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Titan Quest Immortal Throne Guide to Greater Artifacts (Part Two)

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The second part of this series will continue the listing of all the greater artifacts in the online pc games Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne so players can continue to see the uses that these provide.

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    This series is designed to explain the different greater artifacts that you can get in the game and what they do. It should help you decide which ones are of help to your character and which ones aren’t.

    Crimson Viper – This artifact has a character level of 40 and grants the skill of serpent’s fang. When you take damage, this skill will fire poison darts out from you. You get 12 projectiles, 200 poison damage over two seconds, 200 bleeding damage over two seconds, and 200-210 piercing damage. It has stat buffs of 15-35 damage, +12% pierce damage, +20% poison damage, +1 to rogue mastery skills, and 14% poison resistance.

    Dragontongue – This has a character level requirement of 35 and stat buffs of 20 armor, 60 burn damage over three seconds, +13% fire damage, +26 to intelligence, +18 to defensive ability, and +1 to all earth mastery skills.

    Druidic Wreath – This greater artifact has a character level requirement of 25. It has the stat buffs of +1 to all nature mastery skills, 25% poison resistance, +50% to health regeneration, +45 to energy, +45 to offensive ability, and -8% to energy cost.

    Effigy of Skyfire – It requires a character skill level of 35 and gives you the Lightning Surge skill that comes on during an attack. It will send lightning bolts out to hit your enemies for 15% slower attack for 1.5 seconds and 2800-3000 lightning damage. It has stat bonuses of +1 to all skills in storm mastery, +20% intelligence, 10 vitality damage, 9-36 lightning damage, and +10% lightning damage.

    Elemental Rage - Requires a character level of 45 and it gives the skill of Elemental Chaos to the character. It will activate when you take some damage, giving you fire and ice attacks over a 12 meter radius with 3300 burn damage over two seconds and 3300 frostburn damage over two seconds. It has the stat buffs of +30% energy absorption from attacks, 25% elemental resistance, 10% of attack damage converted to health, and +25% elemental damage.

    If the artifact that you are interested in isn’t listed, please check out the other parts of the series. Also feel free to print out and mark this list as needed to help you keep track of which artifacts you have, and which you need.