Raider Underworld screenshot

Lara’s shotgun has the best close range stopping power of the weapons in her arsenal and in many cases will knock smaller or off balance opponents onto their backsides. At the same time the shotgun requires more time to reload and fires at a slower rate than Lara’s other weapons. Use this weapon against Lara’s stronger opponents at close range and this weapon is highly effective against almost all of the enemies Lara will meet.

Assault Rifle

The assault rifle is great all around choice at all ranges, with a generous supply of bullets. In Tomb Raider Underworld, the assault rifle is best when used at range against the right type of targets. Use the assault rife at range against all enemy types except bullet-resistant thralls, which will have to be stomped to death to finish them off.

Special Weapons

Tomb Raider Underworld screenshot

Tranquilizer Gun

When used, the effects of the tranquilizer gun work immediately and induce temporary unconsciousness in the enemies hit. The effects of this weapon are slightly stronger against humans, but it will also work very well on animals. This weapon will kill bats and spiders, but has no effect on supernatural opponents. It also has a very slow rate of fire and is inaccurate even at close range. Use the tranquilizer gun at close range and against stationary targets for best effect and accuracy. Use Lara’s tranquilizer gun in situations where it can be used to slowly reduce the number of opponents she’s forced to fight and then take care of the rest the old fashioned way.

Spear Gun

In Tomb Raider Underworld, Lara’s spear gun is obviously designed to be used in underwater environments in the game. However, in a pinch this weapon can be very effective on dry land. This weapon has close-range stopping power, will push your opponent back, and will briefly stun most of the enemy types Lara will face in the game. Unfortunately, the spear gun is really slow to reload, leaving Lara vulnerable. So don’t reload this weapon once used, switch to something else.

Sticky Grenades

Tomb Raider Underworld screenshot

The adhesive property of sticky grenades makes one of them absolutely lethal against all types of enemies, except the Yeti thrall, which will require a few sticky grenades to eliminate. Use sticky grenades to set traps for chasers or groups of enemies by sticking them to walls to offer groups of chasers or attacks. Lara is such a good shot that you can even use Lock On to target sticky grenades that have attached themselves to opponents and take them and surrounding enemies out at the same time.

Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s Hammer can quickly dispatch all of the enemies Lara faces while playing the game. The Yeti Thrall and Natla will require more than one hit, but even these tough opponents will be eliminated when hit by Thor’s Hammer. Thor’s Hammer does have a relatively slow rate of fire, so enemies can close or shoot between your shots, but make use of the long range ability of Thor’s Hammer and even this weakness is less of a problem.

Melee Attacks

Lara is not at her best in melee combat, but occasionally it will be necessary for Lara to take part in melee combat in order for her to survive. Use melee combat in combination with Lara’s pistols and shotgun for best effect. She can easily move around and still take out all the bad guys. Lara’s melee attacks also have a brief stun effect, so except for Thralls, you can use Lara in melee combat very effectively.

Portable Items

Any object Lara can pick up can be used in melee combat, grab a loose pole or crate and it can be employed as a very effective close combat weapon. This doesn’t mean that Lara should carry around excess weight in the form of things she might be able to use in melee combat. Instead, use the objects in the environments.


Lara gets to ride a motorcycle during the Southern Mexico and Jan Mayen Island levels (See the Tomb Raider Underworld walkthrough for more details). Lara is such a skilled rider, she can even use her motorcycle to take out the bad guys. Direct, full-speed contact with an opponent usually results in instant death for Lara’s opponent, and even donuts and power slides can inflict significant damage on her opponents.


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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