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Titan Quest Immortal Throne Guide to Greater Artifacts (Part One)

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Part one of a four part series on the greater artifacts of Titan Quest Immortal Throne that will give players an in-depth look at each one and what they can do for your toon.

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    One of the three types of artifacts found in the game, greater artifacts are those items that you can get to boost your character’s stats and buffs even more than you thought possible. This article series will list and describe the greater artifacts in the game and what they will do to your character. If you are wanting to collect, please print off this series of articles and mark it as needed. The series is in alphabetical order, not by character level requirements.

    Arcane Mirror – With a required character level of 45, this grants the character the skill of Mirror Wall. This activates when you take damage, and gives a barrier to reflect spells back at your foes for 12 seconds, for 150% damage reflected. The stat buffs that this greater artifact gives you are 100% life leech and 100% energy leech resistance, 15% chance for 50% damage to be reflected, and +22% energy regeneration.

    Blood Gem – This has a character level requirement of 40 and it grants the skill of Blood Boil. The skill will activate when your health gets low and it will make foe’s blood boil and replenish the life of the character. It has a 6 meter radius, 1170 bleeding damage over two seconds, 1000-1150 vitality damage, and 100% of attack damage is converted to health. It has stat buffs of +1 to all hunting mastery skills, +6% attack speed, 33% chance of 32 piercing retaliation, 40 piercing damage, and +10% pierce damage.

    Book of Dreams – This artifact has a required level of 25. It has the stat bonuses of +1 to all dream mastery skills, 50% stun resistance, +10% lightning damage, +10% electrical burn damage, +20% sleep damage, 10% damage resistance, and 100% sleep resistance.

    Conqueror’s Mark – This has a required character level of 45. It has the stat buffs of -10% energy cost, 120 bleeding damage over three seconds, 16% bleeding resistance, 40% skill disruption protection, and 10% chance to dodge attacks.

    This is part one of a four part series on all the greater artifacts. If the one that you are interested in isn’t part of this article, please check out parts two through four, as all of the greater artifacts are listed in this series for players to use.