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Titan Quest Immortal Throne Guide to Greater Artifacts (Part Four)

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Last part of the series on the greater artifacts in the online pc games of Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne will give players the information on the remaining artifacts.

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    Finishing up all the greater artifacts you can get in the game of Titan Quest Immortal Throne, these are the last six artifacts that you can get. I hope that you have found one or more that can help your character. Good luck in getting them!

    Lionheart - With a requirement of character level 35, it gives the Lion’s Roar skill when you take melee damage. It gives a roar to boost combat skills for you and allies of 10 seconds, 10 meter radius, +50% total damage, 50 armor, +50% attack speed, +150 defensive ability, and +100 health regeneration every second. There are stat buffs of 15% pierce resistance, 20% poison resistance, 13% chance of 50% damage reflected, and +1 to all skills in defense mastery.

    Shadow Veil – It has a character level requirement of 30 and gives the Shadow Surge skill when you take melee damage. That skill will blast darkness out to wound 5 meters out, 399-453 damage, 96 vitality damage, and 1.5 seconds of stun. It has a stat bonus of 15 damage, +18% to attack speed, +30 to health, +30 to dexterity, and 45 poison damage over three seconds.

    Soul Prism – It has the character level requirement of 25 and gives the Necromancy Skill. This will come alive when you take damage and summons three skeletal minions to defend with you. There is a six summon limit, with 30 seconds of life, 6953 of health, and 140-155 damage. The artifact gives stat buffs of 66 bleeding damage over three seconds, +15% vitality damage, 25% fire resistance, +100 to health, and -8% energy cost.

    Sphere of Eternity – There is a required character level of 35. And there are stat bonuses of +15% damage, +1 to dream mastery skills, +50 damage to undead, 30% stun resistance, +20% sleep damage, and 36 life leech over three seconds.

    Symbols of the Polymath – This has a required level of 45. It has stat buffs of +15% to strength, +15% to elemental damage, +15% to damage, +15% to intelligence, +15% dexterity, and +15% total speed.

    Tyrant’s Fist – This artifact has a character level requirement of 45 and gives Earth Render skill when you are attacked. It will send a shockwave to your enemy with 3000-3100 damage, 6000-6100 lightning damage, and 3-4 seconds of stun. It has the stat bonuses of +16% strength, 30 vitality damage, +20% lightning damage, +14% bleeding damage, and 60 damage.

    This is the end of the series, I hope that it was helpful to you and if it has been please pass it on to others that it may help. Don’t forget to print it out and mark which ones you need and which ones you have so far!